Pumpkins and Toothy Grins

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Note: This is a sequel to 'Welcome to The Neitherworld'

Chapter 1: Monday Morning

Over the last few days and nights, Lydia Deetz, spent most of her time with her proclaimed antagonist. After he saved her from a very bad situation with a bunch of jocks from school, Lydia found herself feeling somewhat indebt to the ghoulish poltergeist that she was tempted to call 'friend'.

Lydia was sprawled out on her bed. She had just had a long adventure with Beetlejuice in the Neitherworld, a place that she was actually starting to like. She wrinkled her nose at the thought of a barber shop quartet, made up of shark attack victims, which she had seen on the street. Maybe 'like' was too strong of a word.

She turned over and groaned when she noticed that it was past midnight. Her parents were due home tomorrow…Monday. She sighed at the thought of having to go to school. She felt her insides droop when she thought of the jocks that she'd run into and the rumors that they probably already had spread.

"Dammit" Lydia groaned. She begrudgingly pushed herself up from her bed, collected her pajamas, and headed for the bathroom. The Neitherworld was cool, but it was a gross place. She had learned this after her second visit there, when Beetlejuice had given her that strange leather book.

Lydia quickly got the shower ready and stepped in. Showering was on her list of favorite things. The hot water, the smell of the soaps, the clean feeling, the peace it brought her…she hoped that she would be able to convince Beetlejuice to take one at some point.

Twenty minutes later, Lydia was in her room, looking at her mirror from her bed. Beetlejuice had shown her his small 'bio-exorcist' office that was just a little more then a closet in an old part of his town. It had a ton of Neitherworld newspapers stacked along the walls, a desk, two chairs, a dead plant, and wall full of partially decomposing Neitherworld pin-ups. He had called the pin-ups his way of 'appreciating art'.

Lydia smiled at the thought. He didn't really go into what he did with her, but she thought that she had the gist of it figured out. Lydia turned on her bedside lamp and turned her bedroom lights off, her mind still wandering.

They had visited with Jacques and Ginger, much to Beetlejuice's disdain. Beetlejuice had then showed her around the town where he lived. She had seen so much that the weekend seemed to fly by. She was even surprised that she was starting to have fun with Beetlejuice, despite his lewd actions and raunchy comments.

Lydia set her alarm clock with a sigh and turned off her light. The ring on her finger, which had oddly glowed before on a few occasions, was back to its usual red color.

"Be-atle-joose, where did Lydia go?" Jacques asked coming into the shared common room in the roadhouse. Jacques was dressed in his favorite red shorts and blue muscle shirt. Beetlejuice raised a single eyebrow over his paper.

"Look bone-breath, you ain't stealin' my new ghoul" Beetlejuice said. He squashed a passing beetle and popped it into his mouth.

"Zat only 'appened once and she never even liked you" Jacques said. "In fact, I zink she was a client of yours. Not even a ghoul-friend."

"You say tomato and I say get lost" Beetlejuice shrugged. He turned the page of the newspaper, feigning interest in the recent news on sandworm attacks.

"Fine. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall" Jacques said. "I will be working out. Disrupt me and I will disrupt your head…with my femur."

Beetlejuice smirked as his bony roommate left the room. He tossed the paper down as soon as Jacques was out of sight and floated to his room. He locked his door and pulled out his mirror. The glass swirled until he saw Lydia's room. Her lights were off and she was asleep in bed.

"Mortals and their sleep" Beetlejuice chided quietly. He let the mirror go dark and floated over to his coffin shaped bed. He didn't require much sleep, but he had a bed all the same. In a flash he was in his beetle boxers. He laid down and his mind started to go over his weekend with Lydia.

He had taken her all over the place, gave her the grand tour. He had even managed to convince her to eat a scoop of eye-scream from the Freaky Eyes Scream Shop. He was almost impressed that she ate it all, eyeballs and everything. She had also proved to shock him by standing up for him when they walked around the shocking mall.

Beetlejuice chuckled to himself. 'Too bad I gotta use the kid, otherwise she might be pretty cool.'

Beetlejuice stretched until his bones cracked before falling into something that resembled sleep.

The autumn air stung with a bitter coldness that Lydia had started to grow used to. She wrapped her black pea coat tighter around her and adjusted her pumpkin orange scarf. She had found the tires on her bike completely slashed. Actually, just the front tire was slashed. Her back tire had been completely removed and was in pieces.

Lydia hurried towards Miss Shannon's School and hoped that she didn't run into anyone from the football team.

"Lydia!" A voice called. Lydia glanced to her right and watched as her two friends, her two only friends, emerged from a shortcut that went through the woods. Bertha, a tall skinny girl with a bird nose and a large mouth, came trotting towards her with Prudence, a short redhead with glasses, following her. "We heard what happened this weekend."

"Did you really cast spells on the football team?" Prudence asked. Lydia shook her head.

"I don't know any spells" Lydia said. "You guys know that."

"Well, that's the big rumor" Bertha said. The girls walked towards the school. "We were told that they went over there to stop you from casting a spell or something."

"Logically we know that there are no such things as witches" Prudence interjected. "But, we were curious to know what really happened."

Lydia smirked. This is why she liked Prudence and Bertha. They were honest with her. She kicked a rock before she began. "Well, you know Jack Downey? I helped him study and he was supposed to come over for a movie date—"

"You had a movie date with Jack Downey!" Bertha exclaimed.

"Wow!" Prudence said in awe.

"He never showed up" Lydia said. "I don't know what happened to him. Instead, the entire football team showed up. They wanted…I don't know…they weren't there to say hi."

"I heard that they once beat up a kid in Dellwood, the town north of here, just because they thought he was a Satanist" Bertha said.

"I think they wanted a little more then just to beat me up" Lydia said quietly. "If a friend of mine hadn't stopped by and scared them half to death, I'd probably be in the hospital right now."

"You were that threatened?" Prudence asked. Lydia nodded.

"Well I'm glad you're safe, Lydia" Bertha said throwing an arm over Lydia's shoulders.

"Yeah" Prudence said. "We'll start telling people that the football team was the bad guys, not you."

"Thanks guys" Lydia said.


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