Hello all! Another one of Danny returns fics, but loosely based off of Chapter 15 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Holy hell, I got such a kickass image in my mind reading it I had to type this up!

And I'm a teacher now! I teach pixel shading and shoes at Digital Arts University! WHOO! I shall reign over students for about 11 weeks! Anyways…have fun with my new experimental story, Constants!

And no, this story is NOT COMPLETE. Only about one and a half chapters are. The reason I updated? The same as the others: SUMMER BABY! No more school, thank GOD!

SUMMARY: Huge AU. Three years it's been since Danny's funeral. But in the night, a mysterious figure comes along and startles everyone. The town's life as a whole spirals out of control, and some people's lives are put right back on track.


RATED: T for…I don't know, but I have a feeling that something will come along making it T.

Chapter 1



There will always be a constant in life. It will be hard to find, but it's always there, lurking behind the variables, forgotten and lonely, lost in the excitement of what's new. But it's always there for us, holding up our world, making sure the floor doesn't fall out on us.

Well, we're a special case. We had a constant. We really did. His name was Danny Fenton. My best friend. He'd been my constant since kindergarten, Tucker's since before Pre-K, and his family's forever. Then, one day, he just upped and left. Just like that. We were 13 then. He had a funeral a month later. He hadn't returned. How the hell do you expect a scrawny 13-year-old boy to make it out there in a big city like Amity Park? A month is more than anyone could've expected him to live. A week, maybe, at most.

But I never stopped believing. Believing that somewhere out there, Danny was still alive, and our constant will come back and restore our lives to normal.


April 3rd. Danny's birthday. Why the hell do they give him the funeral on his birthday? It makes no sense; the very same day everyone celebrates his coming into the world, they mourn his coming out of life. I despise it. I still want to cherish his birthday.

I knew as a fact that the casket was empty. It was a closed casket ceremony. Jewish. I didn't know why, but I think that one of his parents was Jewish.

At long last, they called me up for the eulogy. I didn't have a paper prepared or anything. I was going to speak from the heart, because that's where it hurts me the most.

"Danny Fenton…To many of us, he was just another kid in high school who was really lazy, really dumb, and really weak," I began, staring at fellow classmates who were now staring wide-eyed at the casket. "But to me…to Jazz…to Tucker…to his family…he was more than that. Much more. He was a son, a best friend, a hero and idol…and to me, he was my entire life. He was sweet and kind, always putting others before him. He stood up for what he knew was right, no matter what the cost was, no matter what would happen, because he knew that it was right. All we can wish for now is that his spirit is fine and that he's happy in the afterlife."

I stepped down, about to fall over in hysterics. But I managed to hold it in until I got to my seat, where I grabbed a tissue and blew into it silently.

At long last, the service ended and I met up with Tucker. As we were leaving the temple, I saw a shady figure—scrawny, messy-haired—running around the sides. I looked closer but couldn't determine who it is. On the other hand, I saw the millionaire Vlad Masters and I had to wonder what he was doing here. If there was one thing I knew it was that he wasn't here to mourn Danny.

"Sam? What are you looking at?" asked Tucker, looking where I was. I turned around, moving his head straight and replied, "Nothing. Let's go."


"Did you hear?"

"He's alive!"

"It was fake?"

"Empty, I heard!"

"You think he's coming back?"

Whispers echoed throughout the Ghost Zone, abuzz with the most recent rumor. This was unlike any other one: this was true. They saw the human news broadcasting from Amity saying that further research into Danny Fenton proved that he did not, in fact, die.

And because he was the halfa ("Sixth year! Gaining power!"), this was the biggest thing to happen in the Ghost Zone since Pariah's sudden uproar. This attack, actually, was fended off by the halfa himself, unbeknownst to the human world.

Vlad Masters sat in his lab, the portal open. With a special amplification device, he heard the recent news. The halfa was alive! He grinned mischievously; he was hunting this mysterious halfa for six years…it was time to find out who he was, and what his business was.

"Mr. Masters?" said one of the servants, peering into the lab.

"Yes?" he replied suspiciously.

"There is a call for you."

"Thank you, Dina." Vlad picked up the phone. It was his love, Maddie.

"Oh, Vlad!" she sobbed happily. "Did you hear the news?"

"About what?" he asked warily.

"About Danny! He's alive!" she squealed.

"Why, yes, yes I did," he said, sounding relieved but overjoyed at the same time.

"Please, help us find him! If he's alive, then God knows what has happened to him!" Vlad grinned and felt grateful that his sweetheart, although married to a moron, had invited him to their home in Amity. He was actually quite attached to Danny from what he heard of the little boy. He was also fond of Jazmine, the bright little girl.

"I'll be over there by Friday," said Vlad as he hung up and ran up to his room to pack.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: sometime…

Gawd, it's not easy typing up a Vlad who actually likes the Fenton kids! Well, it is easy, it's just not easy imagining him that eager to go pack. (Twitches) Nasty image. Whatever, I like the story idea! By the way, in case no one knows by now: Vlad doesn't know who the halfa really is. He just knows who the halfa looks like in his ghost form. So, in theory, he likes Danny! No, not that way, sickos.