Summary - Can a man survive a trip to hell and back?? becasue Captain Jack Sparrow is really only a man. After being takne prisioner Captain jack is not the same man. Something from his past haunts him and it is up to his friends to help him before it is to late. But will Jack let his friends in and give them his trust blindly or can one man suffer to much?

This is my new version fo the story. chatpters will be updated one at a time and hopefullly the story will be improved alot. I will be adding new chapters as well whihc will fit with the old story and updated when i get there. Happy reading

disclaimer: If i own potc i seem to have mispalced it. Therefore the conclusion is that i dont own it.

Chapter 1 – This is that story

Captain Jack sparrow stood at the helm gently guiding his beloved Pearl through the open water. The sun was setting behind him and the ocean stretched as far the horizon. What would that horizon bring him? To him this was perfection itself, The Pearl glided effortlessly through the water and he felt the connection between them, lost in the moment where he felt true freedom he was oblivious to the fact that he was being watched. After all his crew were asleep they were in the middle of the sea with no other ships in sight. Who would bother watching a man lost in thought?

Anna-Maria and Mr Gibbs watched their captain knowing that beneath his façade he was just a man. A good man, very stubborn and strong willed but just a man none the less. The last year had proved that but he was no less of a man for it. To a stranger the man stood at the helm may appear a little strange but apart from that perfectly content even happy. Anna-Maria and Gibbs knew better. He held slightly more weight on his left leg, his breathing was a little laboured and the sorrow and pain in his chocolate eyes wasn't like either of them had seen before. Maybe one day he would be happy but how far away that day was no one knew.

As Anna-Maria watch Captain Jack her mind wandered. It had been a year since the day which was the beginning of a new chapter of life. A chapter that in time would prove how much life should be valued when it is good because at any moment it may be taken and life may send a man on a tormented journey of pain and sorrow. The darkness that is buried in a mans heart may flood to the surface and consume him, lay him bare for all to see and he can only hope that he is surrounded by those he trusts blindly and who love him enough to put their own lives on the line for him. Otherwise there is little left in the world for that man and the shadows will surround him claiming him as one of there own.

The man in front of her had suffered that pain and torment. His wall had been broken down and he had been left vulnerable. He had experienced more suffering than she had ever believed possible both physically and mentally. Yet he had pulled through, fought the shadows and still learnt that despite what anguish he had endured in the past there were those he could trust. He had found his friends were there when he needed them even if at the time he didn't acknowledge what they meant to him and what he meant to them.

One day the story of Captain Jack sparrow would be more famous than it was today. The world would know of the man beneath the mask and the tale of how he had been found would allow people a few hours escape from the harshness of reality, give them the freedom of sailing the sea and open their eyes to how for the better moments in life to bloom, the worst must be endured and the darkness lessened with a little light.

This is that story.