Whoo. My first successfully-written fic with shounen-ai implications. xD For this one, just imagine that Seto and Joey are already together and Joey's staying with him, 'kay?


Since Joey Wheeler had moved in, breakfast at the Kaiba household was rarely a calm affair. Joey would crack jokes, or do everything he could think of to distract Seto from his newspaper; Seto would most often be checking the business and finance section, and Joey professed that too much of that "boring CEO-type stuff" was unhealthy. Mokuba would often try to wheedle Seto into taking him somewhere after school, and while that wasn't anything new, he had become more insistant than ever, because Joey would back him up.

Seto didn't regret letting Joey stay one bit, for all their near-constant arguments, but sometimes he really wished he could just have breakfast in peace.

That's why, when this particular morning transpired in near-silence, Seto's finely-honed paranoia was setting off alarm bells in his head.

Glancing suspiciously over the top of his paper, Seto observed the other two seated at the table. Both were eating their breakfasts quietly, the only sounds those of eating, or the clatter of a spoon against a cereal bowl (fork on pancake-covered plate, in Mokuba's case). Seto returned his attention to the newspaper, deciding to try making the most of this unexpected calm.

Of course, the moment he let his guard down, that peace was broken.

Clink. Thwik! Plop.

Seto blinked as something suddenly bounced off his forehead and landed on the table in front of him. Glancing down, he saw that it was a grape. Frowning, he lowered his paper, but both Joey and Mokuba were innocently eating their food, neither giving any indication that he was the culprit. Seto narrowed his eyes as Joey looked up from his meal.

"Wut?" the blond mumbled through a mouthful of cornflakes.

Rolling his eyes, Seto shook his head and continued reading. He was interrupted mere seconds later by another grape impacting with his forehead. Surpressing an irritated growl, Seto looked up quickly, but still not quick enough to catch one of them in the act. The newspaper crinkled as Seto's grip tightened, but he forced himself to stay calm, determined to catch the culprit in the act.

Clink. Thwik! Plop.

Sure enough, another grape had been launched. But this time, even though exposing his face had left him with grape juice right between the eyes, Seto had reacted as soon as he heard the 'clink' of metal against the table, and caught Joey before he could move his spoon-turned-grape catapult. Joey grinned sheepishly as Mokuba tried to stifle his laughter by taking a sip of orange juice.

"Ah...hehehe...just havin' a little fun?"

Seto fixed Joey with an icy glare, folding his paper and setting it on the table beside his coffee. "I don't appreciate being interrupted while I am reading, especially by grape-flinging. Do it again, and there will be-"

Clink. Thwik! Plop.


Joey tried to maintain his silly grin, but it quickly faded under the intensity of Seto's glare. "...c-couldn't help it...meep."

Seto took a deep, steadying breath as he resisted the urge to dump hot coffee all over his immature boyfriend. "Well, Joey, that was the last straw. You'll have to be punished now. Tonight, you're not getting any."

Orange juice sprayed everywhere as Mokuba burst out laughing and choking all at once. Joey paled, spluttering and flailing wildly.

"But, but, Seto! That's not fair!"

Seto merely shrugged, picking up his newspaper and continuing where he had left off. "Too bad. You knew what would happen."

Still snickering, Mokuba cleaned up the orange juice as Joey's voice rose in a despairing wail.

"But I can't live without chocolate cake!"