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Chapter 1

"Ok…a dash of lemon juice…some of this clear stuff…water…. The main ingredient" she wrinkled her nose. "I don't even want to know what this is…spices…and basal…"

She bit her lip as a thick, odd smelling steam billowed out of the cauldron that was stewing on the stove as she added the last ingredient. "Now I don't think that that's supposed to happen." She said out loud as she frowned. Turning back to the book that Tsunade gave her, she studied the instructions to check where she had gone wrong.

"Ah. I see. I was supposed to add the basal after the rest of the ingredients steep for 15 minutes." She said calmly. "WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO LEARN THIS TYPE OF STUFF?" she screamed as she threw the dusty book across the room. Sighing, she went over, picked up the book and set it on the table.

Haruno Sakura went to the stove and, shutting it off, picked up the small but heavy stone cauldron that Tsunade had loaned her and plopped it in the sink. She had been assigned by her mentor to learn about potions because, as a medic ninja, they could be useful healing where chakra couldn't.

But she couldn't even get a simple therapy potion down. Oh it had worked when she had made it this afternoon at Tsunade's tower but now….

Stupid basal.

She ran her fingers through her pink hair, her fingers catching in curls created by the steam. "Enough of this." She growled. She turned away from the sink and opened a window to allow the particular smell that had filled the kitchen to filter out. After doing this, she stored the ingredients and marched upstairs to change into something more presentable so she could go out and get supplies for that night.

She was out and about in Konoha, looking at different stores so that she could get party supplies for the party she was hosting that night. While she was out she ran into Ino. "Oh my God forehead girl. This is going to be such a fun party!" she shrieked. "Ino-pig I thought I asked you not to call me that." Said Sakura dryly.

"Oh well Sakura, it's just a nickname…anyways, what do you have planned for tonight?" "Ino it's a party. I don't know…we'll probably just sit around and just talk like we normally do. What should I get to drink?"

Ino studied the wall of beverages in front of the two of them, trying to think. "Well….I've heard this is good…" she pulled a bottle of Vodka off of the shelf and showed it to Sakura. "Non-Alcoholic Ino-pig." Said the pink haired medic, rolling her eyes.

"Okay then just go for the club soda mixed with something. That always works." Sakura nodded in agreement and reached for the bottle. "Thanks Ino. I'll see you tonight okay?"

"Kay…Later Forehead girl!"

Later that day, at around 6 o'clock PM, Sakura could be found in her kitchen mixing lemonade with the clear yet fizzy club soda. After tasting it and deeming it the perfect party punch, she lifted the heavy cauldron-like punch bowl and set it on the table in her den. When she came back into the kitchen to prepare the snacks, she remembered the cauldron in the sink. She went over and peered at the contents, giving it a sniff as she did.

It sort of smelled like her punch.

She didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing…when she had made it in Tsunade's office earlier it had smelled like lavender-a therapeutic scent, as it was a therapeutic potion. However, even as she reached to dump it out…her doorbell rang.

"Come in!" she called as she abandoned the cauldron and started pouring the munchies into bowls. "Hello Sakura! It is I, Rock Lee, bringing chips from Team Gai!" Sakura sweat dropped as she greeted Lee and put the chips into bowls. "It's not just him, we're here too!" said TenTen, irritated.

"Hey Sakura!" she said, picking up a bowl of chips and beginning to munch. "Hey TenTen, Neji." "Hello Sakura." Said the Hyuuga coolly.

Sakura had barely directed Team Gai to the den when the bell rang again. After yelling for the people to come in, she went to the cupboard and scribbled some words on a post-it-note. "Hey!" she said, looking up as around the corner came… "Hey Sakura!" said Naruto…loudly. Sasuke was behind him, his normal expressionless mask on, a cake box under his arm. "Hn." He said as he handed her the box. "Here…Naruto bought it but I didn't want him to drop it." "Hello to you to Sasuke." She muttered as she slapped the post-it on the door and took the cake into the kitchen.

It was just the six of them for a few minutes, chatting and laughing (well…except Sasuke and Neji) until the door burst open. "HA! Told you I knew the way…" "Ino you're being loud." "So what?" she said, not surprisingly, loudly. "Hey Ino-Pig! Normally you're the first one here!" called Sakura from the den.

"Well if Shikamaru hadn't refused to ask me for directions then we would've been here sooner." Said Ino as she gave the lazy genius a glare and Choji the ice cream to Sakura who promptly rushed it up to the freezer.

As she walked through the hall towards the kitchen, she noticed that Ino had, whether on purpose or not, locked the door behind her team. In any case there was a rattling coming from the door. She smiled, knowing who it was. She walked to the door and flipped the lock.

"Sorry about that guys. Ino must've locked it." She smiled as Hinata, Kiba and Shino entered the house. "Th…. that's okay Sakura." Said Hinata quietly. She held out a container that warmed Sakura's hands as she took it. "I…I made them myself." The Hyuuga heiress said.

Sakura opened the container and sniffed. "They smell wonderful Hinata. You guys go down to the den, I'll put these on a plate and put the ice cream in the freezer."

An hour later, the party was in full swing. They had already played a game of blind man's buff-Neji and Hinata's favorite game because they merely used the Byakkugan and won every time.

It was at this point that the punch ran out. Sakura, preoccupied with a conversation with Ino, TenTen and Hinata about their sensei's, didn't notice Naruto pick up the punch bowl and make his way to the kitchen to refill it.

Once he got to the kitchen, he began to search carefully for the refills. However, the only thing he could find that was remotely similar to what they had just been drinking sat in a small cauldron in the sink. 'Why would Sakura mix the drink in that?' he asked himself mentally before shrugging and pouring the concoction into the punch bowl and carrying it back into the den.

Where he promptly poured himself a glass and took a huge chug.

Over the course of the evening, the punch bowl emptied for a second time, everyone complimenting Sakura on how good it was. However, soon side effects began to show through. Naruto was the first indication that something was wrong. The demon vessel let out a huge yawn and stretched before curling up into a ball and falling asleep.

Hinata was next. Then Shikamaru followed quickly by Shino and Choji. It wasn't until Sasuke fell asleep where he had been sitting that Sakura noticed. And as she turned to enquire what was wrong, TenTen slumped onto her shoulders, out cold. And then she clued in. She didn't remember filling the punch bowl.

She got up a little unsteadily as Neji slumped over followed quickly by Ino. Kiba was curled up like a dog, Akamaru at his side. She didn't have much time if her suspicions were correct.

She made her way as quickly as she could, considering her drowsing state, to the kitchen. Once there, leaning heavily on the counter she made her way to the sink and looked in to find…

An empty cauldron. Her eyes widened. Oh no!

"Naruto…he…I should've…" her head nodded and the strength holding her up gave out, causing her to slump to the kitchen floor, fast asleep.

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