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Main Couple: Sasuke/Naruto.
Other Couplings: Kakashi/Iruka, and little bits of Shikamaru/Ino and a few others. :)
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Another Warning: This chapter, being the last, will contain a bit more of the other couplings. Which are Kakashi/Iruka, Shikamaru/Ino, and Lee/Sakura, if you didn't remember. Skip it if you don't like it. I like it, probably because I wrote it. So there

Mission: Almost Impossible
Chapter Six
Chapter Written: September 6-7, 2006

'Do I think you're pretty? Why the hell do you have to ask me such questions?' Sasuke's mind screamed as the color red developed on his face. He was becoming the shade of a tomato, his face was burning hot, his mouth was gaping slightly, and he knew that he probably looked like a complete idiot. But who wouldn't with such a question? As innocent as it may have sounded, it really was not, considering the fact that the answer was yes. Yes, Sasuke thought you were pretty, Naruto. No, let's rephrase that: Yes, Sasuke thinks that you are absolutely gorgeous, dobe.

Naruto's face was red as well, Sasuke noticed. Not as deep red as his own, but it was getting there. It was obvious that Naruto did not think about what he was going to say, making him very embarrassed. But Sasuke didn't think anything of it; it was just typical Naruto behavior, after all.

The blonde shinobi looked shocked at his own question, actually; it showed in his stunning blue eyes. He was even more shocked then Sasuke, which was would seem impossible, but Naruto just could not believe what he had asked. But then again, Naruto feared the worst thing possible: rejection. What if Sasuke thought he was ugly? Worse then that, what if Sasuke hated him for the fact the Naruto was being serious!

It seemed like the world would end if that ever happened. Sasuke was Naruto's best friend, not just a love interest. He was Naruto's rival, who he would surpass when he became the Hokage. Sasuke was always there for him, he knew, even if he didn't give the kind of comfort Naruto might have wanted, the fact that he could go to Sasuke was enough. He really wished Sasuke didn't hate him.

Sasuke was not fearing that dreadful thing called rejection anymore. All he was fearing was what he was going to respond with. He almost wished that the blonde wasn't there.

But when Naruto got up and looked as if he wanted to run away, Sasuke just grabbed the blonde's wrist, pulling him back down, but closer. Naruto was now sitting in the Uchiha's lap, his face becoming the same color Sasuke's was before. Now that Sasuke had calmed down a bit and had regained control over the situation, his face had cooled a bit, but it was still pink from Naruto's question.

How was he to answer? He had to now; the boy was sitting on his lap, after all, he comprehended after a moment of being in a slight daze. Why did such a simple question have to be so difficult? It really wasn't fair, Sasuke knew. But, the ninja wouldn't complain. He was going to be a man and answer.

Even if the thought of it scared the shit out of him.


"How do you think they're doing?" the jounnin ninja asked his chuunin lover. His face, usually being covered in a dark mask, had a gentle smile upon it, and his eyes shined as fireworks boomed above him and the other man. The chuunin was lying against him, his head on the ninja's shoulder. They looked peaceful, which is what they were, in so in love. The two were content in their position together with no one else around to disturb them.

"Hopefully good. Maybe they'll get together tonight, Kakashi. Who knows?" the man responded, cuddling up to Kakashi some more. His arm wrapped around the man's stomach and he sighed. "I hope they do."

"I do to, Iruka," Kakashi agreed, holding Iruka as close as he could.

From their spot on the highest roof in Konoha, the two men had the best view the town could offer. You could see things that were miles away. And, it had a great view of the fireworks. It also gave the two some privacy, which they used to cuddle up together.

They didn't get to spend time together like this often, they being ninja and all. Usually Iruka was at the school, or Kakashi was training his team. Or, either of them would be on a mission. Time like this was treasured between the lovers.

"I love you, Iruka." Kakashi whispered, his voice sounding sweetly seductive to the other man. The silver-haired shinobi leaned down slightly and kissed his lover gently, but the kiss was fiercely deepened as Iruka responded, letting Kakashi's tongue explore his mouth. The chuunin moaned softly, not wanting it to stop, but the lack of air was definitely becoming a problem.

"I love you too," he breathed out after the kiss ended, closing his eyes. He then kissed Kakashi again with even more fiery passion.


"Sakura-chan, that firework reminded me of you!" a thin boy with an idd hair cut pointed after a giant pink firework exploded along with little green ones inside of it. The sleeve of the boys' green kimono slid down his arm yet again, but he did not mind it. Looking over towards the girl called Sakura, he winked with a cheesy grin at her and she giggled.

"Why's that, Lee-san?" she asked in response, adjusting her cherry-blossom colored hair.

"Because it was the most beautiful firework I've ever seen," he whispered it into her ear, which made Sakura blush the same color of her hair. Lee kissed her cheek, and winked at her once again.

Sakura's blush deepened to a deeper shade of pink, but it was no matter. She turned her head slightly, so that her face was merely a centimeter away from the other ninja's. The space didn't last long between the two; a gentle first kiss was made, making the couple melt in each others arms. When they parted, a huge grin came across Lee's face. Sakura only giggled as she laid her head on his shoulder.

'Oh yeah! Feel the love and passion! Tonight is a night of love!' Lee thought, his grin spreading wider on his goofy looking face.


From a few feet over, a blonde girl fought the urge to snort. She was pouting slightly, he arms crossed over her chest and her lip out, obviously mad about the sight of the other two teens. 'Of course Sakura got her kiss before me! No fair! Stupid Shikamaru!'

