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Lesson #1: Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

Blues didn't like this mission.

Enzan, Laika, and Netto (along with their navis) had been sent to investigate an evacuated preschool building. Apparently, there was a very strange, yet powerful navi in the system, which was causing a lot of trouble. However, everything seemed quiet.

A little too quiet in the red navi's opinion.

He wasn't the only one who felt uneasy. Blues could tell that both Rockman and Searchman were also suspicious about the place.

Blues felt his operator stop moving, and looked up to see all three Net Saviors talking.

"This is weird." said Netto, voicing everyone's thoughts, "It's way to quiet here."

Enzan and Laika nodded, but before either of them could open their mouths, a childish giggle was heard.

The Net Saviors spun around, their PETs and cross-fusion chips ready, just in case. Blues patiently waited for the enemy to emerge. He was ready for anything.

Suddenly, a dimensional area appeared over the building. A bright light blinded the navis, who heard their operators cry out in pain.

Blues opened his eyes, only to find himself in the real world. Rockman and Searchman were no where to be seen; however what worried him was that he had no idea where Enzan was.

"Enzan-sama!" he called out, concerned for the cerulean eyed boy's safety.

A firm, but not painful tug on his hair caused Blues to spin around.

Only to see a two year old Enzan sitting behind him.

Blues was too shocked to speak. He had been ready for anything…

…except this.


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