just something i came up with at my course when i was bored today


The voice,
it calls
it taunts
my sanity

the heart,
its hollow
its black
its broken

the power,
it frightens
its extreme
it destroys all

the blade,
its black as night
hott as hell
burns like the sun

its intriguing,
it draws you in
you get stuck
your lost in his web

he laughs at you,
he watches your every move
critizises your technique
but doesnt help you

he hurts you,
he would kill you
without remorse
he doesnt care

you dont know why,
but you cant leave
you are infatuated
he scares you

his power,
its too much
yet its what you yearn for
you have it in your hands

you throw it away,
you can remember why
you want that feeling once again
to feel in control

you look at them,
you see there faces
there determination
it irks you

why cant you be like that,
you will never know
yet still i call you
taunting you

i haunt your very being,
i tease you with glimpses of power
make you want me
yet you turn away

you run,
your afraid
of what i can do
you leave me no choice.


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