Harry drove down the suburban street in his red sport car. Today was going to be one of the best days of his life. All of his favorite songs were coming on the radio, he had his favorite breakfast this morning (scrambled eggs and toast), and he was going with Ron to get an engagement ring for Luna. To top it all off, he was going to Hermione's house later that day to tell her how he felt. He would have to wait, though. First he needed to help Ron.

Harry pulled up in front of Ron's apartment building several minutes later just as the song "I Feel Good" ended on the radio. Ron was already waiting for him and hopped in his car.

"Hope you don't mind if we take your car mate," Ron said, blushing slightly. Harry knew Ron was embarrassed about his beat-up old station wagon, but Ron absolutely refused to let Harry buy him a new car. Harry had become an aurror since they left school five years ago. He made at least one hundred Galleons a month, which was about two thousand dollars in Muggle Currency. Harry guessed one of the main reasons Ron didn't want a new car was because Luna absolutely loved it. That is where they saw their first drive-in movie and, well, you know!

"'Course not," Harry said. They drove into town singing along to "American Idiot" on the radio. They pulled up in front of a jewelry store just as the song "Hallaback Girl" came on. Harry turned off the car, but Ron kept singing, "I ain't no hallaback girl! I ain't no hallaback girl!"

"Ron, do you think you can stop singing now?" Harry said as two blonde, attractive, young women passed by laughing and whispering. Ron turned beet red and muttered, "Sorry, mate. I have a thing for Gwen Steffani songs."

Harry stiffed a laugh as they walked into the jewelry store. There must have been at least three hundred rings, and Ron must have looked at every one of them. Finally (while humming "Hallaback Girl",) he gasped and pointed at a ring in one of the large glass cases. Harry looked at it. It was a gold band with a single diamond on it. "Mate, you mean to tell me we looked at all of these rings so you can pick the dullest one of the bunch?"

"No, look at it closer," Ron said. Harry stepped closer to Ron and gasped as Ron had done seconds before. The diamond wasn't just an ordinary diamond - it reflected and changed color in the light.

"It's perfect for Luna," Ron said. His eyes wandered to the price, and he blushed crimson. "But it's too much."

"It's okay. I'll get it for you." Harry said, quickly changing his bag of Galleons into pounds. He handed it to the man behind the counter who put the ring in a blue velvet box and handed it to him in return. Harry handed it to Ron, who accepted, it his face turning redder. "Thanks mate."

They made their way back to the car. "Don't Cha" came on the radio when Harry started the ignition. "Maybe we should listen to something else," Harry suggested.

"No! No! I like this song!" Ron shouted. He reached for the volume and turned it all the way up, shouting at the top of his lungs, "DON'T CHA WISH YOUR GIRLFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME!"

Harry drove on in embarrassment. When the music ended, Harry asked Ron, "Do you mind if we stop for some flowers?"

"For anyone special?" Ron asked, winking. His face was so flushed from singing so loud.

"No," Harry said, but he could feel his neck start to burn. '"My dining room is starting to look a little boring, is all."

"Sure," Ron said sarcastically. They pulled in front of a flower shop and Harry said," I'll only be a moment, so you can wait in the car."

Half an hour later Harry dropped Ron off in front of his apartment building, wishing him good luck with Luna the next day. With a glance at the half a dozen roses in his backseat, he drove off towards Hermione's house.

When he got there, though, there were several fire trucks in front of her house. Smoke engulfed the house, but Harry couldn't see any fire.

"You're blooming joking!" Harry said, banging his fist against the steering wheel. He felt as though his heart had sunk in to his toes. Today was supposed to be the best day of his life, but it was turning out to be the worst. He hopped out of his car, frantically searching the crowd around the police lines. He finally spotted who he was looking for- Hermione. She was standing by a fire truck, cuddling up her ginger cat, Crookshanks, tears streaming down her face.

Harry rushed over to her, and asked in a worried voice, "Hermione, what happened?"

Hermione looked at him, tears still rolling down her soft cheeks. She jumped on him, wrapping an arm around his neck. Crookshanks squealed as he was crushed between the two twenty-one year olds. Hermione back up, petting Crookshanks and said, "I'm sorry Harry! I just really needed a hug. I was making toast and went upstairs and forgot about it. By the time the smoke alarms went off the entire stairs had caught fire. Me and Crookshanks had to crawl out the window. Oh, Harry! I don't know where I'm going to live or do for clothes! There's no way my insurance can cover all of this!"

"Don't worry Hermione," Harry said, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "I'll take shopping for some new clothes, my treat. Then you can come and live with me."

Hermione looked up at him, her chocolate eyes round and sparkling with tears. "Really?"

"Of course!" Harry said, smiling down at her. This day was looking up after all.