Walking with a White Cane

Hi people I had an amazing story idea that I have not yet seen on the site! This story will work with some of my life experiences and if you now me a bit you may know what this story could be about but for everyone else here is a hit, "The main idea of this story is in the title, you just have to figure it out!" I'm so evil BUHAHAHAHA! Well here is the story hope everyone likes it!

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Chapter 1

It was a bright and beautiful fall Friday in Middleton and the students of Middleton High were on their way to school. A red headed female with emerald green eyes and a blond haired boy with chocolate brown eyes were walking towards the school. If you haven't seen them before you must be blind because these two teens were the famous Team Possible. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable both 17 walked towards Middleton High as they always did every morning.

"So Ron what do you want to do after school today?" Kim Possible asked her best friend.

"Well kp I think we should start with our usual trip to Bueno Nacho, followed by a Star Wars movie marathon at your place, what ya think?" Ron Stoppable replied.

"Sure that sounds like fun…" Just then Kim stops walking, it takes Ron a few seconds to notice but he turned around immediately.

"Kp you ok?" Ron asked as he saw Kim holding her head.

"Y-ya just got a bit blurry there must not have gotten enough sleep last night." Kim answered still holding her head and blinking rapidly.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk, Kimbo you've gotta sleep well or else you'll fall asleep in class." Ron replied thoughtfully.

"Then why do you always fall asleep in class?" she asked incuriosity.

"Oh I just get bored but you know me." Ron shrugged, "Ready to go?" she nodded at they were off to school.


Most of the morning went without another incident but in math class Kim found it a bit harder to read her text book and that she had to look a bit closer.

"What's going on here? Why is it so hard to see the questions?" she thought.

"Hey kp you ok?" Ron asked snapping her out of her thought.

"Huh?" Kim was a bit confused.

"You look a bit stressed out everything ok?" He asked a bit concerned.

"Oh ya I'm ok it's nothing really just need to get more sleep." Kim said putting a smile on her face.

"Okay…" Ron went back to his work.


At lunch Kim was having a bit of trouble getting threw the lunch room to the line of hungry students. She caught up to Monique and they started talking.

"Hey girl have you seen what the queen of means been up too?" she asked with smile.

"No not yet, I've been feeling a bit weird lately." Kim replied while rubbing her temples.

"Oh are you okay?" Monique asked with concern.

"Oh ya I'm fine just didn't get enough sleep last night that's all." She said with a smile grabbing at some food when Monique stopped her. "Um Kim do you usually grab spaghetti with your hands?" Kim was confused at this and looked to where her hand was going. "Huh…you sure that's spaghetti? It looked like something else to me."

"Wow girl you really are tired if you can't tell that that is spaghetti." Monique gave a frown at this.

"Sorry here let's hurry before everyone gets mad we're holding up the line." They nodded and grabbed their trays and walked off.

Ron saw them and waved them over though Kim didn't see him right away and just followed Monique. When she got a bit closer she saw that it was Ron though she wondered why she didn't notice him sooner.

"He ladies what's up?" Ron asked with his famous goofy grin.

"Not much though you missed Kim almost put her hand in a bowl of spaghetti." Monique said with a little giggle.

Ron looked at Kim a bit confused but Kim said, "I'm just tired I guess I can't really pay attention today."

"Well maybe you'll get enough sleep tonight after the movies." Ron replied.

"Hopefully..." Kim said as she sat down and started eating.


During the rest of the day Kim kept experiencing the same things again and again though they seemed to be getting worse and worse. She just thought that she was really tired so she just ignored it. Though even though she said it was because of sleep she still went to cheer practice even though Ron said she shouldn't.

"Ok everyone let's the pyramid." Kim said while everyone was getting into position. Then everyone started to jump up and lad in a pyramid formation and Kim had her eyes closed because she knew she knew the routine well enough but then when Kim jumped she did not see where she was and…

"EEEAAAQQQ! KIM LOOK OUT!" Tara screamed prompted everyone to look up where Kim was going to ram right into the middle of the pyramid.

"KP!" Ron yelled.

"W-what?" Kim questioned but was too late because she just rammed in the middle of the pyramid and everyone came crashing down screaming.

Ron rushed over to the fallen tower of girls and started helping everyone up and making sure they were ok. Then he quickly ran up to Kim saying, "Kim what happened? Are you okay?"

