Summary: Lilith has lived in the Ghost Zone for most of her life. She barely remembers her mother and never knew her father. Now she is 14 and starts learning she has living relatives and is quickly dragged into something she barely understands.

Why: A plot bunny that seriously would not leave my head until I did something about it. It's what I get for watching the World Cup and recovering from getting my wisdom teeth taken out. You start to think strange things.

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Chapter 1

Tucker: (After discovering that Sam has dressed up their flower sack like her) What have you done to our child! (Marches over and takes the sack; puts a beret on it) Give him back! Its obvious Tucker Jr. needs a strong father!
Sam: (Takes sack back) No way! Lilith needs to be in a nurturing environment, not some over-crowded baby barracks!

"Tucker! Take Lilith and leave, quick, before he comes back!" The young woman said as she shoved the little girl into her friend's arms.

"Mommy? What's going on?" The little girl asked, confused after the attack in the house.

"Sam, are you crazy? Where am I supposed to take her? There's nowhere to hide!" The man said frantically.

"I don't know, you usually think of something!" She yelled back.

"Danny usually thinks of something..." The man said sadly.

"Well Danny's not here." The woman said forcefully, but with the same about of sadness. "I don't know! Take her to the Ghost Zone. I don't care. As long as he doesn't find out she exists, she'll be safe." She finally said for lack of any other plan.

The man rolled his eyes. "Oh, yeah, the Ghost Zone. Great idea Sam. I can see it now, 'Look! A little female half-ghost! She must be his daughter!' And they'd be right, Sam. They'd tear her apart!"

The woman was silent for a moment, her face frozen in fear. "Did you just feel the temperature drop?" The man nodded with the same expression on his own face.

"Ah! Mommy my air is funny again!" The little girl said as a blue mist escaped her mouth, not knowing what the two adults in the room were so worried about.

The adults exchanged a look. The woman spoke. "Hide her, Tucker. I'll stall him as long as I can."


"Do it." Suddenly a large mist appeared in the room, but then the whole world was fuzzy. Nothing could be seen. Only screaming heard.

"AH!" Lilith, now in her teenage years, screamed as she shot up in her bed. Her alarm clock was beeping relentlessly beside her. She looked around. Her blue eyes found the familiar ectoplasmic cage surrounding her. She sighed. It was just a nightmare. She fell back down lazily as her black hair just became that much messier.

"It was just that dream again..." She thought. It always began at the same spot and ended as the man, Tucker, left the room. She often wondered if that was really what had happened to her mother and her friend. Lilith wasn't one to believe that dreams could be anything more than just a figment of her imagination. Then again, she wasn't really one to talk about things being impossible.

Lilith looked over at her bed stand. She silenced the alarm clock that read 7:30 am. Next to it she gingerly picked up an old photograph. It was a picture of her mother in her teenage years. With her was the man, Tucker who was also in her dreams. The third and final figure was the man she presumed must be her father.

"Danny." She thought fleetingly. "My dad's name is Danny. My mother's name is Sam. Their friend is Tucker." She repeated this silently then quietly out loud many times, as if she were afraid she would forget.

Lilith really didn't know why she was so obsessed with them. Logically, she knew they had to be all dead, but that didn't stop her from dreaming of the day when she would finally meet them-if they were still alive. Otherwise, she wouldn't still be living here. This thought reminded her to come back to reality.

"Oh no! It's Tuesday! I'm going to be late!" In a flourish Lilith threw off her bed covers and ran over to the chair for her desk where she had her clothes laid out for the day. She struggled humorously with her jean Capri's, slid on the red tank top and quickly put on the long-sleeved, white jacket. She put her hair into an acceptable ponytail and brushed her teeth, not bothering with breakfast. She slipped on her sandals, closed her eyes and took a moment to breathe.

"Okay, Lily, calm down. Today, you are Lilith Manson: human who has been home schooled for the past eight years. You are not a crazy half-ghost who lives in the Ghost Zone." She opened her eyes. She was still in her room.

"Oh, who am I kidding?" She asked no one in particular. Without much more than a thought, two white-blue rings suddenly appeared at her waist level. When the rings had disappeared again, she had transformed into her decidedly ghost half.

Walking leisurely over to the far side of the room she eyed the bars of the ectoplasmic cage critically. "Let's see, what shall I use today...?" Lilith thought to herself. Phasing her hand through the floor, her hand grabbed what she had been seeking. She tossed the small rock up and down for a bit, getting a feel for the weight, then she threw it over to a small, green button on the opposite wall. Instantly, the bars dissipated and Lilith walked out, content.

"I really should leave a note..." Lilith pondered, and then decided against it. "Meh, it's not like he doesn't know where I'll be anyway." Without another thought she flew off towards her destination.

