Prologue: The Genesis


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N/A: Welcome to my fic! I hope you all enjoy this. This takes place shortly after the creation of the Digital World. When the Gaurdians who protected the Digital World fought for the right to reshape the World as they saw fit. It is also about the very first Digidestined who came to the world where the fight between Evil and Light was not the major concern, but the fight for Peace between four powers of Light.

And no, I don't own Digimon in anyway shape or form. I only own the characters I have put into the story and anything I have created myself.

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In the beginning...

The Digital World was a simple program, one massive landscape surrounded by a vast sea. The land held mountains, valleys, plains, snow caps, and every kind of living habitats needed for all of the newly born Digimon and those that would follow.

But, this world was not prefect and the Digimon of the World cried out for a change, a change that would be definite, where law, order, and peace could reign. It was called upon the Gods of the Digital World to sort out this issue and recreate the world so all Digimon would have a place to call home, where rules were set up to run the world, and a system where all Digimon would be treated fairly.

But, the Gods did not see eye to eye, they all sought to give more to their own kind. They sought to put their kind, their families, at the top of the world. Not out of greed, not out of hate, but out of love and caring. They each wanted different things because they loved this Digital World and they each thought that they knew what was best for the World.

Baihumon God of Metal and Beasts demanded more fields, cities, and a more strictly run world where peace through strict order would rule. He wanted an iron code of conduct that all digimon must follow, with strict punishments for those that disobeyed. A solid world of rules and regulations.

Azulongmon, God of Wind and Dragons wanted low mountains, valleys, and places where the powerful beasts of the sky could reside and watch over the world through a council who would talk and make decisions through vote, democracy, and freedom.

Ebonwumon, Lord of Nature and Small beasts alike, wanted vast area's of forests to house his kind, so they could forage, hunt, and bask in the greatness of Nature's fruit. He wanted a land of kindness and peace, with no rules to guide them, with only the hope that all Digimon would be true to one another and that peace and order would come eventually.

And finally, Zhuqiaomon, God of Fire and Winged creatures, wanted great stretches of ocean for which the bird kind to fly over, high mountains to perch from, and make the entire digital world high up from the sea. He thought the world should be lead by one ruler who held all power. An Emperor who would do what he thought was right and those that did not follow were to be punished on the whim of the ruler.

The Gods argued and debated for sometime, neither wanting to give up supremacy or the right to have what they wanted. Even when a mediator was called in an agreement could not be found. And so, sadly, the Gods gave up their talks and decided on a path of war to decide the fate of the world.

The first act belonged to Baihumon who lead his fellow beasts and machines across the Digital world and began taking the Western lands and claiming them as his own. In response to this the other Gods quickly followed suit. Azulonngmon took the deep valleys to the East, Baihumon the plains and cities of the West, Ebonwumon took the vast forests of the North, and finally Zhuqiaomon took to the massive mountains of the South. They called all digimon who were of the same family as them and assembled them into armies and spread them across their lands to defend it and to combat their counterparts.

One year has passed since the war began and no end appeared in sight. A digimon by the name of Jijimon, who had mediated the debate before the war, decided that help was needed to stop this senseless war. And so he turned his attention to the human world, where prophecy said Hero's could be found should the Digital World be threatened.

It was in Humans that Jijimon put his faith…and it is in Humans that the Threads of Fate reside.