"Piece of crap!" came a frustrated cry, and a loud slam of Dean's fist against the top of the old television set. Hissing static was its reply. Sighing heavily, he collapsed back onto his bed, giving himself a mental reminder that rooms in LA which fit into their budget were nowhere near the quality of rooms which fit into their budget anywhere else.

Sam sighed quietly, leaving his things on his own bed and going over to give the television set his own once-over. After adjusting the antenna, and turning the dial ever so carefully, a distorted picture clicked on, and he grinned. "Got it."

"How did you do that?" Dean asked, glancing up and frowning.

"Tender love and care." he grinned

With an eyeroll his brother flopped back, and grumbled "Well, you can turn it off, I'm not interested anymore."

But Sam stared with widened eyes to the familiar image on the screen, "Dean?"

"Yeah, what?"

He turned around, "I think you should take a look at this."

Dean sat up to see his brother pointing at the TV, where the same image as on the front of the newspaper was clearly visible, and a female reporter finished up the end of that story. As her own image appeared on the screen again, she went on to say that: 'Controversy still surrounds last week's story of a supposed 'demonic possession' of a 16 year old Hispanic girl living in an apartment building downtown. The incident was short, and controlled, but gave the family quite a scare. Attention was alerted to occupants of the surrounding buildings when a three foot tall mirror plummeted out a third story window, and crashed on the ground below. Witnesses say that the girl was allegedly 'clinging to the ceiling' when they first noticed signs of her possession, but that a short time later a mysterious man arrived and instructed them how to and rid her of the demon. No word is yet known about this mysterious man, or the true cause behind the girl's strange behavior.'

The two exchanged knowing looks.

"Sounds like we got here a week too late, eh, Sammy?"

"Then who came in our stead?" he asked with a frown.

Dean shrugged, "Who cares?"

"Dean, this could mean there's another hunter out there..." Sam murmured.

"Of course there are other hunters. There are lots of other hunters, we're not the only ones."

"Someone neither we nor dad know." Sam's frown deepened.

"It doesn't matter, Sam. We can't know all the demon hunters in the world. This guy seems to be just fine doing his own thing." he shrugged. A short silence followed, before Dean groaned quietly, and sat up.

Sam looked at him incredulously, "What is it?"

"Well..." the older began, looking down at him gravely, "Speedy got to our demon first... which means our job is done here, but I already paid for the room." he spat bitterly, "Damnit."

Sam thought on this for a moment, "...no." he finally said, looking pointedly up at Dean, "Unless you can think of a way to connect that girl to the cattle deaths, or the guy-who-won't-die down in Mexico." he pointed out, "Which was our original reason for coming here." he reminded.

Dean looked at him absently for a moment, "Oh, yeah."

"And..." Sam began, more darkly, "...it also means that we're back to square one as far as leads go."

"...oh... yeah..." Dean made a face, then looked up again, "Unless the girl who got exorcised and the guy who had the demon to start with are connected." he offered.

"They might be."

"Could be the same demon."

"It might be."

"Could be the-"

"Dean, stop it." Sam snapped, glaring at his brother, "I don't want to hear about that thing anymore. It's not the same guy."

"Why do you say tha-"

"It's not the same guy." Sam said sharply as he glared. For just a moment, Dean was quiet, which allowed Sam to take a deep, calming breath and continue, "The demon wouldn't've gone so easily..."

"Sam, an exorcism can get rid of anythi-"

"Not this guy. We had to hunt down some freaking archaic mystical gun just to try and get rid of him and-"

"Would you quit cutting me off, Sammy?" Dean growled.

Sam rolled his eyes and sent him a look that shouted 'hypocrite'. Dean shrugged it off, and continued on.

"The reason it's harder is because we're trying to kill it, not just send it temporarily back to hell." he explained.

"I know that..." Sam said quietly.

"So," Dean began again after a pause, "Do we think that this was the same demon in two different people, and there's nothing left for us to worry about, or do we think this is two different problems conveniently happening in the same area?"

"Could be either." Sam offered with a shrug.

"Yeah. And who knows, Speedy might have already taken care of our illegal-alien-guy a little more covertly than he did Exorcist-girl." he shrugged.

Sam didn't say anything.

In the silence that followed, another news report came on the television screen, accompanied by a picture of a fairly young woman, a brunette with red tones visible in the light points. 'Local Police Officer, Angela Dodson, was found dead on the sidewalk outside her apartment...' the reporter continued, '...investigators say that despite overwhelming evidence pointing toward suicide, they still firmly believe that she was pushed, or thrown out her second-story apartment window. Unsupportive of their theory, they also state that no signs of break-in, struggle, or any other forensic clues have been found inside her apartment, save for a small leather box left open and empty under her bed. They believe that whatever was inside this box was taken out the night of the murder, however no leads of suspects have yet been identified.'

"It's a sucky world." Dean commented dryly, lying back.

Sam stayed watching, though, as the report continued: 'Skeptics in the police force write it off as a suicide, because of its eerie similarity to the death of Angela's sister, Isabel Dodson. Happening only a few days prior, Isabel leapt off the roof of the hospital where she was receiving treatment. This being the same hospital that was the sight of the gruesome massacre that occurred just the night before last, where over thirty were found dead, and two whole rooms, including the one Isabel crashed through the skylight of, were almost completely destroyed. Strangely enough, among the victims was found Mexican alien Carlos Ruiz, who had only days before been witnessed surviving a normally fatal car-crash, before running off without a scratch on him.'

She went on to make several comments about the bizarre events, and at last finish up the news program for the day, before it cut to a commercial at the end.

Dean had sat up again about halfway through the second part of the monologue to stare, dumbfounded, at the screen. He turned it off after the program was done, and looked over to Sam, to find that his little brother was already staring back. "Now that..." he began, "...is something."

"Yeah..." Sam breathed, "...but what're we supposed to make of it?"

Dean shrugged, "Well, we know it wasn't the same demon in two different people... the girl was exorcised before the massacre took place." he reasoned, "...other than that, I think we're going to have to do all the digging the hard way this time, actually visit the scenes of the crimes..." he glanced at the blank television screen.

"We've sure got our work cut out for us, then." Sam muttered.

"Looks like we're going to be staying here a while." Dean frowned, glaring around the small room, the chipping paint, the ugly color orange of the walls.

"The sooner we get started, the sooner we leave." Sam watched him pointedly, a knowing look on his face.

He heaved a short sigh, "Yeah, I know." he muttered, standing up.

"So what are we this time, reporters? Priests? FBI agents?"

"Works for me."

Sam glanced confusedly at his brother from where he still sat, "...which one?"

Dean just looked down at him with a strange sparkle in his eyes, and slowly grinned.


Author's Ending Note Thingy: Dear god, how much cheating was that all in one chapter to have them find out everything just from news reports? XP But I was uncreative, and just couldn't think of any other way. I know this fic has a much slower start than my last one (crossover with The Ring). God, when chapter 1 starts with a girl dying, and chapter 2 ends with Sam's dream of the tape, that's a pretty big grabber. On the other hand, with this one... well, personally I liked the scene with Gabriel, but everything between Dean and Sam has been kind of slow. I promise it'll pick up from now on. I have big plans for this fic.