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Lesson #4: Never trust amateur babysitters

Rockman knew he had to act fast before the caffeine rush kicked in and all hell broke lose. His mind rapidly geared into action.

"Get me a roll of duck tape!" he ordered, his voice full of panic and dread. "Quickly!"

Both Blues and Searchman gave him a confused look. Rockman felt like smacking the two of them for their stupidity.

"Hurry! If we don't act fast they'll go crazy!" he explained, pointing at the seemingly innocent and harmless looking chibis.

The other two Net Navigators shared a look, before grabbing a roll of duck tape from the teacher's desk and using it to strap Rockman to a chair.

"NOT ME YOU DOLTS! THEM! TIE UP THE FREAKING LITTLE ONES!!" the blue bomber screamed, struggling to get out of his bonds.

"All of the stress has clearly gotten to your head." said Searchman. "Laika-san and Enzan-san have had coffee before, and while I can understand you worrying about the effects it will have on Netto-san, I believe that both myself and Blues can control him."

"Searchman," argued Rockman, fighting to remain calm, "Enzan and Laika have been turned into TWO YEAR OLDS. It is DANGEROUS to give two year olds coffee!"

"I don't see why not?" replied Blues, "I mean, what can they do? Run at super speed?"

Suddenly, a bright ball of light fluttered into the room. It hovered over the three little Net Saviors.

"Oh, looka da light!" exclaimed Netto, his hands stretched upwards as if he was trying to catch it. The other two gazed with their big eyes; their mouths open in fascination.

Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the ball of light sped out of the room. The navis blinked in surprise, only to see the chibis already out of the room running after it, at what seemed to be super speed.

"Yeah," growled an extremely pissed off Rockman, "They could do that."

"We have got to stop underestimating what they are capable of." commented Blues. Searchman nodded in agreement, while Rockman glared at the two of them, waiting to be released from his bonds.

Five minutes later, (and after discovering how hard it was to cut duck tape with child safety scissors) Rockman was free.

"Looks like we have to chase after them." he said to the other two, who each had a rather large bump on their head.

The three navis took off, checking each room they came across. The hallways were still dark, and this time there were no multi-colored footprints to follow.

"I can't believe we're doing this AGAIN." groaned Blues. He suddenly realized that he had accidentally spoken out loud, and quickly clamped his hand over his mouth.

Unfortunately, Rockman had heard him. Searchman and Blues cringed when they heard the sound of his knuckles cracking. They turned to see deadly flames in his eyes, and promises of pain.

"What do you mean again?" he asked menacingly.

"Nothing." answered Searchman, hoping his voice sounded convincing. Rockman gave them a suspicious look, but dropped the subject. The two terrible babysitters let out a silent sigh of relief, and continued to look for their NetOpts. However, half an hour later, (it was a very large school) they still had found no sign of their trouble making chibis.

Finally, their search led them to the principal's office. The door opened to reveal the three boys curled up on the floor in front of a large, oak desk.




All three navis rushed towards their humans, but were stopped by some sort of invisible barrier, which kept them separated from the chibis. None of their weapons could bring the barrier down, even when they combined their powers together.

"Why won't it break?" asked Rockman, his voice laced with worry and fear. His normally over active twin showed no signs of motion, as did neither of the other boys.

"It won't break because I don't want it to."

Rockman's eyes widened in surprise. He hadn't been expecting an answer, nor for the person behind their troubles to give itself away. The three navis glanced the around the room for the owner of the childish, yet sadistic sounding voice.

"Show yourself!" demanded Blues.

Their foe let out a giggle. "If you say so." it replied. The principal's black leather chair swung around, and all three navis gasped at what they saw.


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