As Lilith reached the familiar Fenton Portal, another very familiar figure was floating by it. She stopped by the figure and waved. "Hey Box Lunch. What's up?"

The teenage ghost rolled her eyes at her best friend. Not much had changed in the ghost's appearance since she was little. She was Lilith's height now, and roughly the same figure as well. She still had the signature hat, braces and overalls.

"I just wanted to say good luck and to be careful. I haven't been to the human world much, but my dad always says to beware. It's not the same as the Ghost Zone, Lily." Box Lunch said.

"I'll be fine. I'm pretty much a freak wherever I go." Lilith stressed. "I'll be careful. I can control my powers really well. No one will find out my secret." She promised.

Box Lunch sighed, if not a bit too dramatically. "Lily, you need this, very badly. You're not a ghost. You're human. You may have freaky ghost powers." She said waving her hands in a spooky fashion. "But you're still human and you've been seriously lacking the department of socializing with them. And don't you dare let your freaky sourpuss 'uncle' tell you otherwise." She finished, using air quotes.

Lilith grinned, knowing how much her friend disliked her primary guardian. "I know. You're welcome to come with, you know." She shot back.

Box Lunch looked torn for a second. "As much fun as it would be, my mom would kill me..."

"You're already dead." Lilith responded lightly.

"Figuratively Lily," Box Lunch said, annoyed. "You go. I'll see you after school gets out." She said with finality.

"Okay your loss, I'll see you later then!" Lilith yelled as she went through the portal.

"Beware!" Her friend shouted, really meaning to be careful, but it did not fall on ears because Lilith was already on the other side.

Lilith looked around at the basement laboratory. The house had been abandoned years back when the Fenton's had moved out to be closer to their college-bound children. No one had dared to buy it after all; it must be the most haunted place in Amity Park considering, they thought. With all the ghosts that had been captured and brought there.

Most of the ghost hunting equipment was gone, save for quite a few 'broken' inventions. The Op Center was gone. The Fenton's had used it to move. They had originally shut off the ghost portal, but Lilith and Box Lunch had done a little 'field trip' and got it up and going again. With Technus's help, of course.

For that reason and the fact that most of the lab was operational and that it was clean was mostly Lilith's fault. When she had nothing else to do, she would clean it and make sure the ecto-filtrator was changed every six months.

Today, however, Lily Manson was going to school. The Amity Park school system was long over-due for her enrollment.

In her human form, Lilith walked the halls of Casper High. She felt small and a bit claustrophobic. She had never been this close to so many humans before and it was a humbling experience to be at the same school her parents had gone to.

"Remember, Lily. You're human too. Just like them...only with strange ghostly tendencies." She tried to convince herself after Box Lunch's little pep speech. Upon receiving her locker number and schedule for the year from the Administration office, she headed to her first class of the day.

"American Literature: Mr. Jacob Lancer. Hmm, I wonder what that will be like..."

"Hey, I've never seen you around before." Said a feminine voice from behind. Lilith turned around. A blonde haired girl stood next to another girl with cropped black hair. She was holding hands with a brown haired boy who was slightly taller than the three girls present.

It was the boy who really caught her attention. His red head band and punk clothes suggested he was different than the girls. In fact, he really didn't seem to like being there.

"Oh, I'm new here." Lilith said quickly. "I'm Lilith Manson. It's nice to meet you...?" She paused with her hand held out, hoping for a name in return.

"Stacy Hemming, remember it." She responded shortly. "This is Ami Colt and this, "Stacy said lovingly, "is my boyfriend, Ted Williams. Ted has his own band, right Ted?" Ted shifted uncomfortably under Stacy's seductive hold on his arm.

"Err, yeah. Kind of. It's just me and a CD recording..." Ted responded. "It's nice to meet you too Lilith." He said, finally shaking her outstretched hand the other girls had ignored. Lilith smiled.

Stacy grabbed his hand back in a fit of jealousy. "Come on. Lancer's class is going to start soon."

"You guys have Mr. Lancer first as well?" Lilith asked, hopeful she might have still a chance to have her first human friends.

"Yeah," Ami spoke for the first time. "I've heard he's really strict on tardies, so we'd better get going." Lilith nodded as she followed the three of them to a nearby classroom. "Oh, one more thing." The girl said to her. "Don't mind Stacy. She thinks our little group is the popular kids, but really we're more of a mix-breed, as you'll find out I'm sure. Stacy will warm up to you just as soon as she gets over her phase of dating Ted. In about a week or so they'll be back to just friends." She said as if speaking in a documentary.

"Uh sure." Lilith responded in a confused tone, but followed Ami into the classroom.

