I love Vlad/Danny fics! So, since no one's writing a lot of them, I thought I would! There's already a preformed relationship between the two, I might make a prequel or something, I don't know. I don't own Danny or Vlad or any of the other characters, if I did Valerie would be dead and Danny and Vlad would fuck alot.

x x x x

"No!" Vlad yelled and stalked into the den, flopping somewhat gracefully onto the couch only to end up with a lap full of Danny.

"Come on, please Vlad?"

"I told you once and I will tell you again Daniel, there is no way I am allowing those two into my home!"

"But I never get to see them now that I moved in with you."

"Your own choice," Vlad scoffed and tried not to give in.

"I have a private tutor up here and it would look suspicious if I just showed up out of the blue," Danny whined as he nuzzled Vlads' chest and gave his best puppy dog eyes. "I'd miss you too much if I went to go see them."

Vlad took one look at Danny and swore. "Fine!" He sighed, defeated. "But only one week, no more, preferably less, but no more than seven days."

"THANK YOU!" Danny said happily and kissed his lover. "I promise to make it up to you tonight," he purred and play walked his fingers up Vlads' toned chest.

"No Daniel, you will make it up to me each and everyday they are here. Surely you don't think that just because we have guests over I won't have sex with you every time I wanted to. Make note that I will drag you up to our room and pound you into the mattress whenever the mood suits me, and I won't hesitate to tell your friends exactly what I'm going to do to you if they ask."


"It's the price you have to pay for letting them disrupt my life for a week. But as soon as they try and convince you that I brainwashed you they're gone, understand?"

"I understand," Danny said. "You didn't brainwash me did you?"

"I believe you were the one who called me non-stop for four days trying to convince me that it was the best thing for you, and when I finally did say yes you informed me that your parents didn't know that you had been coming up here every weekend and that you are in a relationship with someone old enough to be your father. Do you know how long it took me to convince your parents that a private tutor would be the best for you?" Vlad growled and moved so he was lying on top of the boy.

"A very long time," Danny laughed and wrapped his legs around Vlads slim waist.

"432,000 seconds," Vlad smirked and began to slowly grind his hips into Danny's.

"I can't think when you're doing that," Danny gasped and arched against his older lover.

"7,200 minutes," the longhaired man purred and pulled the boys' shirt over his head. "120 hours," off went the belt. "5 days," gone were the boxers and pants and Danny lay bare before him, flushed and panting with arousal. "What percentage of a month is that Daniel?" He asked as he slid down the boys' lithe body.

"No math, just fuck me," Danny panted making Vlad smirk as he laid a soft kiss on the head of boys' weeping arousal.

"It would be my pleasure," Vlad laughed and swallowed the boy to the hilt (A/N: I never finish the first slash scene, personal rule, loves).

x x x x

As soon as Sam and Tucker got off Vlads' personal jet they embraced Danny in a bone-crushing hug.

Vlad stood only a few feet away glaring at the gothic girl and the techno-geek, he really did not want them here. "We haven't got all day," he growled surprising everyone but Danny.

"Danny, how have you been man?" Tucker asked as they all slipped into the huge limo.

Danny sat next to Vlad, almost in his lap, and the other two sat across from them.

"Great!" Danny said, a huge smile on his face.

"You sure?" Sam asked. "Is Vlad treating you okay?"

Vlad let out a low growl at the question and Danny glared at him.

"I'm positive Sam. Vlad's treating me really well; I would have left if he wasn't. So how have you guys been?"

Vlad toyed with the soft hairs on the back of Dannys' neck as the teens talked, occasionally growling when his name was accompanied by a snide remark. All he wanted was to go home and sleep, he had been up for nearly three days straight working on a new invention, only stopping long enough for food and Dannys' attention. He felt bad for making the boy sleep alone.

"Vlad!" Danny yelled snapping the older man back to reality. "Sam was asking you a question."

"If it involves Plasmius, killing Danny, brainwashing, raping, molesting, being a pederast, or anything along those lines don't bother asking," Vlad growled and continued to stare out the window.

"Pederast?" Tucker asked.

"A man who has sexual relations with a boy," Danny said and gave Vlad a firm jab in the ribs.

Vlad sighed and looked over at Sam. "Ask your question."

"Why did you invite us if you hate our guts?" Sam inquired not trusting Vlads motives.

"I didn't invite you, I don't even want you here."

"Then why did you let us come?"

"Because he," Vlad said and stared pointedly at Danny, "missed you."

"You let us come because Danny missed us?" Tucker asked not believing Vlad either.

"Unfortunately yes," Vlad sighed and resisted the urge to kiss Danny rather deeply, settling for a feather light brush of lips.

Both Sam and Tucker grimaced at the kiss, then Sam cringed even more at the dreamy look on Danny's face afterwards.

"Do you guys have to do that?" Tucker whined.

"Be happy that I didn't kiss him the way I wanted too. Alas my life has already been disrupted and we haven't even reached my home yet," Vlad sighed and went back to looking out the window for the rest of the trip.

"Danny, you can give them a tour, I'm going to bed," he said when they finally reached his Mansion.

"Okay," Danny said.

Vlad gave him a deep, loving kiss before turning into Plasmius and transporting himself to his bedroom.

Danny turned to face his friends, a blush spreading across his face. "Umm, let me give you a tour."

x x x x

"I always thought this place would be, you know, creepy," Tucker said when they finished the tour. "But, it's actually pretty nice."

"Yeah, I have to say Vlad really knows how to decorate," Sam said looking around the den. She glanced at the clock and yawned, it was 10 o'clock. "It's late, wanna show us to our rooms?"

"Sure," Danny said and led his friends to their rooms before heading to his own. He stripped off his clothes before crawling under the cool red silk sheet and into Vlads' warm embrace. "Thanks for letting my friends stay," he said quietly, knowing Vlad had woken soon as he had walked into the room.

"Love makes you do things," Vlad sighed and pulled Dannys' naked form tighter against himself.

"Love you too," Danny yawned and promptly fell asleep.

Vlad stayed awake a few more minutes, making sure Danny was completely asleep before drifting off himself.

x x x x

This is kind of a hard pairing to write for, since it's so early in the day I'll probely get another chapter or two up on this.