~Destiny Awaits~

~Chapter Five- Some of the Truth~

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All the senshi met at the rendezvous point (The "Tellun" place). Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had been fighting the enemy. They were noticeably outnumbered.

"We came as fast as we could." Sailor Moon said to the three outers.

"Thanks. You, Tuxedo Mask, and Ami can take the MSs and MDs to the left. Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Galixia and I will try and take care of the Witches Five. Lita, Rei, and Minako can take care of the MSs to the right." Uranus ordered.

Everyone headed to their separate directions. Saturn summoned her glaive.

"...Kaori Knight...."she whispered under her breath.

Kaori gave her a menacing smirk and laughed.

"Well if it isn't the pitiful little firefly. It'll just be like old times. I'm going to enjoy making you suffer once more."

"You wish you old wrench!"

Hotaru had changed a when she had been reborn after Mistress Nine. She was no longer a pushover, and was more than ready to give this woman what she deserved for making her suffer through all those years.

Kaori charged at her, having been enraged by Hotaru's remark.

'Her speed has increased.' Hotaru thought to herself barely dodging her attack.

Hotaru swung her glaive at Kaori. Kaori grabbed the glaive and pushed it toward Hotaru, causing the back side of the glaive to stab Hotaru.

"Arg." Hotaru put her hand over the wound.

"Ha, Too easy. Your lucky that I'm not supposed to finish you off."

"Urg. Shut up!" Hotaru managed to cough out.

"I thought you were dead. I don't understand how."

"Well it's quite simple. Our new leader has revived some of your past enemies and has assembled a new organization with more powerful MSs and MDs. He wants you. Although I don't see why he would want a spoiled brat such as you. That's all the information I'm giving you." Kaori said.

Hotaru was about to say something back when she saw a huge shadow going above her.

"What? That's a ..." Kaori stuttered.

"Yes it's a Gundam." Duo said from Deathsycthe.

"Duo..." Hotaru barely managed to get out.

"Hmph! You stupid toy can't beat me God of Death!" Kaori shouted from below.

She threw an energy blast at him. Duo blocked it with his scythe.

"Is that all you've got." Duo chuckled.

He twirled his scythe and cut her deeply.

"Dammit! I'm sorry I failed you Lord Ryu. Firefly I may be dead, but I guarantee you will not get the last laugh." And with that she dissolved.

Duo jumped down from his gundam and ran over to Hotaru.

"Hotaru you're wounded badly. Let me help you." He said putting his hand on her shoulder.

She shrugged his hand away.

"I don't need your help Duo. I can take care of myself." She replied coldly and started to walk (limp) away.

Duo was a little hurt by her actions.

'Why won't you let me help you....'

'I guess I was a little cold to him...But I hate it when people see me like this. Weak and vulnerable.' she thought half regretting what she had said.

Duo ignored her request and rushed to her side. She started to hack up blood uncontrollably.

"Hotaru, I don't care what you say! We have to get you to a hospital now!" Duo said desperately.

'Why does he care so much?' Hotaru thought.

Hotaru could feel the loss of blood drain her strength. No longer able to stay awake, she slipped into unconsciousness.


Ever since Ryu was young, he had been labeled a genius. From inventing new things to making remarkable battle strategies. He had a secret love for Hotaru, better known as the Princess of Saturn, but did nothing more than watch her from afar. He had watched bitterly as his love and her bodyguard, the Shinigami, had fallen for each other. It made him sick. How could she like someone with less intellect than him?

Later he had found out something about Hotaru that made him want her even more. He had implanted well hidden recording devices through Hotaru's palace and overheard a discussion between her parents. It was about her gift…No not about her gift as Sailor Saturn, but about her gift that dwelled deep inside of her. She was a key to a shrine. Once she was placed in this shrine, the planets would merged into the desired planet giving the one who used the key, or Hotaru he should say, absolute control.

His plans had seemed to go awry on that fateful day when Hotaru had jumped in front of Shinigami during his attack. With Hotaru dead his plan would not work. That was the first time his master strategies and planning failed. So using the time dimension that he had created himself (because the other time dimension were heavily guarded by Sailor Pluto) he traveled into the time where she was reborn.

He had planned heavily for his goal this time. Failure was unacceptable.

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