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Inuyasha shifted into a more comfortable position on his tree branch only to shift again. Growling, he sat up and leaned back once more to try and find a place on the trunk where the bark didn't dig painfully into his back. Relaxing, he folded his arms around the Tetsusaiga and buried his hands into his sleeves. Finally comfortable, Inuyasha watched the others settled down around the campfire.

Shippo was playing with Kirara, Sango was polishing the Hiraikotsu, Miroku was nursing a red, stinging cheek (Inuyasha snorted here), and Kagome was hunched over one of her schoolbooks.

Inuyasha watched her with an unreadable expression. All other things grew out of focus and there was only Kagome. He despised those things. For one, they kept Kagome up late, she was always worried about reading them, and she simply didn't like them. Those three reasons were good enough for Inuyasha to detest them just as much, maybe even more, than she did.

Although, he did have to admit that they had one good quality. They kept her preoccupied and oblivious to the fact that he studied her every move while all her attention was focused on studying. The others, however, were another story.

Tearing his eyes away from Kagome, Inuyasha glanced at the others. None of them seemed to have noticed that he'd been staring at the young miko for quite some time. He let out an almost silent relieved sigh. The last thing he wanted was everyone else to tease him.

Glancing back at Kagome, Inuyasha decided the textbooks had two good traits. They kept her attention off of him and she looked rather cute when she was trying to solve a rather difficult problem. Inuyasha's ears twitched at the thought. That and the fact that Kagome had let out a sigh and rolled her neck from the left to the right to stretch out a knot. Kagome looked cute when she did that too.

Inuyasha frowned. Why was the only thing he could think about was how cute he found Kagome at times? His frown deepened. Why was he thinking about thinking about how he found Kagome cute sometimes? Inuyasha growled low in his throat. This was getting him nowhere.

A few silent moments passed and Inuyasha's thoughts were still filled with Kagome. Unable to get her off his mind, he decided to list off some of the reasons of why he liked her. Maybe that would help...

1. The way she smells

2. The way her head always finds the right spot on his shoulder

3. The way she fits in his arms

4. Because she is always warm no matter how cold the weather

5. She cares for him

6. She was the first one to except him as a half-demon outside of his family (excluding Sesshoumaru of course)

7. The fact that she looks pretty in whatever she wears (even though she usually wears her uniform. He'd seen her in other outfits!)

8. How cute she was when she argued

9. The way her hand always found his

10. The way she smiles

11. The way she always storms off after an argument they had

12. The way she always came back after an argument they had

13. The way he misses her when she's gone

14. Her heart and how big it is

15. The way she cares for her friends

16. The way she watches out for him even though there isn't a need to

17. The way she spoils Shippo (even though it's very annoying)

18. The way her tears make him want to change the world so that it didn't hurt her anymore

19. The way she looks when she was sleeping

20. Her courage

21. Her stubbornness

22. The way she looks right before she was about to sit him (even if it is pretty scary)

23. The way she calls out his name in a battle

24. The way she says his name

25. The way she befriends everyone (even if that would get her into trouble someday)

26. The way she trusts him

27. The way her name rolls off his tongue

28. The life of her eyes and the warmth he finds in them

29. The way her hair reflects blue in the sun

30. The way her hair feels

31. The way she holds him tightly but gently when he carries her

32. The dreadful look in her eyes when she has to do homework

33. She brings him ramen (maybe not something ABOUT her, but it was definitely a plus)

34. The way she stands with him when Koga shows up (damn that mangy wolf!)

35. The determined look in her eyes when she fights in battle with them

36. Her determination

37. Her laugh

38. The way she shed tears for him for the very first time

39. The way she threatens him and expects him to be scared

40. The way she apologizes when she makes a mistake

41. Her warmth

42. The way she watches him when she thinks he wasn't looking

43. When she eagerly awaits his opinion on a lunch she'd made for them

44. The way she glares at him when she is mildly upset

45. The way she is always there for him

46. The way she supports him

47. The way she giggles when talking with Sango

48. How cute she looks when she's smug about something

49. The motherly expression she has when she takes care of Shippo

50. The way she snickers (or sighs) after Sango slaps Miroku

51. The way she blushes when she's embarrassed

52. The way she huffs when she's flustered

53. The way his heart leaps when she climbs out of the well

54. The way she explains things from her future

55. The way she looks when she is eating

56. The way she mumbles in her sleep

57. How cute she is when she says stupid things

58. The surprised look on her face when he does things she doesn't expect

59. The way she stands up for herself

60. The sound of her voice

61. The way she looks when she concentrates

62. The extra bounce in her step when she's happy about something

63. The way she sometimes hums to herself

64. The way she talks when she talks about her family

65. Her family and how they excepted him just as she had (even if her grandfather was a little suspicious at first)

66. The way she scolds him

67. The way she understands him more than anyone else does

68. The way she knows sometimes he just needs her company rather than anything else

69. The way she can talk to him just by looking him straight in the eyes without saying a word

70. The way she sometimes knew what he was thinking just by looking at him

71. The way she knows he usually needs her to listen to him when he tells her to "leave him alone"

72. The way she'll sometimes jerk her head away in embarrassment when their eyes meet

73. Her relieved sigh when she realizes he wasn't injured in a particularly tough battle

74. The gentle way she touches him when she's bandaging his wounds

75. The way she worries about him almost constantly

76. The way her eyes widen when he catches her off-guard

77. The way she smiles to herself when he says something right for a change

78. The look in her eyes when he comes for her when she needs him

79. The confidence she has for him and her friends abilities

80. The fact that she believes in everyone else, but sometimes has trouble believing in herself at times (so irritatingly cute)

81. That she is and was his very first friend

82. That because of her he made more friends

83. That she's made them all a family

84. Her strength

85. The way she pushes back her bangs when she's frustrated

86. The way she tucks her hair behind her ear

87. She doesn't run away from him when he turns completely demon

88. She does everything in her power to help him return to being a half-demon

89. The way she thinks of those important to her first and herself second

90. The way she sometimes wrinkles her nose in distaste

91. The way she always forgives him

92. How excited she looks when she teaches them a new game

93. The sound of her footsteps when he can't see her

94. The way she hugs him

95. The way her arms can comfort him no matter what he's thinking about

96. The way she falls asleep at her desk all the time

97. The way her voice sounds when she's singing

98. How cute she looks when she's annoyed

99. That she is Kagome

100. That Kagome is everything to him

Inuyasha nodded firmly to himself, quite satisfied with the list he'd come up with. So what if some of his ideas had been similar? So what if his ideas had been a lot more sweet than usual? They were his ideas and he didn't give a damn what others thought.

Glancing at Kagome again, he realized she was just about done with whatever subject she'd been working on. Had that much time really passed?

Smiling, Kagome tucked her homework safely away and shut her book closed with a snap. Stretching her arms over her head, Kagome stretched the kinks out of her muscles. "Finally, I'm done!"

Inuyasha half-smiled half-smirked at the girl.

Looking up at Inuyasha, Kagome tilted her head slightly to the right in curiosity, "Inuyasha?"

He grunted, "what is it?"

Kagome walked towards him until she stood at the base of the tree Inuyasha was sitting in and looking up at him, "what are you thinking about?"

"Something important...Kagome..." Inuyasha answered absentmindedly.

Something very important.

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