Note: I don't own the Lord of the Rings characters. The only one I made up completely is Merenwen. Minor charcters not recognized from the movie or books are also mine. This wasn't intended to be a Mary Sue, just an original character I came up with, so sorry if it may appear that way.


The son of Thranduil rode through the gate and into the city of Rivendell. Legolas halted the white horse he was on and dismounted it. With his bow and quiver on his back, he looked up at the elvish city with clear blue eyes.

Like others, he had come because of the One Ring, whose tale was well known in elven lore. Lord Elrond had summoned many. Legolas himself had been sent by his father as the messenger from Mirkwood, unfortunately bringing bad news.

A dark-haired Noldorian elf took his horse and led it away to the stables. Another elf stood before him.

"Suilad, Legolas Thranduilion. Greetings, Legolas, son of Thranduil."

Legolas responded with an elvish gesture of well wishes and respect.

"My name is Borothala. Come; let me show you to your room. If you should require anything, you need only ask."

Legolas followed the elf, a slight breeze blowing through his long blond hair.

"Tell me, where is Lord Elrond? I bring urgent news from Mirkwood that he must hear."

"He is with Mithrandir at the moment, and cannot be disturbed."

"It shall wait then," he said, gazing up at the balcony of Elrond's archives. He let his eyes wander over the site of the fair elvish city. The sight made him feel happy, despite the gravity of his errand. Imladris was like a second home to him, thanks to the friendship he had forged numerous years ago with Estel, or Aragorn – the heir to the throne of Gondor.

Then, almost unexpectedly, his eyes settled on a sight that made his heart sing – a dark-haired elf, gazing out at something from a balcony.


Merenwen looked at the waterfall of the river Bruinen with extremely light blue eyes, contemplating the wonder of the water. Her dark hair blew about her face in the breeze of October, Narquelië in the elvish. It was very curious to see a wood elf with the appearance of a high elf. But then again, there were many dark-haired wood elves.

An orphan, Merenwen wandered as soon as she was able to, making acquaintances in Lothlórien, Rivendell, and most importantly, Mirkwood. In Rivendell, she became friends with Arwen, daughter to Lord Elrond, and was always welcome. But Mirkwood always was where she seemed to belong. She could sense it. It was the wood she loved; for it was where she had resided the longest, mostly when she was younger, making on and off again stops there later in her wanderings. A certain prince made her stay out of her own free will.

She had not seen Legolas in a while, and had not been to Mirkwood in years. She was not sure how either of them would react when they saw the other. She still had feelings for him, but she was not sure how he felt about her. Although, she had a feeling he would come and she would see him again soon.

Merenwen was so lost in her thoughts that she did not hear the fair elven footsteps coming toward her. Then, she heard a soft voice speaking to her in Elvish.

"The beauty of the stars nor the sea compare at all to thee."

She turned around, dark hair twirling around her face. A familiar elf stood in front of her.

"But where thou art, thou hast my heart," she answered in the same tongue.

"It is good to see you well." He walked toward her and took her hands in his.

"As it is you," she responded, gazing into the eyes of a love once known.

Legolas leaned forward and kissed Merenwen on her lips, putting to rest any doubts she may have had regarding his feelings for her.

She rocked backwards on her heels, letting her eyes open slowly to make sure she was not dreaming. Sure enough, Legolas was still standing in front of her, holding her hands.

"I have missed you, Merenwen."

"As I you, Legolas."

"Why haven't you been to Mirkwood in years? You know you are welcome."

"Yes. I just have been in Imladris for a while and it would have been difficult to travel."

"That is a lie and you know it. Why haven't you been home?"

The two elves had not parted on perfect terms. In fact, Merenwen had left without saying good bye and Legolas was not happy about it.

"I had to move on. I must know where my real place is."

"In Mirkwood. With me."

Merenwen laughed bitterly and turned her face away. "Legolas, you love your home more than anything. That is not to say it is my home as well."

He turned her face back to his. "You know it is. Otherwise, you would not have left without a good reason." He caressed her cheek lovingly.

"But I knew I would see you again."

"Yes, in desperate times." He paused, gazing into her light eyes, ones that were lighter than his own. "Danger is coming."

"I know."

"How do you know?"

"You are not the only one who hears things."

Legolas smiled. "How much can I forget?"

Merenwen smiled at his retort. "Have you seen Arwen or Elladan and Elrohir? Or did you receive word I was here in Imladris and you sought to find me?"

"No, I did not. I saw you when I was being escorted to my room. Are they well?"

"Yes. The twins are away at the moment, but they will return soon. Arwen is with Aragorn, possibly."

"It is well. That does not surprise me. Even though the One has surfaced, his destiny is tied too closely to it."

"It is," she resigned.

"But enough of the matter at hand, where have you been?" He took her hand in his.

Merenwen led him over to a nearby bench and bade him to sit next to her.

"I have traveled. I've stayed in Lórien and Imladris. I went west for a while; 'tis very beautiful there. But it does not compare to the wood."

"And yet you could not come back to it?

"Do not doubt what I have done when I was younger still doesn't stay with me."

"It is the same for me; the same for all of us."

"You have no idea how I wanted to come home – come back to Mirkwood. For myself. And for you." She turned to look at him, a silver tear running down her cheek.

He brushed the tear away. "You have me now and I will not lose you again."

She fell against him, feeling his heart bear, his arms go around her, and a comfort she had not felt in a long time.


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