Chapter 25: Unresolved Thoughts


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Digital World – The Iron Village - Day 17 - 4:00 P.M.

POV: Tommy Draggers

Two days had passed since the battle of IronFist. He spent much of that time simply getting back to the Iron Village, capital of the West. Leomon made them march through the night to get back to the capital as soon as possible. No one argued; everyone wanted to get back to safety and some well deserved rest.

For Tommy though, it wasn't safety he was worried about. The last two days he ran everything that had happened to him since he arrived in this world. Everything he had seen, experienced, and done. It seemed like so much, crammed into such a short period of time.

What Draggers found himself wondering about was the question of what was he fighting for? How was he fighting? Riku was heading towards the Southern Capital with some plan in mind, Shingen was actually fighting in the war, and Sasuke was…well, Sasuke was fighting evil as he said. But when Tommy tried to think of what he was fighting for….nothing. He didn't even have a good reason to come and join Leomon in the first place!

Stopping to take a moment, Tommy looked around himself to take in the scenery. Standing in the heart of the Iron Village, the buildings around him were so tall they cast a seemingly infinite shadow over him, and they were still be worked on, being made ever taller. As with most construction in the West, all the buildings were uniform: blue, tall, and square.

One might think that this would make the city ugly, or dull. But the West was still a land of prairies, wilderness, and rocky deserts. The city just stood as a stark contrast to everything surrounding.

The city had what Tommy called 'roads', or they would if cars were used. The roads, or metal pathways, ran around the village in a square and up and across until the roads made a grid. Looking down the road to his left, Tommy watched as machine digimon with wheels chugged down the road as fast moving, and often four-legged, digimon zigzagged through them, all make their way to their destinations. Shouting was common and fights often broke out, which was funny at times. Tommy thought that it looked like something out of a cartoon and often expected someone to crash and cause a….digimon traffic jam? The thought made him chuckle.

The road was the only frantic part of the village though. On the sidewalks, yes, sidewalks, the slower or more leisurely digimon moved with just as much noise, but without the chaos of the roads. Tommy, who was stopped at an intersection, liked the noise. He could lose himself in this place and gather himself. Maybe if he lost himself, he could find something else, like an answer to a question.

What am I fighting for?


Digital World – The Iron Village - Day 17 - 7:00 P.M.

POV: Sasuke "Scion" Mitsunari

"And that, is how the battle of the Fajora Falls ended, and why the falls no longer exist."


Sitting crossed legged on the ground; Scion stared starry eyed at Leomon who had just finished recounting a battle from the early days of the war, before the Humans appeared. He recounted how the Gods had actually gone to the forefront of their armies and fought one another in gigantic struggles for victory. The sheer power of the God Digimon was so great that once magnificent landmarks, such as the Falls of Fajora, were destroyed. Eventually, due to such destruction, the Gods withdrew and let their underlings lead their campaigns, so that the land they fought to claim would not be utterly destroyed.

Leomon, shaking his head, frowned on the young boy, "We lost one of our most beloved historic sights. We lost something very important to us that day…"

Not having anything cheery to respond with, Scion rested his head in the palm of his right hand with a sigh. It was true; this battle was just destroying the Digital World. He wished that things were simpler, he wished that he could just go out and fight evil and save the world like in a fairytale…but there wasn't any evil to be found, not entirely. To the North, Taiki and Michiko stand as pacifists. To the South, Riku and Ayumi were working together to some end. To the East, Shingen and Emi were working on uniting everyone. And here, in the West, Tommy and Kaito do their part in the conflict. With both sides having Children of Destiny, could any of them be called Evil?

It was frustrating for Sasuke. He had been all around this world, fighting enemies like SkullMeramon, BomberNanimon, and even NeoDevimon. All those digimon were twisted and evil, but, with everyone one that was beaten nothing seemed to really change. The war was still raging. The conflict was still going on…with no end in sight to the fighting.

"Leomon…when will the fighting stop?"

With his arms crossed the lion digimon turned towards the human child. His gaze fell on the boy and in Sasuke's eyes Leomon understood what was troubling the lad, for it troubled him as well. Looking towards the horizon, where the sun had begun to set, the champion shook his head.

"Hmm….I don't know, child. I don't know."

"Do you think it will end? Eventually?"

