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"He's older than your father!" Maddy snapped. "He tried to get me to marry him!"

"Actually, I was just doing that to piss Jack and Danny off, Danny mostly, he's so cute when he's flustered," Vlad said. (A/N: Jack is Dannys' dads name right?).

"That's not the point! He's too old for you Danny!"

"By whose standards?" Danny asked smugly.


"So? You can't do anything about it, I'm legal, I waited like a good little boy before jumping him," okay, so that was a complete and utter lie, he had jumped Vlad the first chance he got, which was his fifteenth birthday, but what they didn't know, couldn't hurt them.

"Danny, you're coming home with us," Maddy said making Danny and Vlad both laugh.

"You can't make me," Danny smirked. "You can't dictate who I fall in love with."

"Can't you see he's using you Danny?" Jazz piped up.

"If I were using him, wouldn't you think that I would keep a fictitious relationship secret, instead of allowing him to tell you, Jasmine?" Vlad said smugly and Jazzs' face fell. "I have, unfortunately fallen in love with Daniel."

"I think it's great!" Jack declared and everyone stared at him in shock, including Vlad and Danny. (A/N: I like Jack, so I decided to give him more brains than he has in the cartoon).

"JACK!" Maddy shouted.

"DAD!" Jazz yelled.

"DON'T ENCOURAGE THEM!" They shrieked in unison.

"Why? I've known Vlad for years; he's going to take good care of Danny."

"BUT HE'S TOO OLD!" They shrieked again.

"So? Both of them are happier than I've seen them in years. Danny doesn't seem to have a problem with it and he's sleeping with the man, so that means two things, one they are both in love with each other, and two Vlad must have a smoking body for someone who's almost in their forties."


"No buts about it Maddy, if you can't see it then you my dear are daft. They are completely in love with each other! Just leave them alone. I know Vlad won't hurt Danny; he's a good man, a bit sadistic and twisted at times, but still a good man. I for one am happy for them, and you should be too."

"You have no idea," Sam, Tucker, and Danny laughed.

"Mr. Fenton, do you mind if we catch a ride with you?" Sam and Tucker asked.

"Sorry, Danny, it's been fun but, we need to get back home, it looks like you and Vlad have something's to discuss, and we need to get ready for school soon, we'll come visit again, promise," Sam said and Tucker nodded.

"I don't mind at all!" Jack said and pushed Maddy and Jazz out the door and closed it before they knew what happened. "Why don't we all get together here for Christmas?"

"I will check my schedule and get back to you on that Jack," Vlad said and placed a hand on the small of Dannys' back, massaging in small circles, slowly edging south.

"Sam, Tucker, why don't you guys go get your things?" Jack suggested and the two teens rushed off to get their things. "Your mother and sister will come around eventually, soon as they realize how happy you are."

"See you later Danny," Tucker and Sam said when they followed Jack out the front door. By this time Vlad was folding Dannys' ass as they waved good-bye.

"That went better than I expected," Vlad said and closed the door.

"What do you mean," Danny asked as Vlad lifted him up by the thighs so he could wrap his legs around Vlads' slim waist.

"Well, one I was not physically mauled by your mother or sister, or both for that matter. Two, those two leeches left early. And three I get to screw you wherever I want now," Vlad laughed and press Danny up against a wall near the front door.

X x x x (A/N: Don't even bother to ask me to finish this scene, I promise to go all the way in the sequel, but now is not the time for it).

Vlad sighed contently as he worked in his lab it was quiet.

"BEWARE I AM THE BBZZZZZZZZZ!" This was followed by Dannys' laughter.

Well almost quiet. No one was stuck to the ceiling, no one was begging for food, or blasting good, but still loud music. He had just gotten laid life was good.

"VLAD! HE DID IT AGAIN!" Danny shouted for the tenth time in thirty minutes.

'Can a ghost die of electrocution?' Vlad wondered when he heard Danny press the button again when the box ghost was still unconscious.

Danny ran into Vlads' lab and was promptly tripped. "That was mean!"

"You should learn not to run in the house then," Vlad smirked.

"Is it possible to catch a ghost on fire?"

"I don't think so why?"

Danny just wordlessly set the collar on the floor and pressed the button.

Soon Vlad was confronted with a smoldering, unconscious box ghost. "Well isn't that interesting?"

X x x x

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