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From the moment time began till the moment the world ends, every single person on this planet has one person with which they are destined to be with, also known as their soul mate.

Sometimes they never meet that person. That is, however, because it has been predestined to be that way. Usually it is because that person or their partner has a great work to do, one that they can only do if there is nobody to hold them back. A good example of this is Mother Theresa- if she had met the one destined for her, she never would've started the Sisters of Mercy.

However, there are times where the two never meet, not because it has been foretold that they wouldn't, but because the powers known as Fate and Destiny messed up. When this happens, they usually don't realize their mistake until it is far to late. However when they catch it, they try as hard as they can to correct it.

This is an account of how Fate and Destiny corrected one of their worst mistakes.

April 2006

She was busy twisting a strand of tulip pink hair between her fingers when she shifted in her seat. "Why do they have to make these so uncomfortable?" she grumbled under her breath. Haruno Sakura was stuck in last period History class, on a beautiful, mid-April afternoon. Open in front of her was her History textbook, flipped to the section that said 'Titanic- An Atlantic Disaster'. The substitute teacher they had was droning on about how their teacher was her friend and that she had been chosen to teach this class because she was an expert on all things Titanic

She sighed quietly and glanced out the window. 'Why do we have to cover this topic on today, of all days?' she wondered silently. For that day was April the 14th, the day that, in 1912 exactly 94 years ago, the ship in question had struck an iceberg and had sunk to the bottom of the north Atlantic.

She was about to turn back and attempt to focus on the teacher when a cloud passed over the sun and turned the window into a reflecting surface, she caught sight of her reflection, causing her to pause.

Looking back at her was a 17-year-old girl, with clear emerald eyes, an abnormally large forehead and shoulder length pink hair.

Suddenly a face appeared in the glass and vanished, a face that was framed with a hat that said 'White Star Line' on the top. Sakura gasped quietly. It was happening, except it was starting earlier than normal. Another face appeared in the glass, this one with long brown hair and a pair of wire rimmed glasses. "Miss…Haruno is it?" said the substitute teacher with a slight smile on her face. The rest of the class giggled. Sakura turned around and met the teacher's mahogany eyes. "I'm going to need you to pay attention for the next little while okay?" said the teacher, who was named Miss. Fae, softly.

"Now that I have everyone's attention, your teacher has left you an assignment-due next Monday- about the Titanic." She continued once the moans and groans had died down. "The assignment is to write a report about 5 officers of the ship-you can choose-and describe what you believe they were doing in the last few hours of the ship's life. As I have said before, I know a great deal about the ship so feel free to ask me about anything you'd like." With that the teacher sat down and left the students in their own devices.

Sakura relaxed after hearing the assignment. This would be a piece of cake. The teacher thought she knew a lot about Titanic? That was nothing to the amount of information Sakura knew about the subject. She wandered to the front of the room where there were some books and grabbed her favorite one-the one with all the officers of the Titanic. She knew, however, who she would do.

The Captain, Hatake Kakashi, the First officer Uchiha Sasuke, the Fourth officer Sabaku no Gaara, Second officer Uzumaki Naruto and….

Quietly Sakura got up and went to the front. "Miss. Fae…did Mrs. Kasha mention in her notes whether or not we could do Mr. Iruka Umino, the ship's designer as one?" Mrs. Fae looked up at Sakura. "Mrs. Kasha mentioned you in her notes. Apparently you're quite the Titanic buff? But yes, the point is, she did say that you could use the shipbuilder, he counts as an officer." Sakura smiled and, thanking the teacher, returned to her desk.

Because of he knowledge of the subject, by the time the bell rang an hour later, Sakura was already half finished the project, having just wrapped up the section on Fourth officer Gaara. She got up from her chair quickly and crammed her schoolbooks on top of some books about the Titanic that she had taken from the shelf for research. In other words, they were books about the ship she had been dying to read but hadn't…yet. Waving good-bye to Miss. Fae, she ran outside to meet her friends.