Leomon nodded, "Yes, eventually it will. All things must end in time…just how much time, is entirely another question."

Scion sighed deeply.

"Geez…I hate waiting."


Digital World –Near Kassel- Day 17 - 8:00 P.M.

POV: Shingen Takeda & Kotemon

Shigen had to admit, dying had quite an affect on you. Especially if you returned from the dead, well if he really did die anyway. He wasn't really sure IF he could die in this digital world, or if he would just be deleted. Maybe that was worse than death? At least in the human world your body was left behind…in this world no trace that you ever existed remains. It was a dark, scary, thought.

It was game over, end of the line. I should have died…

He didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he was shaken. Up until now he hadn't thought he would, or could, die. He thought of himself as invincible. Always assuming that Kotemon would be strong enough to protect him had given him a false sense of security. And it wasn't as if Shingen had death in his head when he attacked NeoDevimon…he didn't think at all really. He had just acted.

With negative thoughts bouncing around in his head since he left the others at Ironfist, Shingen had been thinking over the last few weeks. All of his actions, his work, his ambitions…horribly ended. Or they would have if Shingen hadn't somehow been resurrected.

On top of that the entire mission to attack the South had turned into a total and utter waste. Nothing was accomplished and hundreds of Digimon were deleted in the failed attempt.


Without breaking stride the samurai digimon turned his head towards his partner. "Shingen?"

"I'm making a promise today that I want you to remember."

"And that promise would be…?"


Digital World – Kassel- Day 17 - 8:00 P.M.

POV: Emi Hamano & Salamon

"I swear! I'm going to kill him!"

Cowering off to the side, Salamon watched as Emi paced back and forth just outside the gate to Kassel. When she returned to the castle she busied herself with chores and having Salamon spar with a few of the soldiers left behind to help them so better when they next had to fight.

Today they had gotten news from a Patamon that Shingen would be returning to the castle before the day was over. While that in itself was a reason to rejoice, the Patamon also had a large mouth and soon rumors of Shingen's supposed 'death' reached Emi's ears. It didn't take long for her to get the full story from the easily intimidated Mon.

"Attacked an Ultimate level digimon with his sword, what was he thinking! He's supposed to be smarter than that!"


Emi drowned out her partner, and continued. "When I'm through with him, he'll wish he was still fighting that monster! Just you wait, Shingen Takeda!"

"Oi…is she always this mad?"

To Salamon's right was Patamon, the messenger. "Only when she's….concerned." Salamon coughed out of embarrassment.

"….Hate to make her worried about me then." Patamon sighed.

But Salamon knew that she wasn't really mad at all; she was terrified. It was something that Salamon, as a digimon, couldn't understand at this point in its life. The fear of losing someone didn't exist for digimon, as they often fought each other to grow in strength. There was no maliciousness in the act; it was just the way of life for digimon…the need to grow stronger was just innate.

But humans were not like that, they die and they are no more. End of their story.

"Huh?" Ears rising into the sky, Patamon looked to the distance. "I hear a lot of something. I'll go check!"

Rising into the air it was easy to see the multitude moving towards Kassel. They varied in different shapes and sizes but they were easily noticeable as Shingen's army. The group was moving slowly but Emi and Salamon would quickly notice their approach.


Sooner than later it seemed. Descending to the ground the flying digimon stared forward at the oncoming army as they marched towards their safe haven. Being the messenger, Patamon knew what state the army would be in. Demoralized, fatigued, and battered would be an understatement. They had never lost before, ever. To rise so high only to be shot to the ground would leave a powerful throbbing wound in their hearts. Belonging to that wounded army, Patamon had no desire to watch their approach. Rising once more into the air he began moving towards the highest levels of Kessel.

As soon as Emi could lay eyes on him, she darted forward towards him. The soldiers parted for her as best they could, to make a sort of path to their leader. She didn't cry out to him or wave, a silent run was all she gave, but the parting digimon gave her away and by the time Emi reached her target he had his arms open to her.

Slamming into Shingen, Emi gave a strong embrace, wrapping her arms around him as tightly as she could. The hug lasted for barely a moment, just long enough to Shingen to begin to speak. Emi pulled back and slapped the boy hard across the face. Being to unexpected, the slap left Shingen stunned with shock.

