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Chapter 4

Three days have passed already and now they're cold, tired, hungry, and sandstorms hit them whereever they went.

"We have been...(gasp)..Traveling for...(pant)...Three days now.." Sakura managed to say, even though she was very thirsty at the moment. Their supplies were already running low and some of them have been fighting just to get food or water. So basically they were, Hungry, Thirsty, and VERY dirty.

Sasuke was trying to keep his cool but failing miserably. Atleast Ino or Sakura didn't bother him anymore for they were too focused on their own problems. Or that's what he thought. The truth was, They were purposely avoiding him. Uchiha's must be cool..Uchiha's must be cool...I am cool...Uchiha Sasuke is cool... Yeah, You keep thinking that Sasuke.

But in reality, He was looking like a cross between a camel, a chicken, a sweaty dog, and a cross eyed platypus.

Basically, He was slumping, his tongue was out, his hair was a mess, and he had gone cross eyed due to the heat getting to his brain. What girl would want to date him now?

"I am really going to kill Gai-sensei when I get back,"Neji hissed through clenched teeth as he stared on at the empty desert. His hair was loosing it's usual perfection, his beautiful pale white face was scratched and bruised, not to mention dirty, and his hideous but beloved pink hair brush had gone missing.

"But Neji!" Lee cried, Who was currently in denial and just won't believe that his precious Gai-sensei would do this to them on purpose. It was probably evil Kakashi's fault.

"Don't 'but Neji' me!"

"But Ne-"

"Just shut it!"

Meanwhile..Somewhere In Konoha...

Gai sensei was running around in a clown suit, Jumping and waving his arms while singing, "Too sexy for my shirt" and started stripping. "OH THE FREEDOM!" He shouted, (I am not sure if he's talking about running around in his birthday suit, or the freedom of having his team away.) Scaring even more innocent citizens of the village. Babies started crying, Adults threw tomatoes at him which he gracefully dodged, Squirrels died when they set their eyes on him and Micheal Jackson stopped molesting little kids, took one look at Gai, before screaming and running away, covering his virgin (Yeah right.) eyes.

Ohohohohohohooo... This was a brilliant idea!

So much for, "Gai-sensei wouldn't do this to them on purpose".

Back to the desert...

The desert heat was getting to everyone's heads now. Even Hinata...

"Y-you know what...?" She began as she faced her two comrades. Everyone was walking in their own groups.

"What?" Kiba asked while Akamaru barked his own little "What?" in doggy language.

Shino just stared at her.

"I..I...I'm SICK of this all! Shino never says anything! He doesn't DO anything except stare at his crappy bugs! KIBA WON'T SHUT UP. AKAMARU WON'T SHUT UP! Not to mention he pissed on my favourite JACKET! I SWEAR, EVEN NARUTO ISN'T AS LOUD AS YOU GUYS OR ANNOYING! YOU KNOW HOW FRIKEN PISSED OFF I AM! DAMN IT ALL!" She screamed, Catching everyone's attention.

Kiba,Akamaru and Shino gaped at her. Yes, Shino. Gaped. At. Her. He was SO surprised that his hair flew up straight into the air, and his glasses fell off. Right off.

Everyone else...Froze.

Since when did Hinata spaz?

And...Was that...SHINO'S GLASSES!


Everyone looked down to stare at the glasses, Even Hinata. No one had took a look at Shino yet, Who was about to pick up his glasses.


Kiba ran up to him and snatched the glasses away. Shino glared at him.

"I...I have Shino's glasses! I HAVE SHINO'S GLASSES! Bwahahahahahahahahah!AHAHAHAHAHAH(cough)AHAH(gag)AHAH!" Kiba laughed evilly as he soon started choking on air. "Ah hah...Hah..(Cough)...Hah..." And then he dropped on the ground, holding his throat, unconsciously choking himself, making it even worse. Sounds of dying cats could be heard..

Shino was about to grab his glasses again, until Ino ran up to him and snatched them away before he could.


As everyone was about to see what Shino's eyes looked like, Night fell apon them and it was dark. Very dark. So dark, They couldn't see eachother at all.




"...So... who has a flashlight?"

Everyone felt around for their bags, grabbed them, and searched. Pulling out their flashlights, They all shone it on what they thought was Shino.

"AHA!" They shouted in unison. But what they didn't expect was...

"AGHH! IT BURRNNNSS! OH MY YOUTHFUL EYES!SHALL I EVER SEE THE JOY OF SPRING ONCE MORE?" Lee cried, covering his eyes as he was blinded by all the lights pointed at him. Closing his eyes, anime tears running down his cheeks, as he began falling to the ground (in slow mo) while his arms shot into the air, wiggling as he dropped dramatically onto the sand.

Everyone sweat dropped, looked around, and finally turned their flashlights to Shino.

...Who had put his glasses back on.

Confused, They all shone their flashlights on a dark lump on the ground. It was Ino. Knocked out cold.

Somewhere not far away from them...

The same group of three were crouched down, now hiding behind a pickle shaped cactus.

"...Why are we always hiding behind objects with strange shapes?"

"Don't ask me."


"You know..One time... I walked into your room...And found a mini skirt."


"And it was mini..God, That thing was darn small. It was like it fit a doll or something."

"So that's where Kelly's skirt went..."


"Oh! Uh..Nothing!"

"Oh and another time, I was in your bathroom, And guess what?"


"I found a tiny pink thong!"


"And boy was it tiny! It was also strangely doll sized."


"So what were you doing with those things?"

"Uh...Um...My friend's cousin's baby's dog's turkey's moose's mom's dad's sister-in-law's daughter came to my house and uh...Yeah. She left them there."


"... Oh. Haha, For a second there, I thought you were one of those perverted freaks who has over 100 barbie dolls hidden in their dressers wearing slutty outfits so you can make them masturbate and have sex or something."


"...Um. Oh, Haha, That's..Hilarious. Yeah.. I'm not one of them. (shifty eyes)"

"... Will you two just shut up?"

"Well sorry, Mr. I'm-too-quiet-for-my-own-damn-good."

"There's no point in talking to a pair of idiots."


Their third companion glared at them, Dark shapes swirling around him as his eyes lit up with an don't-you-talk-to-me-that-way-or-I-won't-hesitate-to-kill kinda look.

"... Alright alright, Sheesh."

"..." He didn't bother to reply.

Back to the group...


Tenten turned around, Hearing something in the distance.

"Did you guys hear something?"

"What?" "No." "My youthful ears do not recall, dear Tenten!" "How troublesome.." "N-no.." "Ramen." "Hn." "PICKLES!" "Akamaru! Stop peeing on that soft, long thing." "OH MY GOD MY HAIR!" "Arf!" "..." "Huh?"

Everyone talked at once.

"Oh well, Must have been the wind."

So everyone shrugged and continued their journey through the desert.

Ten minutes later...

"Hey look! Is that.. a forest?"

Shikamaru peered over at the direction Naruto was pointing at and said,"Yeah. If you could call it that."

It was indeed some type of woods. ... A dead one. Well what do you expect? A tropical rainforest?


Naruto ran for the group of dead trees, going straight forward with his arms opened wide, Tears streaked down his face, Oh how he missed the cool shadows from the tall branches, the feel of the bark against his-

He ran smack into the tree.

"Wow Naruto, I never knew you were such a tree hugger," Ino snickered behind her hand.

Dazed, Naruto half glared at her before grabbing his head and groaning.

Hinata ran up to him and asked if he was alright.

He nodded before getting up again.

"So, Let's stay here for the night. We can make a house of some sort and then see if there is anything around for us to eat," Shikamaru announced, Turning to the group.

So everyone settled down.


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