An evil squirrel a true enemy for eleven year old Dean and six year old Sam. Some how THEY MUST KILL! A one shot kinda funny story please read!
I own nothing that is familiar to you in this story.


As Sam slowly approached the apartment building he looked around scanning the surrounding trees.

He took three more steps and was stopped dead in his tracks when he saw IT all six inches of it standing in the middle of the cement walk way.

Sam stared wide eyed at it, it stood sideways but turned its head toward Sam.


Dean lay flat on the porch with there dads 32-mil shot gun he took his aim at the evil and torturing creature.


Sam was frozen with fear.

The Squirrel turned all the way and started running toward Sam, Sam fell to his knees.

Dean shot the gun but missed right as The Squirrel jumped onto Sam's head taking another jumped he soared high into the air and landed.

It continued to run till it reached its favorite tree.

Dean shot again but hit the tree sending wood flying onto the green grass surrounding the tree.

Dean cursed at his poor aim under his breath, but when he looked back at the squirrel it chattered happily, and flung its tail (the tail was not a small thin little dinky tail but full and bushy perfect for and evil squirrel).

Dean stood and jumped down all four of the stairs with a single stride, Sam thought that it was amazing that his big brave brother could do that.

Dean let out a loud War Wop.

Dean ran to his brother and touched his shoulder (as if his single touch could give his brother strength).

The squirrel examined his new enemy and the shiny gun thoroughly.

It turned its body toward Dean and jumped its ugly arms outstretched just like its legs its nail ready to fly right into Deans face.

Dean shot and hit his target blood splattered onto Deans face and white shirt.

All that was left of the evil squirrel was little fluff balls and blood.

Dean raised the gun above his head and stared parading around the yard.

Sam followed behind Dean chanting "Dean killed the squirrel Dean killed it Deans the hero"

They had circle the yard twice but the parade came to an end when there dads car pulled to a stop in front of the apartment complex.

He got out of the car and stared at the blood and fluff balls on the sidewalk then at Deans ruined shirt and bloody face.

"boys what happened" the color slowly draining from his face.

Dean was silent but Sam could not contain his joy and his mouth opened "Dean killed it Dean killed TWICHY!"

"Who's Twitchy?" there dads face was completely white as he said this.

Sam with a huge smile answered "The Squirrel The evil Mr. Twitchy"

I'm thinking about making a second chapter on Twitchy's take on the situation but then again I might not.

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