Hermione Granger was never found by Harry Potter. He spent every weekend over the duration of eight years searching for her. On week days, he continued to teach the class which he would now only refer to as Hermione's. Ironically, on those weekends when he went searching for her, she popped in to visit Severus Snape, whom she had continued to maintain a solid friendship with. The guest rooms in his quarters were always ready for her, and by order of the building itself, the house elves never told the Headmistress of their visitor.

Hermione took up the occupation of a writer, using the male pen name Alex Crownsworth. But a writer doesn't need to stay in one place; Unfortunately, life in Cairo grew boring, as did life in Tel Aviv, Dhaka, Java, Sydney, Paris, and Sucre. Life as a nomad lost its appeal after backpacking through Russia, and Hermione Granger ended up moving back to England.

A year later, the Headmaster position was offered to Severus Snape, as Minerva wanted to move back to her birth place and live a life of relaxation and retirement that she had never seen the appeal in during her younger days. Severus declined the position, and said position was handed over to Hermione. Albus was pleased.

Hermione arrived at Hogwarts in the middle of the night, only offering Minerva a few unemotional words before barricading herself in the office, which come morning would be hers. The office had changed very little since it was occupied by Albus Dumbledore. Minerva hadn't wanted to offend her mentor by ridding the office of its clutter of knickknacks. Hermione knew better. With a kind request, Hogwarts moved all of Minerva's personal items into her quarters, and all of Albus's went into storage. Too long she had lived in the shadows, and she refused to live in the shadows of the ones who performed her job before her.

Dotty, a house elf that bound himself to the building long before that was acceptable for a house elf, brought the nice new Headmistress tea as she tore the office apart. She brought in new bookshelves from Mongolia, and a desk from Tibet. The lamps were from the States, and her rugs originated from China. Her chair was crafted in Spain. The father clock had been made in Canada, and the frames of all the past Headmasters and Headmistresses were made to fit in frames crafted in Florence.

She worked through the night to make the office her own, and just when the first rays of sun were crossing over the horizon, the Gargoyles announced the arrival of Harry Potter.

"Come in." She called in a voice which betrayed neither an acceptance of the beginning of a new story, nor any feelings that she may still have harbored for a man whom had been such a great disappointment in the past.

The End.