"Jerk, who said you could go and do something so stupid?! I thought you were supposed to be a genius!"

"I…" Placing his hand on his face, Shingen winced as the sting. It took him only a second to realize what she was referring too, and another second for the shame to show itself on his face. "I…didn't think."

"Obviously, you DIDN'T think, Shingen!" With Emi's voice quickly rising into a shout, they soon had the attention of every digimon around them.

Reaction forced Shingen to step forward and reach out to Emi, grasping her shoulders in his hands. He intended to hug her, to try and soothe Emi, but she was faster to the punch. Literally. She pounded her right hand, clenched into tight fists, into his chest, then her left and her right once more a second later before shoving both hands, palms forward, into Shingen. The boy stumbled back, shocked and appalled at the welcome he had been given.

"You… You are a silly, stupid, and naive boy." Tears trickled down Emi's face, though it appeared the tears came from angry than anything else. "What were you thinking, Shingen?! Fighting a digimon? We're just kids, HUMAN kids! Did you forget that?! DID YOU?!"

There wasn't anything he could have said that would have sated Emi's rage and panic. She couldn't even fathom getting along in this world without him there. He was her light, her rock to lean on, and the star that always held the right direction. She wasn't a fighter, a leader, or even a diplomat. She'd be lost without him.

"Did you even think about what would happen to me?" Did you think of me at all?

And she turned and ran. It was childish and selfish of her to accuse Shingen without giving him any chance to defend himself. She didn't care. On the outside she was furious, but inwardly she couldn't have been more relieved…she just couldn't bring herself to say it. Fear of what she almost lost refused let her forgive him that easily. But, at least he was alive and for that she was glad.

And terrified of what tomorrow's dangers would bring.


Digital World – Kassel- Day 17 - 8:00 P.M.

POV: Kaito Akimoto

"Didn't want to greet your friends, Patamon?"


"Well…, I guess I can't blame you."

From one of the highest sentry towers of Kassel, where Patamon was perched, one would see the entirety of Shingen's army, battered and far fewer in number. It was from this place that Kaito, along with Gaomon, watched.

"How is he?" Patamon asked of Gaomon.

"Well," Looking over his shoulder, Gaomon scanned Kaito's figure. The tower they were occupying was circular and Kaito was currently sitting opposite of Gaomon and Patamon, who were on the side overlooking the coming mass of digimon. "He's been thinking a lot lately."

Kaito and Gaomon had traveled with Patamon for one reason only; fatigue, mental fatigue. The Sword had turned everything that Kaito believed upside down, inside out, and mutated it to boot. Was the prophecy really going to help end the war? Was it really going to explain how and why the eight children had been brought here? Was it going to show them how to get home?

Questions like these plagued Kaito's mind until finally his body began to suffer from the anxiety and stress. Shingen sent Kaito with his messenger, Patamon, to rest at Kassel and regain his strength. While physically, Kaito felt his strength return from much needed rest, mentally he felt as ill as ever.

The Sword was a digicore, so the Shield must be too. What do they have to do with the prophecy? Or saving the world? Or getting us home? Am I just missing some huge piece of the puzzle, the piece that will connect all the dots? Or am I on a fool's errand?

"I'm sure Kaito will come out of his shell eventually. He's a rebel and adventurer by nature and he will bounce back, trust me. Once he finds something, anything that seems promising he'll chase it to the end, and he'll continue to chase the prophecy until he has all of its pieces…he just need a little time for a break."

Ears drooping to his side, Patamon frowned, "I sure hope so. It's so sad to see someone look fine on the outside but be so torn on the inside!"

Gaomon nodded in agreement, crossing his arms thoughtfully. "If there is anything I've learned recently, it's that these humans are resilient beings. He'll come back, they'll all bounce back. Every one of them was shaken by the events that took place…and I would bet both my gloves that every single one will come back stronger than before."


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Anyway, this chapter is called "Unresolved" for a simple reason. You may have noticed that a lot of the kids have LOTS of questions with no answers, or are thinking really heavily about things. This chapter is to give you an idea of what a handful of the kids are thinking about currently. These questions, like the promise that Shingen made (the one you don't know yet), will be part of their development. So, if you feel confused as to what a character is feeling, then good, I've done my job. (Except with Emi, she was pretty straight forward, but kind of not….she confuses me! _).

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