The title of this story comes from a line in "Maid of Honor" where Diana says "They really are a girl's best friend," talking about Audrey's diamond earrings helping her beat Colonel Vox. Sorry, it changes point of view a few times…

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A Girl's Best Friend, Chapter 1, The Devil Made Me Do It

Normally, I'm a difficult man to surprise. But when I first caught sight of her across the floor of a crowded party, I couldn't believe my eyes.

What was she doing here?


It's not often that I've managed to get a little free time away from the Justice League. So much of my time is spent fighting to keep peace and justice on all fronts of the world. Being Wonder Woman has its distinct advantages and disadvantages and while many people think that being a superhero sounds interesting and exotic, being able to defeat foes, gain national recognition and fame, and so much more, the truth was that I put my body on the line everyday to saw people that I almost never saw. Existence in the Watchtower is rather lonely – I had no city to protect as others do, no time to commingle amidst humanity and enjoys the spoils of battle. Instead, my non-existent free time was spent with other Leaguers, sparring and talking, or by myself in my room, reading classical works and trying to acquaint myself with the Patriarch's World.

I knew that I needed a day or two for myself – some time to get away and to really relax, whether solitarily or in the company of the strangers I found myself protecting and now sharing a world with. No one on the Watchtower took umbrage at my request – the others had found their outlets for relaxation and pleasure and I needed to find my way out of the Watchtower, to spread my wings and to see the world. That was the easy part, realizing that I needed to fly away from my newfound team and venture out by myself, out of the nest and into the fire, as it were.

The more difficult part of my decision was where to go.

I studied numerous brochures and internet websites. The computer terminals in the Watchtower had been wired and I used them in order to search potential sites. For awhile, I had focused on Greece, seeing the modern day equivalent of what I had known so long ago, a different take on Themyscira in some ways. Or I could explore more of America, see the cities that the others protected, like Central City and Metropolis, but I decided that that wasn't far enough away from my comfort zone – I was still in relatively familiar territory. I wanted to get out and see something new, new people, new everything. I eventually decided on Paris – the City of Lights and of Love.

Not that I was looking for either. But I did want to get out into humanity and what better place than one of the liveliest cities in the world? The city lights beckoned and I answered the call, eager to begin my time away and overcome any hesitations that I felt about leaving. Amazons were women of action and I followed suit, acting to become familiar with my new world and to get a little repose.

I left the Watchtower early in the morning and set out for Paris.


She walked in as if she owned the place – tall, strong, and confident. A true Amazon, back straight and head held high.

Of course, most Amazons don't waltz into a high society party wearing a come-hither black dress and a smile to match.

I had come to Paris for work purposes – both Wayne Enterprises and my alter ego had things to take care of for Wayne Enterprises, a large merger with a French banking corporation and yet another excuse to bring Bruce Wayne additional publicity and paparazzi attention. As for Batman, there had been rumors concerning Star Labs and the possibility of the theft of important classified computer technology.

But currently, my mind was on neither of these…

It was squarely on the Amazon Princess currently in need of rescue across the room.


I spent my first hours in Paris exploring the city. Nothing special, simply walking around and taking in the city at my leisure, beholding the beauty and the charm that is Paris.

I only made one stop that day – to purchase an eye-catching black dress perfect for a night out. After all, my wardrobe didn't exactly run to evening wear. And social events required proper dress, I knew at least that much. Some things do not change no matter the era or people – Themyscira had formal events as well.

I headed out that evening uncertain of what this evening would entail, but determined to enjoy myself. The invitation had been a recent one, issued by a French ambassador after a Justice League press conference just yesterday. While hesitant, I hadn't exactly said no to the man, but instead put him off, telling him that I would consider it. From then on, the thought rooted itself into my mind, convincing me to take a chance. All things considered, what better way to get out more than to start out in style?

So, after donning my party dress, I headed out and into a different spotlight than the one I was used to.


She looked so vulnerable, lost in a world that she didn't yet understand – the world of the social elite. The paparazzi and the playboys. I, of course, was slated to fill the role of playboy. Usually, this sort of guise posed no problem. While my outward appearance and actions said playboy, my mind would spend social functions analytically dissecting recent crimes, criminal behavior, and gadget design.

Tonight, all I could think about was her.

From across the room, I noticed the crowd swarm to her. Listening, I could hear the probing questions they threw at her, but the answers seemed slow in coming. Glancing again at her face, I could see bemusement and perhaps even the onset of panic highlighting her beautiful features. Uncharacteristically, I felt the need to, well, rescue her. 'She's a valued teammate,' I told myself. 'She can most certainly handle herself.' Even as I was telling myself that she was more than capable, I found myself striding across the room – a Knight in faithful service to his Princess.

"May I have this dance?"


I have to admit, I didn't expect instant recognition from the Parisian society crowd. I had expected to mingle, really get an opportunity to talk with the world I now found myself protecting. Looking back, I suppose my wide silver bracelets were a bit of a giveaway to my identity.

I heard the instant rise of murmurs and whispers as I made my entrance. I stopped a few feet into the room, hoping to get my bearings and decide how to approach the teeming mass of formal society around me. Instead, my pause seemed to invite everyone over to me – all full of questions I was ill-prepared to answer.

Suddenly, in the midst of the interrogation, I heard a rich baritone voice asking me for a dance.

Great Hera! "Yes!" I answered quickly, anxious to escape the teeming crowd of would-be questioners. Following my savior, I noted his broad back inside the well-fitting black tux, a perfect match to his onyx hair. He spun me onto the dance floor and I couldn't help but admire the grace and fluidity of the movement. Something in the back of my mind niggled at me – there was something familiar about him.

He turned and I got my first glimpse of his face –


I stared, stunned, and immediately decided to find out more about the man behind this handsome visage.

"Thank you , Mister…"

"Wayne, Bruce Wayne."

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