As if the boy sitting beside her had read her thoughts, he reached over, pulling the girl closer to him. He kissed her cheek then said, "You know, Ino, I always thought women were so troublesome. But then I met you."

Ino grinned. When she opened her mouth to say something, Shikamaru put his index finger to her lips. Then he continued, "And then I realized that I was right."

Her grin disappeared, a hurt expression lit up her blue eyes, but she just played his off by smacking him lightly on the arm.

He only laughed with a 'let me finish!' Clearing his throat and sighing, he started again,

"But, I think a lot of things are troublesome, really, which I am sure you've noticed. You, Ino, are the least and the most at the same time." Ino gave him a confused look.

Shikamaru gave a very small smile, then, after a few seconds of silence, he carried on, "You see, I find you the least because you are a ninja, and my friend. But, the reason I find you the most is that you won't seem to leave my mind. I've been thinking about you more then anything else, and that's annoying. So, I decided to come up with a solution." he stopped there, leaning forward, so that Ino could feel his warm breaths on her lips. The girl closed her blue eyes, waiting for it…

Their lips met then, and Ino's arms wrapped around Shikamaru's neck automatically. She moaned to his touch, allowing him to make the kiss deeper. Ino blushed, loving every second of the kiss, and not wanted to pull away. But, to her dismay, Shikamaru did. He had stupid grin on his face.

"Yep. I knew that would help."

"It only helped?" she teased him.

"Well, you could always help some more, you know."

"But that would be so troublesome," she mocked him, giggling when he feigned a glare at her. She then kissed him, allowing him to take control. It was bliss.


"S-sasuke?" Naruto stammered, wanting to run away from the Uchiha again. Now Sasuke was going to make fun of him for such a stupid question and Naruto wouldn't be able to live with himself.

"You want to know if I think you're pretty, Naruto?" the name coming from Sasuke's lips sounded seductive and smooth. It made Naruto want to moan, but he held it back. That would make him seem slightly aroused, even though that was the case. He knew if Sasuke did or said just the right thing, he'd probably jump the boy. That was not something Naruto wanted to happen. Well, not right now anyways.

"Just never mind it, Sasuke-"

"No," Sasuke interrupted, shaking his head. "Let me finish what I'm saying," he paused, then said, "I don't think you're pretty, Naruto."

Naruto nodded, his eyes tearing. This was just great. But, hell, he should've expected it. He shouldn't have held on to the little hope that he had. He knew that that was going to be the reply, he knew! So, why did it have to hurt so much?

Naruto made the effort to stand again, but Sasuke prevented him to do so by holding his waist. The touch felt nice, but Naruto didn't think it was anything other then that.

'So now you want to rub it in my face. Stupid bastard.' he thought. Tears fell from his blue eyes, but that only made him even more mad. Why should he cry? He was stronger then that! A shinobi wasn't supposed to show his emotions! It was just Sasuke!

But, thinking of that name, the name of the boy who had just rejected him, the tears kept falling. More and more, faster and faster. But not for long….

The tears were wiped away with pale, slender fingers, to Naruto's surprise. "Don't cry. I'm not done, Naruto."

Naruto closed his eyes, not wanting to look at the Uchiha. 'This sucks.'

"I don't think you're beautiful, no. But I do think that you're gorgeous. I think you're more beautiful then these fireworks, Naruto," Sasuke said softly, wiping away the last of the blonde's tears.

The blue eyes that Sasuke had known to love opened widely, in shock. "Sasuke…"

What Naruto had wanted to say we will never know; Sasuke's lips had met his then, and they were surprisingly soft? Naruto gasped at the touch, allowing Sasuke to let his tongue enter, making the other boy moan. It all felt so good.

Sasuke's tongue licked at every inch of Naruto's mouth, while Naruto melted more and more with every touch, letting Sasuke do what he wanted. He could not resist, it was all just too wonderful!

When the dark haired boy finally pulled away, panting, he smiled. A true genuine smile that came from the heart.

Naruto's grin couldn't have been any bigger or brighter. Making Sasuke smile was the one thing that he had wanted to do this whole time, and it had happened. It was more stunning then he had imagined, and more natural. Plus, the fact that Sasuke was smiling because of him made it seem even better.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked after a few seconds, a smile coming onto his face.

"Hn." Sasuke replied, kissing the other boys' neck. Naruto gasped again, putting his fingers in the other boys' hair, loving it. His eyes closed as he fell into the bliss.

"Mm. Well, when you asked me to…Mhm…come here with you before…Mmm…did you really… Sasuke…mean it?" he managed to say between the soft moans. Sasuke was nipping at his neck, nibbling softly at the flesh, then kissing and licking over it. The marks would heal, Naruto knew, so he didn't protest.

Hell, he wouldn't have anyways.

"Yes. You're just a dobe and didn't get it." Sasuke replied, stopping his kisses and smirking at the blonde.

Naruto feigned a glare, honestly not caring at the moment. "Guess so. But you love that dobe, don't you, Sasuke?"

Sasuke gave a small smile. "Definitely."

Naruto's grinned widened, which one would think was impossible, but then again, Naruto was known to accomplish impossible things (like when Kiba had dared him to eat 40 cups of ramen in one sitting). "I don't think you should call him a dobe anymore."

Sasuke snorted. "Yeah, right, dobe."

Naruto kissed Sasuke then, taking some of the control. It didn't last long, though; Naruto just let Sasuke take over, because, honestly, it just felt so amazing. If that was the price for being the uke, he didn't really care.

The kiss ended, leaving Sasuke winded. Naruto kissed the boys' cheek and whispered, "I love you, too."

Story finished: September 7, 2006

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