a/n This story contains no spoilers. This story doesn't' even contain predictions. This is a very odd story that I came up with and I know you'll all yell at me and I'm going to be in trouble for this but lalalalalalalalala. I had to get it out of my head. ;)

He stood with his gun drawn in front of Elle. She pondered her few options. Suddenly, without any warning she grabbed her gun and faster than he could react, shot him in the arm. He collapsed. As Elle moved to disarm him, she noticed what appeared to be a zipper on the back of his neck. She pulled it quickly and jumped back, just in case. Suddenly, his face appeared to melt away. As his mask fell off, she discovered that their unsub was Drew Carey!

Back at the base, the team had encountered an odd group of people willing to help them defeat the evil Drew. Their names were Wayne, Greg, Chip, Brad, Collin, and Ryan. After Elle arrived back at the base, the team, along with the Whose Line? crew went to Drew Carey's evil lair to rescue Rebecca. Once they got their, they immediately found Rebecca, but she admitted to being a diversion. She wasn't truly captive. Drew had hired her to be a diversion from what he was truly hiding. She led everyone to a safe at the back of the room, unlocked it, and revealed what he was hiding…Collin's hair! It was a happy reunion between Collin and his long lost hair.

After Drew was carted off to the nuthouse where he belonged, the Whose Line? crew took everyone to their studio, where Gideon, Wayne, and Chip sang a song to Spencer the Doctor in the style of Elvis Presley, Morgan, Garcia, Ryan, Collin, and Greg played Scene's From a Hat, and Elle and J.J. played with the props. It didn't take long for everyone to notice that Brad and Hotch were missing.

Across town in the Pretty in Pink tearoom, two men, one dressed in regular clothing, and one dressed in a very flashy suit, were eating scones with marmalade, sipping mint tea, and having a very loud argument over which My Little Pony character was the prettiest.

The End!

Yes, I know this story was dumb. Yes, I know this was probably a complete waste of your time reading it. But I'm feeling random, school starts soon, and I wanted to write this story.