"R-Ron is that you? I hear you it's just a bit blurry and hard to see." Kim answered a bit of worry in her voice.

"That's okay I think you really need to get some sleep and…" she interrupted him, "No…no Ron I think there is something wrong with me. I think we should call Wade and ask for an ambulance." Ron nodded and pulled out the Kimmunicator.

"Hey Kim what's the…Ron? What's up where's Kim?" Wade asked with a smile before noticing that it was Ron and he did not look happy.

"Wade we need an ambulance something's wrong with Kim." Ron said with a scared look.


At the hospital Mrs. Dr Possible was waiting for them and when she saw Ron running beside a stretcher she panicked a bit knowing exactly who was on it. When it came through the doors she walked up to it and asked, "Kimmie what happened? Ron what happened?" She asked worriedly

"We're not sure Mrs. Dr P. I think it was just a head injury from ramming into the pyramid and stuff." Ron said shrugging his shoulders.

She nodded and turned to her daughter still in the stretcher, "Kimmie you okay?" she asked while leaning over her.

"Mom is that you? I…I c-can't see you. Mom I-I'm scared." Kim whimpered.

"Its okay Kimmie don't worry we'll get to the bottom of this." She creased her daughter's cheek, "Get her to room 107 I'll arrange for a CAT scan."


After the CAT scan Kim was sitting on a doctors table while her mom was looking at the results of the scan. Ron had left earlier because she didn't want him to waste his Friday night sitting around waiting for her. He reluctantly left and said he'd call in the morning.

"Okay Kimmie from what these readings tell me you don't have a concussion or anything, it is showing something me something though I'm not one-hundred percent sure what it is." Mrs. Dr Possible thought carefully while looking at the scans.

"What ever it is mom I still can see very well…are you sure it's not lack of sleep or anything because I do feel a bit dizzy." Kim said while holding her head with one hand.

"Yes Kimmie I'm sure of that much." She thought for a moment then said, "You did say it started this morning on the way to school right? No missions today with some kind of chemicals or something?" she questioned.

"Nope no missions and our last mission didn't have any kind of chemicals that I know of." Kim answered.

"Hmmm…well I can't find anything so it's nothing to do with the brain. Maybe we should go to the eye doctor tomorrow just incase, what do you think?" she asked contently.

"I guess…and besides it just maybe a one time thing. For all we know it probably will be gone tomorrow." Kim said first a bit skeptic but then went positive and ended with a smile.

"Alright then I guess we can get your things and head home then." Mrs. Dr Possible says as she grabs one of Kim's hands to lead her around the room so as snot to hit anything.

"Heh so I guess I have to stay home for the rest of the night if I have to be guided around?" Kim asked sadly.

"I guess you'll just have to deal with it hun, I can't let you go running around town if you can barely see in front of you now can I?" she answered with a sly grin opening the door to the room where Kim's things were.

"Hey they do say "I can do anything" so maybe?" Kim asked with a pleading look while she picked up her things on the bed.

"Hmm…nice try dear now let's get home." She answered while leading Kim out of the hospital.

"Ya it was good wasn't it?" She said with a smile as her mom opened the door to the car and she got in.


When Kim woke up the next morning she found that the blurry ness was not better at all but it seemed to be worse. She got out of bed and was a little distraught because she was not sure were she was. The blurriness was worse so she put her hands in front of her so she wouldn't hit anything. After a few minutes of shuffling around she finally found her bathroom. After she found the shower by almost falling into it she had her shower and was coming out of the bathroom when she heard someone in her room.

"Who's there?" she asked cautiously.

"Calm down Kimmie it's your mother." Mrs. Possible answered from the other side of the bathroom door.

Kim came out of the bathroom one hand on the towel around her body and one hand slightly in front of her.

"Is it any better Kim?" her mother asked with a hit of hopefulness in her voice.

"No actually I think it's worse." Kim replied sadly.

"Hmm…then let's hurry and have breakfast so we can go to the eye doctor." Andrea Possible said leading her daughter to her closet.

"Need any help hunny?" Andrea asked her daughter who was rummaging threw her closet.

"Its okay mom I think I'm good." She said but then, "But just in case can you wait for me at the bottom of the stairs?" she asked with her famous puppy dog pout even though she may not even have to use it.

"Alright dear but if you need anything just call me." She replied with a smile and headed down the stairs.


