Chapter 8: Living After Midnight

Lydia paced around her room and nervously waited. She watched the clock slowly make its way up to midnight. She groaned and turned her radio on so the voice of Art Bell filled her room. She was hoping that he would have some secret way of calming her down while she waited for her ghost to appear.

"…Week on Coast to Coast AM, we have been discussing the art of spiritual healing with Dr. Nancy Roberts" Art Bell said. Lydia stared at her mirror in hopes of finding Beetlejuice there. Art Bell continued and Lydia tried to make the time pass faster by messing with her camera.

Finally her clock read 12:00, midnight. She stared at the mirror until the clock read 12:02. Lydia looked around the room, hoping that he was teasing her.

"Beej? Are you here?" Lydia whispered. Her room was quiet and very still. There was a soft knock on her door that Lydia immediately knew was Barbara. "Come in."

"Hey Lydia" Barbara said coming in. "Oh look at your dress! It's lovely!" Lydia tried to put on a happy face for Barbara. "I heard your radio on. I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween. We picked something up for you from the other side."

Lydia looked surprised. Usually Barbara and Adam spent her birthdays with her. Getting her a present seemed, strange. Barbara pulled a small present from her house dress.

"Happy Birthday, Lydia" Barbara said. Lydia took the small present. The box was small, black, and had a silver skull pressed into the top of the box. It said that it was from Bennington Jewelry, dead since 1514. Lydia opened the box and was stunned to find a necklace that resembled spider webbing and a spider.

"It's beautiful, Barbara!" Lydia said taking it out and putting it on. It looked as if someone had dipped the webbing and the spider in silver.

"I'm glad that you like it dear" Barbara said. She smiled. "So who's this date that you had?"

"Oh, BJ" Lydia said. "Can I tell you in the morning? I need to get my hair down from this beehive and take a shower."

"Alright" Barbara said. "I'll make the coffee and you talk."

"Deal" Lydia said. She hugged Barbara before she left. Lydia shut and locked her door. She turned sharply when she heard a small groan. "Beej!"

Beetlejuice stood before her in his black suit that he had been in all evening. He had switched back to his unkempt self. His hair was partially pulled out of the hair band and the mold spots had returned. Despite all of this, Lydia rushed over and squeezed him in a hug.

"You're okay!" Lydia said. Beetlejuice lightly squeezed her back.

"I think I need a nap" Beetlejuice replied. He moved to Lydia's bed and fell backwards onto it. Lydia giggled, despite herself, and moved to look over him.

"So what happened?" Lydia asked. Beetlejuice, who had been staring at the ceiling, glanced over at her.

"Bennington's, huh?" Beetlejuice said eyeing the necklace. Beetlejuice was covered in dirt and sandworm drool. Lydia hadn't noticed until now.

"Are you okay?" Lydia asked. She looked at his jacket, pulling it here and there, to see if he'd been bitten.

"If I could have saved you and gotten the sandworms outta there, I would have babes" Beetlejuice said. He looked like he hadn't slept in a week and was about to pass out.

"Beej, you can't sleep here" Lydia said. She tried pulling him up, but it was as if he were set in stone.

"I got your barrette back" Beetlejuice said pulling the trinket from his pocket. Lydia stopped her pulling and kneeled next to him on the bed, trinket in hand.

"I can't believe you got this back for me" Lydia said with a smile. "You didn't have to."

"I know" Beetlejuice said closing his eyes. Lydia sighed and moved off the bed.

"If you're going to stay you should at least put on something that isn't covered in sandworm drool" Lydia said. She went behind her dressing curtain and came out a few minutes later in her pajamas. Beetlejuice was lying there in the same position only he was in pajamas that had beetles printed on them.

Lydia moved onto the bed and pulled Beetlejuice until he moved up to the pillows.

"Look, I usually don't share my bed, but you look like you're about to pass out" Lydia said. Beetlejuice felt nearly catatonic and was just trying to lie there, to absorb a little bit of Lydia's energy so he could at least function. "So what happened?"

"I scared them all away, o' course" Beetlejuice replied. Lydia smirked and turned her television on. An old vampire movie was on.

"To mask our voices" Lydia said. Beetlejuice nodded.

"Halloween is kind of a catch 22" Beetlejuice said. "We look like our mortal-selves, but we tend to lose a bunch o' power in the process. Just for the night though." He paused. He was starting to feel a little better. "That's why I couldn't have you there."

"I'm just glad you're safe" Lydia said. She snuggled in next to Beetlejuice, who wrapped an arm around her. The sounds of the vampire movie lulled them to sleep. Before they finally closed their eyes though, Lydia whispered "I don't care about the ring anymore, Beej." She paused and Beetlejuice figured that had fallen asleep. "No funny business."

"Would I do anything to you while you slept?" Beetlejuice asked with a laugh to his voice. Lydia smirked and dozed off into dreamland with Beetlejuice close behind her.

A week later, Lydia had found that she rushed to get her homework done so she could spend her time with Beetlejuice. The Maitlands were still in the dark about Beetlejuice, just as her parents were. The ring was still on her finger and Beetlejuice would interpret every color as having a kind of sexual innuendo.

Lydia didn't know what was to become of them, but she was sure that it wouldn't be a horrible ending.

The End

Note: Sorry about the abrupt ending. I'm just getting way too busy and this has been keeping me from a bunch of stuff. If anyone wants to add to it, go right ahead. Otherwise, just read and review!