Once the classroom was empty, Miss. Fae looked up, her eyes going cloudy. "We found her."

"Saku! Over here!" called a voice, interrupting Sakura's train of thought. She glanced across campus and met the eyes of her friend Amanda. The rest of her friends were already gathered around. Sakura smiled as she walked over to join her friends.

But as she did, she couldn't help but feel again something hat had been nagging her of late. As she looked over her friends she remembered what it was.

She felt as though something was missing…not something per say, but someone. All her friends had already found the person that they were, in all likelihood going to spend the rest of their lives with. Amanda and her boyfriend Derrick, Ben and his girlfriend Emily and Steph and her boyfriend Kyle. The couples were so close it almost made Sakura feel as though she was a fifth wheel. But they always made her feel included.

"Hey Saku, I heard that your history teacher dished out a tough assignment…and not even your real one, a sub!" Everyone winced in sympathy- Mrs. Kasha was known for her tough assignments…at least until Sakura said "Well it's not going to be that hard…it's about the you-know-what." Everyone burst out laughing and Derrick said "Well now it's harder to feel sorry for you, see, because you'll be finished it by…if not tonight then tomorrow night." Sakura laughed and confessed that she was already halfway done. "But…to give us the assignment today seems a bit irreverent. After all. 94 years." "Sakura why do you get this way every single time the anniversary of the sinking comes around."

Sakura smiled bitterly. "I don't know. It's like I'm mourning something I haven't even lost. And not even right now…" her friends looked at her, surprised. She had never explained it this in depth before. "After around 6 PM I can't function properly…. this sense of overwhelming dread strikes and before long it's almost a panic…I lose it completely…it's not pretty and I don't like people seeing it." Her friends nodded. "Then I won't ask you to come see a movie with us tonight." Said Amanda softly. Sakura nodded and said, "Well this is my street."

As Sakura walked on alone she cursed her panic reaction. "Why do I get like this and only today?" she muttered angrily. Suddenly she was drawn out of her anger by the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked up and around, her eyes coming to rest on an old lady who was leaning on a cane across the street. "Hello young Miss. Can you help me?" she called. Sakura looked both ways and scurried across the street. "Yes ma'am?" she asked respectfully. "I was wondering if you can help me cross…" "Sure." Sakura gave the woman her elbow and she carefully escorted the older woman across the street.

"Thank you dear. Oh, these old bones, sometimes they give out." Sakura saw the woman wince and rub her shoulder. "And old wounds are even worse." Sakura smiled and looked into the woman's clear emerald eyes, like her own. "No problem Ma'am. Now I need to get home."

Once she got home, she managed to do some homework before she felt the first twinge. Going to the cupboard, she grabbed a pen and wrote a note to her mother. 'Mom. It's happening, I'm in my room.'

She went into her room and shut the door, flipping the deadbolt.

It started as a flicker, just the inkling that something might be wrong. Slowly, as the hand of her bedside clock inched forward to 11:40 it got worse. Thoughts of people who had died raced through her head…or maybe they were her own thoughts had she been on the doomed liner.

'What's going on…how bad is it…I can't do this…please don't leave me stay with me, promise me you'll stay with me…'

By the time the last panicked thought went through her head, she was lying sideways on the bed in the fetal position, clutching her pillow to her chest. She was crying hard, ever since the thought 'stay with me' had entered her head.

Cried herself exhausted. Crying so hard at the feeling of abandonment that entered her body…

Cried herself to sleep.

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Here's the list of officers and people on the Titanic and their equivalent in this story.

Captain E.J Smith – Hatake Kakashi

First Officer William Murdoch – Uchiha Sasuke

Second Officer Lightoller – Uzumaki Naruto

Fourth Officer Lowe – Sabaku No Gaara

Thomas Andrews – Iruka Umino

Bruce Ismay – Orochimaru (Bruce Ismay was an idiot. And a slimy snake. Which is why I put Orochimaru as him)

Other characters-the female ones and Shika, Kiba, Shino and anyone else not named here will be passengers.

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