Never leave one for dead

Chapter: 1

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Harry Potter and I am but a muggle. One day. One day it will be mine!

Chapter one: she was

She was pissed. That monster, the one that called himself Voldemort had taken away two of the people she held dear. He had attacked her home, killed her parents and left her for dead.

She was beyond mourning and depression, she was at the point of boiling anger, she had once promised her parents that if they died she would continue with life. Living in a time of war one tended to understand and except death, but she was furious.

She was productive, their deaths would not be in vain. She channeled her rage into power and focused on her training, she would learn everything she could about muggle fighting and she would become an avenger.

She was missing, two weeks after her graduation there had been a death eater raid on her house and to the wizarding world she was MIA, no body found,

She was traveling. Going to any location she could learn something new. The order and school made her a skilled witch but, now she needed to become strong physically.

Hermione Granger, the girl who died, the smartest witch of her age was returning to the wizarding world with a score to settle.