Author's Beginning Note Thingy: First of all, I apologize right of the bat for a strikingly familiar plotline, that you will all probably be able to guess exactly what happens because it's so similar... similar to both my last Supernatural crossover fic, and similar to that of the actual movie I'm crossing it over with this time.

This fic is going to be (as far as I can tell) significantly darker than the last. Maybe not creepier, but alot darker. It's the difference between a little girl's ghost coming after you and fighting the forces of hell. If my getting detailed about Satanic stuff (which will undoubtedly happen later on) makes you squeamish, turn away now.

But anyway, here it is, guys! Some of you said you couldn't wait until I wrote more of these, I hope this does it for you. The not-so-long awaited not-quite sequel! Enjoy.


Falling back into the water in defeat, Gabriel listened as Constantine and Angela walked away across the wreckage-littered floors of the hospital. Soon, not only their bodies and their shadows, but their footsteps had faded completely away too. Silent tears fell from her hazel eyes, streaming down her charcoaled face. Hell's fires had taken her wings away, and her own God had taken her strength.

She closed her eyes and let go. What was left for her now? There would be no pearly gates for the one who'd betrayed her Father, and a life of pain and suffering as a human would not suit her. If she just sunk into her growing exhaustion, and drowned here in this pool, would it be called suicide, and allow her to sink into the depths of hell, where at least Mammon still held her in favor...

But no, she stopped before the water could flood into her eyes. A shadow fell over her battered form, and she looked up into the face of a familiar friend...

"Azrael..." her voice cracked softly, as weak arms reached up to touch him.

"I've come. What have they done to you, my lady?" the man stooping low over the pool asked, gathering her limp form into his arms.

"More than I can cope with." she murmured, her head settling into his chest, and the suntouched-red locks dripping water on his shirt.

"You're not seriously considering..."

"...I am." she cut him off. "There is nothing left here for me. I have failed, and I do not have another chance." she sighed wistfully. "But you..." her head tilted feebly upward, though her determination was still apparent in her blazing green eyes. "Your journey has only begun with my journey's end. Your success with my failure." Pale lips curled into a soft smile.

"Me, my lady?"

"You were my most loyal follower among the ranks of heaven, and it is one of us who must do this." she said, a hand caressing the side of his face. "It is you who must continue in my stead. You know what to do..." she coughed, blood spurting out from the punch Constantine had dealt her. It still throbbed dully on the inside of her mouth, and she could feel her cheek starting to swell. Her eyes screwed shut at the thought of the hurt, only minor compared to the things she'd silently watched other humans experience. No... not for her. Maybe it was common sense, maybe it could be called cowardice, but she had made her decision...

"Now let me go, Azrael." she looked up, and saw the doubt in the other angel's eyes. A slight laugh, and another reassuring smile, and it was gone.

"As you wish, my lady."

He lay her body back down into the water, gently squeezing her upper arm to show his last message of affection and adoration before she left him. Stepping back, he allowed her to sink at her will, the graceful, and gentle smile still gracing her lips as every passing second drained the life from those stunning eyes.

From that moment he swore revenge. And swore stronger than ever he had before to complete the mission she had set out for him. Looking up to the dark night sky above, he unfurled his wings, and took flight. Now, to start from square one.


"I'm tellin' ya, Sam, it's like nothing we've ever seen before..." Dean muttered while he drove South through the hilly outskirts of Los Angeles.

"Yeah." Sam agreed, "You actually doing your own research on a hunt for once. And we're likely not to see it ever again.

"Oh, you're funny, Sam." Dean frowned. "This is serious. Even dad and I have... never experienced anything like this... at least not on this large a scale. Mass animal death, and freak supernatural occurrences blazing a trail all the way North to right here, then stopping."

Sam looked at him quizzically, "When'd it stop?"

"I dunno, can you read Spanish?"

A pause, "What?"

Dean glanced away from the road for a moment to reach into the back seat and pull out a newspaper, tossing it into Sam's lap. "I could make out the words 'Northern Mexico', and 'Los Angeles'." he reported, "So I figured they were talking about the start and ends of it all."

Sam turned the paper over and carefully observed the front picture, a couple of Mexican cops standing in front, and looking out at what appeared to be a vast field of dead cattle.

"There's something else interesting on page two." Dean suggested. "Maybe you can sweat your ass a little bit for me on this investigation and try to translate. Draw on your knowledge of Latin, maybe go find an online dictionary."

His brother made a face, before turning the page as he was asked. The second picture revealed an image of a car split practically in half, and a comical, almost cartoon-like human faceprint in what was left of the hood. He almost laughed.

"So you go looking through that as best you can..." he said with a grin, "While I drive us into the traffic of down town and try to find us someplace to stay while we do our thing.


An hour or so later, a frustrated Dean was dealing with trying to keep the Impala intact in the ferocious rush-hour traffic, while Sam triumphantly looked up with a grin.

"Got it." he said, looking at his brother.

"That's nice, Sammy." Dean said, all of his interest apparently lost.

The younger frowned, and tucked the pencil he'd been using to write in notes behind his ear, "Do you want me to read it to you?" he asked with a sigh.

"Shoot, Sammy."

"Don't call me that." he watched Dean warningly, before turning his eyes down and clearing his throat, "As much as I can figure..." he began.

"As much as you can figure, Sammy?" Dean looked to him disapprovingly, "This is kind of crucial, you shouldn't be guessing any of this wrong. In fact, you shouldn't be guessing at all."

"I'd like to see you do better." he growled, "It's... educated guessing." he reassured.

Dean rolled his eyes, and listened.

"They're separate articles, about separate events. I don't doubt, though, that they're related." he muttered, "The second one is the more interesting. This guy apparently witnessed his friend run into a street and get hit by this car..." he pointed to the completely totaled vehicle depicted in the picture, "...then just get up and run away."

Dean raised his eyebrows, as his brother continued.

"And what's more... the guy says he apparently saw his friend pick something up from the abandoned church they were hanging out in, and carry it with him as he ran. There's also mentions of people who saw a man fitting that description walking along the roads... and..." he flipped the page, "...he would've had to pass, at least near this area to get to one of his later sightings."

"Unaffected by stuff that would normally kill humans... leaving a trail of dead stuff in his wake. Sounds like your standard demonic possession."

"But like you said, Dean..." he looked up at him, "We've never seen anything on this scale. If they are related, which... I can't see how they wouldn't be, this is some pretty powerful demon."

Dean looked at him silently. "Could be... the demon..."

Sam frowned distastefully, and slumped back in his seat, folding his arms across his chest, and glaring out the window, as Dean thankfully pulled into the parking lot of a motel. It looked surprisingly nice for this part of town, yet at the same time not up to par with some of the cheapest rooms they rented other places.

Angrily, Dean tore the keys out of the car, and shoved his door open, getting out. Sam was so touchy about that thing... just the mere mention of it, and... he sighed roughly, glaring down at his brother as he also pulled himself out of the car. Fine... he thought bitterly, turning for the lobby door, like that.


Author's Ending Note Thingy: The chapter begins where the movie ends... roughly. You all remember the fight where Gabriel got her powers taken away, and her ass thoroughly whupped. I'm working off the premise that she couldn't have been the only angel with the ideas she had of bringing Mammon to life on Earth. For that reason, and that reason only have I included the original character, Azrael, as her accomplice. Otherwise I would avoid original characters like the plague.