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Harry James Potter was tired. He was tired of the fact that his two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, were bickering... again. He sighed as he banged his head against the train's cool windowpane. This action actually caused the bickering to stop. On the bad side however, this action gave him an even worse headache. Truth be told, Harry was expecting the insistent quarrelling between his friends to begin for at least two more years.

Harry thought this because he was from the future and had already lived through it all. He banged his head as he thought about how much he had changed the timeline all ready. It was so different that he kept a journal to keep track of what was what from each timeline. He knew that it wasn't the brightest of ideas but he felt as though he had no choice. It was either that or having a confused jumble for a brain.

He sighed again and turned to his friends; who were giving him concerned looks. He really hated those looks. It reminded him of the looks of pity he received during the first timeline.

"Harry, are you alright? You've been awfully quiet lately." Hermione tilted her head to the side as she asked this. Harry then looked into her eyes. He had always loved Hermione's honey-brown eyes.

"I'm fine 'Mi. I guess I'm a little tired from all that's been going on. The stress from the past year will relax when I get home. I should have listened to Remus and left after the Quidditch Final."

"Yeah, mate, we would have gone with you as well. We may have faced You-Know-Who but we still were pretty stressed out by those obstacles."

Harry didn't feel like talking about what happened under the school so he carefully changed the subject.

"So what are you all doing for the summer?" Hermione knew what he was doing but allowed him to get away with it.

"Well, I'm..." Ron interrupted her before she could answer.

"My Mum wanted me to invite you both over during the summer. Ginny likes you Hermione. Why? I don't know. I think she just might be weird." Hermione threw a Bertie Bott's Bean at him.

"As I was saying, I'm planning on spending time with my parents. It's hard to keep in contact with them when they don't use owl post."

Harry's mind once again wandered to the night he faced Quirrell. He had been having nightmares about that night. He would never forget the way that Voldemort looked at him after he left Quirrell's dead body. He was glad that he knew how to do the Silencing Charm. He didn't want to wake his dorm mates with him sudden waking up. He really had to stop thinking about those things. He knew that everything was going to be alright.

It was a few hours later when the Hogwarts Express finally arrived at Kings Cross Station. His headache was gone at that time. That was mainly because Hermione refused to talk to Ron. So there was no bickering going on between them. Harry had a smile on his face when he climbed off the train.

Sirius was waiting for him on the platform like all the other magical parents (Remus was busy getting things done at home). Even though they had seen each other only two weeks earlier, they were excited to see each other. This time they had two whole months together.

Sirius pulled Harry into a one armed hug and ruffled his already messy hair. Harry growled at him for his public display of affection. Though in reality, Harry liked the attention. This was something the Dursley's never would have done, not even with their own son. To them, affection was a private matter.

They saw Hermione was standing to the side. She was waiting patiently for Harry to greet his godfather before saying hello herself.

"Hi, Hermione. How was the rest of your school year?"

"It was wonderful. I was listed first on the class list. But I was wondering if you would meet my parents. They don't know any wizards and I thought if you met them they would be more comfortable with me being a witch. They don't understand our world; I was hoping you could help."

"No problem Hermione. I wanted to meet your parents anyway. They should know the parents of your friends. Harry is your best friend so it would only be proper. Well, we don't want to keep them waiting."

They walked through the barrier together. Harry and Hermione were dragging their trunks.

"I'm going to get some trolleys for these trunks. I swear they got heavier since the beginning of the school year. I don't think I have that much more than with what I left with."

"Did you look at the revised list that Remus gave you? He added the things you brought back to school after Christmas Break."

"Actually I didn't even bother looking at it. I just packed everything that I knew was mine."

"Remus won't be happy about that. He is a very organized person If your belongings aren't in a specific order he's going to go through everything and make sure you have everything."

Harry just groaned and ran off to get the trolleys. Sirius smiled as he watched his godson. He was happy he could just act like a kid after all that he's been through.

Jane and Rodger Granger were very nice people. It was obvious that they were proud of their daughter and had no problem that she was a witch. They just felt a little left out of her life.

Sirius was fascinated by the Grangers. He was never really able to make friends with Muggles. His parents never allowed him around one for long. He was as eager to know them as they him.

But he couldn't help but why Harry was taking so long with the trolleys. The boy was freakishly quick when needed to be.

While Sirius was with the Grangers

Harry had left the trunk with Sirius as he went to get the trolleys. His mood from the train was gone and was looking forward to going home.

Then suddenly a large beefy hand roughly grabbed his arm. He didn't even have to turn around to know who was behind him. If it weren't for the fact that his whole body was stiff he would have turned to face the man. If his throat wasn't frozen he would have screamed. He would have called for Sirius to save him. The grip on his arm tightened when the man didn't get the response that he wanted from Harry.

Vernon Dursley pulled on Harry to force him to turn around. Harry did but he found himself on the ground. He already could feel the blood flowing out of scrapped knees. Harry head was down and refused to look at his uncle.

"Get up, we're leaving."

Harry was in shock. What was his uncle doing out of prison? He was supposed to be there for a very long time. Harry didn't respond to the order.

"Did you hear me? I said that we we're going."

Harry shook himself out of his shock. He defiantly looked into Vernon's eyes before getting to his feet. But he wasn't about to follow the man out of the station.

"No." It was plain insolence. He had escaped the Dursleys. He wasn't about to go back to them. He had a family now and no one was going to take that away.

"Now listen here, boy. I don't know what they told you at that freak place but no one wants you. I was generous to let you stay at my home so, you are going to learn how to appreciate what I have done for you."

Please come to me Paddy. Harry's thoughts were desperate. Vernon grabbed Harry again and Harry cried out in pain. Everyone knows that it takes a lot for Harry to respond to pain but his arm was really hurting him.

"Let me go!" Harry felt a heat go though his body. He felt his uncle let go and saw that his hand was a raw red. Harry screamed when Vernon grabbed him again. That surge of magic left him weak and he knew that he wouldn't be able to do it any time soon.

Sirius heard the scream and knew that it was his Harry. Panic flooded him as he ran toward the trolleys. Hermione followed him at his heal. The Weasleys also heard the scream and went towards it.

Sirius was the first to arrive; shortly followed by the others. Everyone was angry when they saw Harry. His knees were still bleeding and his arm was bruised a dreadful green. Sirius protectively pulled Harry out of Vernon's reach.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!" The whole area went quiet.

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