This song-fic is taken from the Shrek soundtrack, it portrays the love triangles within the story, "The Terry Trials"

Flute Interlude:
*Sunrise on Gotham City*

There is something that I see,
* Terry and Jessie seeing each other in the hallway for the very first time. She is with Nelson Nash, and Terry is with Dana.*

In the way you look at me,
* Batman comforting the crying Slayer in the alley *

There's a smile that's the truth in your eyes
* Terry grins at Jessie in the park as she watches the kids play.*

But unexpectedly, on this unexpected day,
* Jessie leans over and kisses Terry playfully on the cheek*

Could it be,
*Arsenal kisses Jessie's hand courteously*

This is where I belong?
* Jessie rides her motorbike with Terry sitting behind, the wind whipping at their faces*

It is you I have loved all along
* Jessie and Terry both kiss each other.*

No more mystery,
*Terry takes off his cowl, eyes intense and unreadable.*

It is finally clear to me,
*Jessie looking down at Terry, who's busy sleeping on the table beside her*

You're the home my heart searched for so long,
* Terry looking surprised as he opened the door to see Jessie standing there.*

It is you I have loved all along
* Carmen and Thomas hang out together, talking and laughing*

There are times I ran and hide,
* Jessie walking away from Batman, disappearing into the shadows as he watches, not able to do anything*

Afraid to show the other side,
*Jessie denying that she was a Slayer.*

Alone in the night without you
* Batman sits on a rooftop and thinks/ Arsenal watching Jessie wistfully as she leans out of her balcony and watches the stars in the sky.*

But now I know just who you are,
* Jessie and the unmasked Batman meet face to face*

And I know you hold my heart
* Angel hugs Jessie tenderly. (He's her dad, mind you)*

Finally, this is where I belong
*Carmen and Thomas hugging each other*

It is you I have loved all along
*Jessie looking shocked as she finds out what could cure the possessed Batman*

No more mystery,
*Poison Ivy kisses Thomas as his eyes glaze over*

It is finally clear to me,
*Dana watches the tape Melanie had taped secretly of Terry and Jessie*

You're the home my heart searched for so long,
*Angel standing in front of Buffy's grave*

It is you I have loved all along
*Alexis looks over at Thomas longingly*

(Flute Interlude)

* Terry and Jessie meet at the clocktower/ Jessie slumping over backward, unconscious as she gave blood to Batman, for him to cure the poison*

Oh, over and over,
*Thomas and Carmen admiring the sunset*

I'm filled with emotion
*Batman looks down at the letter Ten gave to him*

Your love rushing through my veins
*Jessie and Batman kissing by the light of the moon*

And I can feel the sweetest devotion,
*Terry gives Jessie a rose as she brightens considerably*

As I look into your perfect face...
* Terry gazes at Jessie for a long moment as he holds her. Carmen and Thomas gazing at each other over their cappucinos.*

No more mystery,
*Batman swooping off the roofof a building*

It's all finally clear to me,
*Dana gives Terry a good slap at her doorstep.*

You're the home my heart searched for so long,
*Jessie and Terry smooching in the privacy of his bedroom*

It is you I have loved
*Kyle notices Alexis and flirts with her*

It is you I have loved
*Carmen and Thomas kiss*

It is you I have loved
All along
*Jessie awakes the next morning in Terry's arms.*