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Quest of the Keys 2: Darnell Lunaria's New Crisis
Chapter 1: "If One isn't Bad Enough..."
Darnell Lunaria, a place renewed by the legendary knight, bonded by Queen Pandora's keys, and able to vanquish the queen's assassin, La Mortua, seemed to be enjoying a holiday: the first anniversary of the return of Princess Elizabeth. The statues of the knights were stationed between several tents in the village square, with plaques placed under each statue. They read...

"Alphonse Elric, Alchemist Prodigy,"
"Asuka Langly Soryu, Long-arms Extrodinare,"
"Ash Ketchum, Master of the Monsters,"
"Kari Kamiya, Madien of the Light,"
"Koga the Wolf Demon, King of Swift Action,"
"Rin Kamishiro, Lady of the Swords,"
"Junpei, King of Hand-to-Hand Combat,"
"Sasami Jurai, Warrior Princess."

Every child stared upon the statues in awe and excitement, wishing that they could not only be them, but see them, too. "I wish I got to meet that Ash guy," one girl said. "I bet he's handsome."

"I heard he alone defeated La Mortua," a boy mentioned. "I wonder why he had his friends with him?" Unaware to them, Neo and Sakura, two of Princess Elizabeth's servants, had arrived to check out the festivities.

"His friends were more than backup," Neo replied. "They helped a lot in assisting Ash. Besides, everyone of the knights had their role in bringing this world back to its original form, before the whole chaos." Hearing the history, the kids felt comfortable and more respectful of the other heroes. As the festivities continued, sounds of a fight rambled at the front gate, having Neo, Sakura and six other servants run to the scuffle. What they saw were four young men finghting, each one with a different color.

"cease this now!" servant Emma yelled. One man, in yellow, was tossed out of the scuffle, and landed near servant David's feet. Before the yellow man could rejoin the fight, David and Neo pinned him to the dirt road. The other servants jumped into the melee and halted the men, one in blue, another in green, and one more in red.

"What's your business here?" servant Parker questioned the four, now hogtied and unable to move.

"We were messengers from colonies in the corners of the world," the man in blue answered. the blue man was an interesting figure, because he had what appeared to be gills on his neck.

"Is this for Princess Elizabeth?" servant Hannah asked.

"They're from the princes, if that helps with your question," the one in green bellowed. His hairy, bare feet were showing bruises, probably from being stomped on by the other messengers. "The reason we fought was that we are rivaling factions."

"That's right," the one in red agreed. He was showing steam, like he was overheating, as he tried to calm down. The messenger in yellow had shocked Parker and Hannah when the two detained him, because he was coated in static electricity. The servants huddled and secretly whispered about what to do with the messengers. When they broke, servant Megsy stepped forward.

"We will take you to see the princess," she issued. "Plus, as long as you don't square off with us, or each other, we'll untie you. Agreed?"

"Agreed," the messengers said in unison. After being released from the ropes, the servants led the messengers to the castle. When everyone arrived in the throne room, Princess Elizabeth stood forth.

"Your highness," servant Stark addressed. "Messengers from far away lands seek your presence." The messenger in red stepped up.

"I was sent by Prince Luther from Flinter, the colony of fire," he explained. "He wishes, along with the royal family, for your hand in marriage and rule over Darnell Lunaria." Hearing this, the other messengers appeared outraged.

"You've got to be kidding," the one in green roared. "Gaialell's Prince Will had asked for that exact item, as well." That news got Elizabeth suspicious.

"Do all the princes want to marry me?" she asked. The messengers nodded in reply.

"I'm from Pacifus," the man in blue started. "Prince Akito had asked me to tell you the wish."

"And I'm from Nimbukron," the man in yellow added. "The prince there is Jean-Marc."

"When news got around about your revival, the royal families were more than willing to arrange a wedding with you and a prince upon your decision."

"So, the time is near, is it?" Elizabeth wondered. Hannah had a thought, thus she turned to the princess.

"Your Highness," she voiced. "Should we summon the legendary knights?"

"This matter doesn't require the help of the knights. It is my duty to deal with." Elizabeth stood up to the messengers. "This is my message to the royal families: bring the heirs here to discuss the ordeals. Do I make myself clear?" With a series of nods, the messengers started to exit the castle, with the servants following from behind. When they got outside, four large flying carriers, hovering over the village, were fighting each other. The sounds of explosions got Elizabeth greatly concerned, because of the villagers in mortal danger. She turned to the messengers. "Messengers, get the villagers to safety." As she turned to the servants, the messengers split up and guided everyone to the castle for protection. "Servants, summon the knights!"

Darnell Lunaria has become the epicenter of what looks like a world war between the four colonies. Now the servants will try to reconnect with the servants. Will the knights respond?