Thank you to all that have stuck with me throughout not only this story, but the entire series. I am ending this series as of right now. I don't see how I can continue it without the team being together. Who knows though, I might get some crazy idea and find a way to continue it anyway. Not anytime soon though.

I thought I would provide a few personal comments on each of the stories. Luckily, it you don't want to read about it, you can go ahead and close this chapter now.

The House Assessment is easily my favorite of all of my stories (and judging by all the reactions I have gotten, many agree). After spending one very boring afternoon at work on the TWOP boards reading about speculation as to what would happen if the fellowships ended, I wrote this. It turned out way better than I could have hoped. Chase angst is my favorite thing to write about and I was thrilled that it was in the bounds of this story to allow that to happen. Also, it provided me with a vehicle that I like to use throughout all my stories, character growth.

Adverse Conditions had to be done since it was the continuation of Chase as an attending and actually having to run a case. I enjoyed this story, but it was a hard one to write. The POTW, Estelle, was based on an actual real someone I know (except the solution. There sadly is no solution yet). My absolute favorite part of this story, and one that I still dream about happening on the show, is Chase and Wilson having a beer. I might end up writing an entire string of stories where they have beers until it happens. My other favorite parts; the Chase smackdown of Foreman and the Cuddy smackdown of Cameron. Those are also things I would love to see on the show, although we have gotten some small hints this season with Cuddy and Cameron, so there is hope.

No Matter's purpose was to show growth and resolution for all the ducklings, especially when House was not around, but to primarily focus on Chase's personal growth (Adverse Conditions focused on his professional growth). I really ticked off some people with the religious scenes, but if Chase doesn't reconcile his religious past even just a little, how does he grow? This story was freaking impossible to write. I would have bursts of inspiration here and there, but the progress on this one was much slower. In the end though, I'm pleased with the result.

I wrote myself into a corner with Adverse Conditions. I had that scene where House boldly predicted that Chase and Cameron would sleep together again. I had every intention of that happening in No Matter, but it wrote better with Chase resisting Cameron instead of falling again to her emotional blackmail. So, I invented another experience in the past to reconcile that. Another thing that I started in a House Assessment that I had to resolve in No Matter was what was going to happen to Cameron and Foreman. I hope the outcome was satisfactory.

My favorite part of No Matter easily was the Cuddy/Chase scenes. None of that has happened on the show either, and given the fact that I still haven't seen the Chase and Wilson beer, I'm definitely not holding out hope for Cuddy/Chase moments. I also liked Chase finally not putting up with Cameron's crap anymore. Man, do I wish that would happen on the show. Her treatment of him is getting maddening. I am also very anti House/Cameron and put an end to that in this story if anything for my own personal enjoyment.

All that brain stimulation stuff is very real, as are rare cases of a bullet fragments in the brain ending up in other parts of the body. Google is my friend.

Doesn't everyone think Foreman is a better person when he's getting laid? I really didn't want him to be boring or background noise like he has been on the show, but I find Foreman hard to write (Cameron is impossible). I hope I served my purpose here.

My ultimate goal of this entire series though was to push Chase toward the character growth and potential that has so far been sadly squandered by the show. I feel satisfied and I certainly hope all that adore Chase as much as I do feel the same way.

Again, thanks for reading these nice long stories and sending your wonderful and supportive comments. It has been a fantastic experience.