#45 Moon

She heard him. She heard him whispering to something or someone. She felt the vibrations of his tears softly hitting the ground. His words were gentle. He would only whisper when the moon was clear. She knew this beacuse any time Aang or Katara mentioned the moon, he would stay awake that night.

He was whispering very quietly. Even with her enhanced hearing she could only catch a few of his words.

"Sorry"..."miss you"..."should've protected"..."forgive me"...

She could make out he had hurt someone. That he felt horrible about his actions. He did this almost nightly; but he never got an answer.

She felt her heart ache not being able to go and comfort him. She knew somthing was hurting in him. But she felt it was something he wanted kept secret. He wanted to handle this alone, and she wasn't going to embarass him by pointing it out. She held her tongue on the topic.

But the tears would stop and he would drift into sleep. His snores echoing through the camp site. But he would toss and turn in his sleep; obvioulsy dreaming fitfully about his pain.

But she couldn't save him from his nightmares. She couldn't help his pain. She couldn't do anything, and that hurt her.


Go on, Tell me how horribly crappy this is

It was inspired from a fic I read that mentioned Toph hearing Sokka whispering to the moon asking for forgiveness. Obviously Yue. I thought it'd make a cute drabble.