At the desk was and older man. He was bald, but his goatee was gray, suggesting that he had been teaching for a long time. Lilith walked up to him.

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Lancer?" He looked up to acknowledge her presence from the copy of Othello he had been reading. "My name is Lilith Manson. I'm new here, so I don't really know what to do..."

For a moment the seasoned teacher studied her appearance. He smiled gently, as if in remembrance. "Wuthering Heights! I had figured it was about the time for their first child to come through...I always knew those two would get together..." He said cryptically. Lilith gave him a confused look.

"He's not talking about my parents, is he?" Lilith shook the though out of her head. If he had been around, he most likely did. She smiled at the fact that maybe she could finally learn more about her parents' lives away from the ghost intervention.

"I'm sorry, Miss Manson. Once in a while I have those moments. You know you're old when you start getting children of your former students in class. Your seat is just over there." Lilith thanked him and sat down at her assigned seat.

"This is going to take a lot of getting used to." Lilith thought as Mr. Lancer began to introduce himself to the class. She really had technically been home schooled, but certainly not on subjects such as American Literature.

Lilith couldn't help but notice that Ted was sitting in front of her. He was doodling on some paper and not really paying attention. "I wonder what he's doing." For a split second, Lilith almost used her ghost powers to find out, then she realized where she was and her own words came back and hit her, 'I'm a freak wherever I go.'

"That's right. I can't let anyone know..." she thought sorrowfully. Not only would they freak out, her ghostly guardians would be really, really mad. That and despite having ghost powers all of her life, she really never used them too heavily. She had never had a need to. Her various adopted aunts and uncles had never shown her anything except love and kindness, or at the very least, their quirky versions of it.

"They trust me enough to interact in the human world. I can't let them down..." Were her last thoughts of home before her focus was again on Mr. Lancer as he spoke about Walden.

Her second class of the day was a Computer skills course. Lilith already had good experience with computers and figured she would have no problem with this class.

As she listened to some music through her headphones, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Ted standing behind her. In a fluster, she hastily took the headphones off to face him.

"Ted! Hi, I didn't know you had this class!"

The boy laughed. "It's a required course. Is this seat taken?" He asked, pointing to the seat next to her. When Lilith shook her head, he sat down.

"It's...Lilith, right?" He asked.

She didn't know why she was so caught up in the moment. She barely registered that he had asked her a question. "Uh, yes, it is. But most people I know call my Lily."

"It's a pretty name." He said sincerely, logging into his account.

Lilith blushed. She didn't know why. "Good grief! If I'm going to be like this every time I meet a human boy, I'm going to be permanently red in the face!"

"So, where are Stacy and Ami?" Not knowing where else to take the conversation.

Ted cringed. "They don't have this class this period, thank goodness. Ami can be really nice if she wants to, but Stacy is...well, she's usually off in her own little world. She's a really great friend; we just have to deal with some of her 'phases'. Ami at least keeps her in line most of the time."

"Oh. So uh, she said you had a band. What instrument do you play?" Lilith asked, trying to move along the conversation as she worked on some typing exercises.

"I play guitar mostly. But I can play keyboard, drums and bass too." Ted smiled.

"Wow! You're a one-man-band!" Lilith exclaimed.

Ted laughed at the joke. "Yeah. My parents are both musicians. I took piano lessons when I was really little and I play the string bass in orchestra here at school. I learned guitar and drum on my own and from my parents."

"You're really lucky to have such great parents." Lilith said, a bit sad thinking about how she had never really known her own parents.

"So what do you like to do in your spare time?" Ted asked.

Lilith froze. What was she going to tell him? "What do I say? That I practice shooting ecto-blasts and hang around with my best friend, haunting buildings for fun?"

"I, uh...usually don't do much. I hang out with my family a lot..." Well, that wasn't exactly a lie...

"That's cool. Hey, I've got to go to the bathroom quick; I'll be right back, 'kay?"

"Okay." Lilith responded without much conviction. She was sad that he was leaving..."He'll be right back you knucklehead!" She sighed and put her headphones back on.

Suddenly her computer short-circuited. She jumped back momentarily, but as the screen turned green and a blue mist escaped her mouth, she only narrowed her eyes in annoyance. A pair of sunglasses appeared and a mouth along with it.

"Hiya kiddo, doin' okay?" Said the computer voice.

Lilith rolled her eyes. "I'm fine, Technus..."


"Shhhh! Not so loud! No one is going to find out my secret, but if you all try to spy on me some one is going to get suspicious." She scolded.

Technus gave an annoying 'Ha' for a laugh. "It's the ghost capital of the world, so it is fine, if I, Technus 2.0, spy on you for a little while."

Lilith growled. "You're all just a bunch of obsessive little..."

"Uh, Lily, who are you talking to?"

