Another instance of an idea bopping me over the head. I never expected to write a Yu-Gi-Oh fic, and am acquainted with the series only because my brother has me read his manga to him. But, well, I had the song stuck in my head, and…this happened. Don't worry, you don't need to know the song. Just read the lyrics. I hear we learn a lot more background info later on, but please pretend this makes sense anyway.

Disclaimer: Nah, nah, don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. Bro put three stickers of Kaiba on my door. Don't own Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or any of its lyrics, either, although I have got a CD.

The subway car was almost empty, so it is likely Yugi would have noticed the singing girl whatever her choice of song had been. Then again, he might not.

She was at the other end of the car, scorning the ranks of empty seats to hang on to one of the poles that ran from floor to ceiling, meant for when there was no space to sit. Her hair had beads in it. It was also several colors, but unlike Yugi's it obeyed the conventional laws of physics. This included swinging outward whenever she spun around, which was often. She seemed possessed of a boundless energy. Normally Yugi might have tried to befriend her, even if she was singing to herself.

But Yugi had just been doing his Christmas shopping, four months early, for all the friends he hadn't had last year, and sat with the bags and packages piled around him, regarding the world with less than his usual bright eye. He had known the girl in purple was there ever since she got on, but been too tired to care. However, when she began to croon, she had him from the second word.

"Now Pharaoh he was a powerful man," began her song, "With the ancient world in the palm of his hand / To all intents and purposes he / Was Egypt with a capital E." She twined herself around her support pole, staring at the ceiling. "Whatever he did he was showered with praise / If he cracked a joke, then you chuckled for days."

Yugi listened in puzzlement, wondering where this idea had come from, and trying unsuccessfully to imagine his Pharaoh making a joke that was quite that funny.

With its usual accompaniment of no fanfare whatsoever, the two personalities that shared the small body traded places. The lines of the face went harder, and the eyes narrowed. The girl sang on, blissfully oblivious to so much as Yugi's presence, much less his state of mind. "No one had rights or a thought but the king," she caroled as the subway began to grind to a halt. She plucked her satchel from the seat, slung it over her shoulder, and continued to sing as she watched the door. "In fact you might say he was very right-wing."

The Pharaoh-Yugi stood up. Since there were two more stops before their own, he plainly meant to accost the girl before she disembarked.

She launched into some kind of chorus, swaying slightly to the beat and clacking her beads into the poles at a steady clink! "Phaaaaraoh's around, and you get down on the ground," she warbled as the door hissed open, "If you ever find yourself near Ram-e-ses, get down on your knees."

At that, just as quickly as he had stood, the boy turned around and returned to his seat. He settled himself among the packages, saved one from sliding to the floor as the train began to move again, and then folded his arms across his chest and sat back.

Huh? Said Yugi at last, very confused and despairing of figuring this seesawing behavior out on his own. Indecisiveness had never been a marked trait in his other self's personality.

"I was going to set her straight," explained the Pharaoh. "But it was alright. It turned out she was singing about my grandfather."