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Several days after the funeral, Sakura went with Sasuke to see Gaara's brother and sister. Temari, his sister, had been crying and Kankuro, his brother looked incredibly sad.

When Sakura gave them Gaara's officer jacket, Temari burst into a fresh wave of tears and hugged Sakura tightly. "Thank you…for doing this, despite what he did to you." Obviously someone had told tem the whole story.

Temari and Sakura became fast friends.

Approximately 7 months after the Titanic sank Tenten gave birth to a little boy, whom she named after his father. The child grew into a splitting image of Neji, except for Tenten's dark brown eyes. Tenten later said that every time she looked at her son she was reminded of her husband…

And comforted.

A year after the ship sank; Sakura and Sasuke were married in an outdoor ceremony in Central Park. Within the span of a year, Sakura was pregnant.

They had no less than five children-three daughters and two sons, all of whom got married and had children themselves, although the youngest didn't get married until after World War 2.

Sasuke died in 1985, at the age of 90. He and Sakura had been married for an amazing 72 years.

Never in that time did Sakura regret going back in time to save him.

After he died, Sakura wanted nothing more than to join him. However there was something she still had to do.

It was what she had realized…the thing that made her realize that she would survive.

The old woman she had helped across the street, before she had been sent back in time….

Had been herself.

That's how she knew she survived, that she had succeeded.

So she stayed alive for that reason. That reason…and one other. One she had realized, as her granddaughter had grown older and got her adult looks. Especially after she brought home the man she had.


Stephanie sat in the basement of her great-grandmothers home, with her boyfriend Kyle, crying.

"It's not fair. First Sakura disappears and then the same day I lose my favorite grandmother?" "She was only a great, right?" "Yeah, but Kyle, she was who I was closest to in my family, you know that." Stephanie sighed. "I'm just glad Mom said that grandmamma wanted me to clean out the basement," she smiled softly and added "Saku would've had a field day down here, grandmamma's been through so much history. I hope I can find some pictures from when grandmamma was a child, I've never seen any."

The two of them worked for several minutes in silence. Then "Steph, come here…there's a box…"

Kyle had unearthed an old box with the name 'Stephanie' written on it in bold letters, upon which was taped an envelope with the same name written on it.

Stephanie picked up the envelope and slit it open. A letter was written on paper slightly yellowed at the creases. "Dear Stephanie…" she read in her grandmother's spidery handwriting.

If you're reading this than I'm finally gone. I'm sorry, for leaving you Stephanie, however, it was my time. You know it was a miracle I lived for as long as I did. But there's something else you should know.

The reason there are no pictures of me earlier than the 1950's is because that's when I deemed myself old enough to have pictures taken without anyone from the future recognizing me.

I'm sorry for leaving you guys…tell everyone else that. But please understand that in order for me to be complete I had to. And if this letter is starting to look weird, than forgive me Stephy.

Stephanie drew in a sharp breath. "What's…going on. Only Sakura ever called me by that name…"

And yes, I know I'm the only one who ever called you that…not even your grandmamma called you that.. Because we shared such a close connection, closer than even you and Kyle. The reason that we share this connection…is because of who I am.

The reason you've never seen any pictures of me as a young woman is because you would've recognized me right away.

You're my closest friend and my great granddaughter. I was, before marriage, Haruno Sakura. The same one who, I'm sure, has been as of now reported missing. But I'm not missing…I was always right there.

Inside this box are the missing pictures. Share them with everyone or keep them to yourself…but now you know that I did succeed. I lived for 72 years with your great grandfather, my soul mate who I saved from the Titanic.

I hope you can believe me. Enjoy the pictures. By the way, if I had known that your grandmamma was a Titanic survivor, I probably would've bugged you to meet her so this is was a good thing. That I didn't know, I mean.

Love, your best friend and your grandmamma

Uchiha-Haruno Sakura.

The letter fell out of Stephanie's hand and she gingerly opened the box.

Lying right on top was a picture of Saku, holding the hand of a man with black hair and black eyes.

With a trembling hand Stephanie picked up the photo and looked at Sakura. "She's happy. Look at her eyes Kyle. They never sparkled like that when she was still with us." She looked at her boyfriend. "We need to show these to everyone else. It might take a little explaining but…they need to know that she was alright."

Kyle already had his cell phone out.

Stephanie turned back to the pictures and began to sort through them. Each had some sort of commentary attached to them about what had been happening. "Only Saku would do something like this," she smiled.

'Grandmamma, Saku…I'm glad you were able to save his life…'

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