The King's Tale

In a time of War

The age of unrest

The mage Ged did sail forth

On a sworn quest

For he had been told

By the Dragon, Orm Embar

That the Broken Half lay

In the Kargad lands, far

The mage sailed from Selidor

For a year and a day

To rejoin the two halves

Of the Ring of Erreth-Akbe

In Atuan he landed

To seek the lost Rune

He traveled disguised

By the light of the moon

Through a desert he traveled

So it's told in the Lore

By his magic did he enter

Through the Red Rock Door

Into the very home

Of the Old Powers of Death

The Darkness seemed to live

Almost to draw breath

In the Tombs he discovered

A girl named Tenar

The priestess, Arha

She locked the iron bar

In the Labyrinth he wandered

For a week and a day

Then lay like one dead

So the songs say

Arha brought him to a secret room

To imprison him, she said

The girl Tenar felt differently

She did not wish him dead

She led him to the Treasury

The ring's last resting place

The sanctuary of the Powers

That had tracked and scarred Ged's face

He clothed her in illusion

Gowned her in the colors of sunlight

She did not belong here, he said

Her soul was far too bright

Tenar did not believe the mage

Her hopes were far too dim

But as she wished to let him go

The priestess came with him

The Nameless Ones were angry

To see their Arha go

They caused a mighty earthquake

To crush her in the rock-flow

Ged stilled the op'ning of the Earth

Long enough to let them flee

He led the priestess through Atuan

From the desert to the sea

To the sands he took Tenar

They boarded the boat Look-Far

Through days as blue as a sapphire

And nights as black as tar

The girl wished to be left alone

Abandoned on a desert isle

To never see the towers of Havnor

Or the wonders of Roke Isle

But again they sailed on

For a month and a day

To present to the world

The rejoined Ring of Erreth-Akbe

A/N: I happened to find out about this lay in Dragonfly in Tales from Earthsea (NOT to be confused with the Sci-Fi travesty Tales of Earthsea), and thought it might be fun to write. Tell me what you think, and if you must criticize, don't flayme or flame. Thank you.