Sensual Surrender

"Check," Bart said, and Tim's breath hitched in his throat.

Bart had said 'Check,' though, and not 'Checkmate.' Tim swallowed down his fear – and anticipation, if the truth was to be told – and carefully observed the board. Having decided on his strategy, he moved his lone remaining Knight between his King and Bart's Bishop.

Bart frowned, golden eyes flashing as he was thwarted. A split-second of objective time, and he made his own move, bringing a faraway pawn one square closer to the opposite end of the board. He had seemingly forgotten about Tim's King.

Things were not always what they seemed, Tim knew. Especially when it came to his boyfriend of six months. Even half an hour after the game began, Tim still had no idea how Bart had managed to talk him into it. They played chess quite frequently, and betting on the outcome of the matches was nothing new now that Bart had started winning more frequently, but to bet on their sex life? Kid Flash obviously wasn't much of a kid anymore.

And Tim wasn't sure whether he should try to be winning or not. His virginity was on the line, but was that really something he didn't want to lose?

The fact that he wasn't sure one way or the other was the only reason Tim was still giving the game his all, instead of simply pouncing Bart across the board. The speedster looked absolutely delectable with his tongue caught between his teeth in thought.

Tim quickly shook off those thoughts and moved a pawn of his own. He didn't think that Bart had forgotten about going after his King at all; there was obviously another purpose in his mind. Aside from getting him naked.

It wasn't as if Bart wouldn't understand if, say, he lost the game, and then reneged on their wager. Tim calculated that eighty-five percent of the reason Bart made this bet was because he was actually eager to lose – his virginity, anyway. Tim just wasn't certain he was, whether he…was on the receiving end or not.

The idea held a certain appeal, of course – he was a typical teenaged boy in at least this one way – but sex as anything other than an intellectual concept (or fodder for his masturbatory fantasies) was still…a bit unnerving. Even if it was with Bart, whom he trusted as implicitly as he trusted anyone.

Engrossed in his thoughts, Tim almost missed Bart's soft cough. "Uh, Tim… Are you going to make your move?"

Hiding a blush at his inaction, Tim took a look at the board, and spying an opening, quickly did so. The game proceeded apace for a few more minutes, as Tim came nearer and nearer to reaching a decision about his quandary.

Finally, Bart let out a sigh, sounding miffed more than actually upset, and Tim's eyes widened as he realized why: Bart had moved his Rook away from guarding his King, and while there were still two pawns between it and Tim's Knight, it was in jeopardy. In fact, Tim would checkmate him in three to seven moves, depending on how Bart responded.

Bart could think fast enough to go through all the possible outcomes of each move, but he often forget to calculate in the effect a move would have on his own pieces. As such, he hadn't seen his impending defeat coming.

Tim had, however. And his decision was made.

Tipping his King forward onto the board, the black wooden piece making a soft clicking sound as it fell, Tim stared straight at Bart, trying to contain his blush.

Bart's golden eyes widened at the significance of the sight, and he gave Tim a small, soft smile.

Tim's own eyes smiled back, before he turned away to hide his now red cheeks. But he knew he'd made the right decision.