Kill Them Both

Summery: This is a spoof on a missing scene in ROTJ. Luke and Vader on in the elevator on the Death Star II

On their way to the Emperor. In this story Luke didn't surrender to the Empire, they caught him. In this scene Luke is trying to think of a plan to get out...

What do I do? Luke thought to himself. Maybe I could simply kill the Emperor? No, that wouldn't work. Vader would kill me. I don't care if he is my father, he'll kill me. Wait. I could kill them both. That way, neither of them could prevent my escape. Luke smiled hysterically. Kill them both. Shhhhhh.

"What are you doing?" Vader asked, trying to pick up on Lukes' thoughts.

"Oh, nothin'. World's back to normal. That's all."

"Oh, yeah, sure, your world is perfect," Vader said sarcastically.

"No it isn't. I'm starving."


"Oh, you think it's funny do you? Fine! But I am hungry. I can eat twice as much as you can!"

"Wayta go, wild cat. I'd like to see you try."

"Okay so maybe I can't eat that much."


"I can dream, can't I?"

At that moment, the elevator door opened. Luke looked up to see the Emperor.

"He's uglier than I thought." Luke mumbled, as they walked up the stairs...

The End