A few minutes later Kim was coming down the stairs slowly but her mom grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen making it a bit fast trip if Kim did it by her self. When they got into the kitchen Kim noticed it was a bit too quiet and even though her vision was still blurry she could tell something was missing.

"Hey mom where's dad and the tweebs?" she asked as her mother pulled out a chair for her to sit in.

"Oh apparently your father took the boys on a weekend camping trip and they left early this morning so I guess it's just a girls day out." She replied while starting the oven and making some scrambled eggs and bacon.

"I heard the phone ring while I was in the shower was it Ron?" Kim asked while fiddling with her fingers because she didn't like having to sit and have everyone do everything for her.

"Oh yes it was he just asked if you were ok. I told him that we're going to the doctor so he said to just call his cell when you're done." Andrea said as she brought a plate of food to Kim.

Kim was trying to focus on what was on the plate but was having a hard time seeing what everything was. "Umm…mom I can't really tell what's on this plate." she took a whiff of the food and then said, "Though I can smell eggs, bacon and toast."

Andrea came over and told her daughter were everything was on her plate.


After they ate they were of to the doctor's office. When they got there they didn't have to wait long and soon it was their turn to see the doctor. They went in and Dr. Crane welcomed them.

"Good morning Mrs. Possible, Kim, how can I help you today?" Dr Crane asked.

"Well Dr Crane yesterday my eye site was going a bit blurry." Kim started, "Though I thought it was just lack of sleep, but at the end of the day there was sort of an accident and well ya." Kim shifted a bit then said, "Then I woke up this morning and the blurriness got worse so that's pretty much it."

"Hmm…that's a little odd I don't think you've had an eye problem before. Let's have a look at those eyes of yours." Dr Crane said as he stood up and came around taking Kim's hand and guiding her into a dark room with a big chair in the middle surrounded by many devices for checking your eyes.

He sat her in the chair then said, "Okay Kim first I'm going to ask you a few questions and to read me some things alright?" Kim just nodded.

He motioned for Mrs. Dr Possible to sit down then he went and turned down the lights. Then he pushed a button and at the far wall a small screen lit up. He then pulled what looked like giant metal glasses with many knobs (Don't know what it's called) and put it against Kim's face. After turning a few knobs he asked, "Okay Kim look straight ahead and tell me what you see."

Kim looked through the lenses and towards the screen that showed a letter but she could not see it. "All I can see is a big white and black blur." She then heard him turning more knobs and he asked again, "What about now?" She looked again, "The black blur got bigger and there is a white blur around it." He wrote something down, "Can you tell what letter it is?" she tired to focus but she just couldn't tell what it was. "No." he wrote a few more notes down then turned off the screen.

He pulled the large metal glasses away and wheeled his chair in front of her while pulling out a pen light, "Alright Kim just hold still for a sec." he then flashed the light in her right eye keeping it there and holding her eyelids open. He looked fore a few seconds then switched to the left. When he was done he moved back to his desk and wrote some more notes.

He then took a small bottle of the shelf and said, "Alright Kim now I'm just going to put these drops in your eyes so I can see the back alright?" she nodded, "Though they may sting a bit." He then tilted her head back and used an eyedropper and dropped two drops in one eye which caused Kim to scrunch up her eyes right away. "Okay now leave your hands down and don't rub it." He used a napkin and dabbed it and repeated the same thing with the other eye.

"Alright now let's see what's happening behind there." He took his pen light and opened her right eye. To Kim the light was even more intense then it was originally and it was hard to keep her eye open without Dr. Crane holding her eyelids. He looked for a few seconds then, "Hmm now that does not look good."

"What is it Dr. Crane?" Mrs. Dr Possible asked worry in her voice.

"Just a moment…" he switches to the other eye and looks for a few seconds then says, "It looks like…the retinas are tearing…" he replied sadly.

"W-what does that mean?" Kim asked becoming very worried at the sound of the doctor's voice. She looked towards her mother or rather in the direction because it was still blurry and the room was dark. Kim didn't see it but the expression on Andrea Possible's face was one of horror at the knowledge of what the doctor had just said.

Dr. Crane took a deep breath before saying, "Kim…I'm sorry to say this but…it means you're going to go…blind…"


Ok there finally finished after 3 days of sitting and trying to figure out what to say it's finished! Ok if your not dumb I think people would have figured that she was going to go blind if you either understood the title or if you just guessing but eh that doesn't matter, what matter is if you liked it or not so please read and review!

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