It started out so simple.

"Dad, can I go on the swing now?"

"No, your superior brother is using it."

It grew larger with time…

"Dad, can I go training with you?"

"No, I am training your genius superior brother."

Itachi did make an effort to make him feel better…

"You don't suck that much…"

But poor little, stupidly cute Sasuke had already developed a MAJOR inferiority complex.

He found himself struggling with simple tasks…

"Do I deserve this sandwich?"

It developed into-

"This sandwich is too good for me!"

And then…

"I don't deserve to look at this sandwich!"

His mother tried to help...

"Your father loves you more!"

Alas, it was a lie.

And anyway, Sasuke was far too damaged to be undamaged.

Hell, this was before his brother killed his entire family. He never stood a chance.