Goodbye Little Buddy

By Captainkodak1

"Goodbye, little buddy", Ron whispered as he stood to the side and laid his little friend in his final resting place. Kim took Ron's hand as she scattered rose petals around the little package.

"He was a true friend, Ron. I'll miss him."

"Yeah, KP. It seems just the other day that I brought him home. I fed him, made sure everything was cleaned up around where he stayed. I watched him grow. He seemed to always be around when I needed to see him."

Kim raised her hand and wiped a tear from her eyes. She knew her best friend was hurt by the death of his pet. She made up her mind to help him in anyway that she could. It would be hard but "Anything is possible for a Possible."

Ron stood up straight, trying to be brave. "We are gathered here together to say goodbye to my best friend; next to you, KP, that is."

"R-o-o-n-n", Kim whispered. "Say it right."

"We celebrate the life of my friend. It seems just a short time that he came into my life. I couldn't get a dog or cat because of Dad's allergies so this little friend seemed to fit perfectly. I'll miss him a lot. Goodbye, little buddy."


"Ronnie, if you're finished in the bathroom, remember to put the seat down", Ron's mother called.

Ron looked over to Kim, with her little pigtails sticking out each side of her head. She had been his best friend ever since they started school just a year ago.

Kim saw Ron looking at her. He was the cutest little friend she had. His blond hair was always getting in his face.

"Come on, Ronnie!" she said excitedly. "Let's go play in the sandbox. I'm really sorry about your goldfish."

"Ahhh, that's ok, KP", Ron said as the two walked out into his rear yard. "I won him at the school fair and only had him a couple of weeks. Dad said that goldfish like to jump out of their bowls sometimes and I guess that's what Bob did."

"Bob?" asked Kim as they started to dig in the sand. "I thought you were going to call him "Rufus", like your imaginary friend."

Ron shook his head. "Naw. He didn't look like a "Rufus". One day I'll get a new pet and he'll be my best friend; next to you, that is, KP."

"You're so sweet, Ronnie. One day I think I'll marry you", Kim said as she leaned over and kissed Ron.

"Ohhhh! Quit that, KP! Ackkk! Girl cooties!" Ron complained, rubbing his face.

"Don't you want marry me someday?" Kim asked, producing the Puppy Dog Pout.

"No, not the Pout, KP! Maybe someday, as long and you don't kiss me again."

Kim placed her hand in Ron's hand. "Best friends forever?" she asked.

"Yeah, KP. Best friends forever,", Ron answered.

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Don't ask my how or why this story hit me but it just came out all at one time. It's definitely the shortest story I have ever written but it just felt right. Write a review and let me know what you think.