Spoiler for Sojourn

After Kellindel died I kept reading in disbelief until he was buried. I truly didn't believe he was dead until then. That's when the tears came. I had loved this character almost as much as Drizzt, had looked forward to seeing him continue to grow; for him to develop a friendship with Drizzt, to be the first to take the dark elf in. I cried for… a long time, I continued to cry as I wrote this poem. I've changed some parts that didn't flow right, but this is the original emotion I felt at that moment.

Disclaimer: I don't own forgotten realms, if I did this wonderful character would not be dead and this poem would not exist.


Lament For a Forgotten Hero

Kellindel, oh Kellindel,
How I mourn for thee.
That so little of you
Was ever known to me.

My darling, oh my darling,
Why such a cruel fate?
That breath was stolen from thine fair lips,
That light should leave thine bright eyes,
That you should suffer death
At so untimely an age.

Before I might have learned to truly see you,
To hear your voice as clearly as my own
To feel your joy, your hope, your love,
Alas I felt your pain
A pain you did not deserve to know

This isn't as it should have been,
To have you for a fleeting moment
And then to have you stolen
By the rough hands that clenched thine slender throat
So undeservingly.

If only, oh if only,
If only I could
Avenge thee my Kellindel
As truly you should be.

Yet you are forgotten
My young lovely elf
Who stood for the right,
Who stood for the truth,
Who never stood a chance
Of surviving that fateful encounter
That was meant to be but never should have been.

Kellindel, oh Kellindel
How I lament thee
How I cry out for
The revenge that will never be

For you are forgotten
By all that should love you
Except for I doomed never to know you

Forgotten one, oh forgotten one
I alone cry out for you
I alone weep tears for you.

My darling, oh my darling.

Kellindel, oh Kellindel.


I'm not really happy with the "If only, oh if only" or the second "Kellindel, oh Kellindel" parts. Any suggestions welcome.

I'm not sure if it works to mix thee and you together, and the rhyming scheme is all over the place (actually it's pretty much nonexistent)

Anyway I would LOVE to you hear your thoughts on this. Criticism is welcome too.