Lilith quickly stood up in front of the computer screen before Ted could see anything more unusual. "Nobody! Just myself. It's a bad habit." She smiled fakely. Ted seemed to buy the excuse and continued to work at his own computer.

Lilith dared a look back at her own computer. Technus was gone. "Most likely got himself lost in the Internet again..." Lilith thought sorely. If so, she wouldn't see him for at least another week.

At lunch, Lilith couldn't help but laugh as the lunch ladies reminded her all too much of her best friend's mother. She also learned that lunch was a class of its own. The objective of the class was to socialize with friends. Lilith really didn't have any friends. If you failed in this objective, you were forced to sit at the oldest table in the cafeteria, alone.

Lilith really didn't have much of a choice nor did she know the rules of classroom conduct in the cafeteria. She walked up to the table where Stacy, Ted and Ami were sitting and chatting with another friend of their's. Ted was in a conversation with what looked like an athlete.

"Umm, excuse me..." The group turned towards her, waiting for her to speak. "I uh, would you guys mind if I sat here today?"

Before Stacy could say anything, the male athlete stood up and took her hands dramatically. Lilith thought this was a bit weird, but when he started to speak she felt thoroughly creped out.

"O shimmering beauty from afar! Where have you been to torture mine eyes without the sight of your flawless face?" The blonde athlete recited.

"Err…" Was Lilith's intelligent response.

Ami and Ted grabbed hold of him and dragged him back down to his seat.

"You can sit over here, Lily." Ami said, motioning to the spot next to her. "Don't mind Cam. He does this to every girl he meets. Once you get to know him he'll be normal." Lilith nodded dumbly.

"Boy I wish I had their definition of normal…" She thought.

The five kids sat and talked for the rest of lunch. Lilith noticed that Stacy seemed a bit leery of her, but Ami, Ted and Cam all seemed to be nothing but nice to her.

"I'm actually having a normal conversation with other kids my age! This is better than I'd ever thought this would be."

"Hey, Lily!" Came Ted's voice. "We're all going out to the Nasty Burger after school. You wanna come?"

"Ye…" She stopped herself. "I told Box Lunch I would meet her after school…and I'd get in trouble if I didn't go home first and then just up and left without telling anyone…"

"I'm sorry, I have plans after school. Maybe some other time?" She asked hopefully.

"Anytime you feel in the need for a good greasy meal, here's my phone number." Cam said as he produced a business card with his name and phone number on it. Lilith laughed half-heartedly. Ami had been right; he must do this a lot. It read, 'Cameron Baxter: 555-9642.

Suddenly, the school alarm started to scream loudly. Immediately all the students began to file out of the cafeteria.

"What's going on?" Lilith asked.

"A Ghost Drill." Ted answered. "Amity Park is ghost central. You never know when there will be an attack."

"An attack…but why would they…" Lilith was confused. She just couldn't see any of her surrogate family attacking a town like that...well, maybe she could… but that was beside the point. "All the time I've known them they've never attacked the human world. Even if they had in the past, why would the school still have ghost drills?"

As all the children made it outside in record time, Lilith watched with the other students as a woman in a red suit came flying in towards the adults.

"That's Valerie Gray." Ted explained upon seeing the confused look on Lilith's face. "After the Fenton's left, she's the only ghost hunter left in town. Don't worry, if there is a ghost attack, she'd have the ghost destroyed in no time."

This only turned Lilith's confused expression to one of worry and horror. This was the last thing she needed.

"I still think it's stupid." Stacy said. "Ghosts haven't been around ever since Danny Phantom disappeared. Good riddance."

"Danny Phantom?" Lilith remembered the name. There were few ghosts who called him that. It was always 'Ghost-boy', 'Whelp' or something ridiculous like that. But he wasn't a boy anymore.

None of the ghosts knew where he was or what happened to him. They had told her who he really was, a half ghost like herself. He was her father. The fact that the two of them shared the same unusual abilities was really the only thing she knew about him. That and the fact that none of her ghost family really liked him much.

"Yeah, the ghost kid of Amity Park. While there used to be a lot of ghosts around, he would always be there, usually fighting them. He was the town hero." Ted further explained.

Lilith had figured as much. The only reason she had the picture of her parents and friend was because she had found it full of dart holes in Skulker's living room right next to an equally holey picture of a purple-back gorilla. That and the way the ghosts spoke about him in contempt.

She tried to keep her thoughts from distracting her from school. Lilith really didn't want to blow this chance. Besides, she'd have her questions answered afterwards.

As the school day ended she said good-bye to her new group of friends as they headed off to the Nasty Burger. She walked away towards the old Fenton house. When she was sure no one was looking she transformed into her ghostly self and flew off.

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