Project: ESCAPE

Yes, I am back. No, I did not die or go to camp, or anything. I was thinking of what to do with Taking A Step Back. Then it hit me. "There's nothing to do!" Why steal an idea when you can make your own? This is a project written by me and my great bud (not on this site) "Donkey Kong". Hope you all enjoy!

The scent of acrid black smoke woke up one unconscious man. He was expecting to see the pleasant sites of his bedroom, but instead saw what appeared to be a burning beach. Looking around, he noticed several people still knocked unconscious from their trip to this forgotten place. Only one man was already up. He seemed to be wearing ragged clothes, and "the man" felt very uncomfortable about him. Still, he was the only one up, and it was better to talk to a stranger then nobody.

"Hey" said the man, "What's going on? How did we get here?"

"No time to explain!" yelled the ragged one. "We have a bad situation! It's going to rain FIRE in just a little bit, and all these people are unconscious! They'll die if we don't help them!"

Puzzled, the man said, "Fire? How do know?"

"It smells like smoke now, right?


"You don't see smoke, right?"


"Well, it's all up there!"

The ragged one was pointing to the sky, and sure enough, the clouds were smoking. This was enough to convince the man, and he helped to push all of the people into safety. It was too late, though, as fire started to hail from the sky. Not slowly, but large fireballs going as fast as rain. It was now a matter of skill to save everyone.

"How are we going to save any of them?" said the man.

The ragged one thought, and then exclaimed, "I made a rope net while you were all asleep!"

"YOU WHAT?" screamed the man. "How did you make a net when we were sleeping? How long have you been here?

"You think I kept track of the hours, boy?"

The Man shrugged this off and just decided to throw the net. "You sure this is big enough to catch all of them? The man still wasn't sure about the ragged one. "No," he clammy said. It'll take a couple of tries. Some might die, and some might live. Just try to get them all!

The netting was harder then it seemed, and the man managed to only get one. The ragged one, on the other hand, seemed to have been practicing back home, as he got 2 or 3 every time the tossed it. The man was impressed, and embarrassed. He made it look so easy. He'll have to learn from him someday.

It was soon evening. Everyone was awake, but not at all lively. No one seemed to know each other, as no one tried to start a conversation. The man always hated silence, and decided to ask people if they knew how they got here. As he expected, no one knew.

"This silence can not go on forever," the man said. "We are all alone, 9 of us on a place we have no clue how we reached, possibly thousands of miles from civilization. Why us? We need to find out soon!"

"Shut up, kid, and sit down," exclaimed one of the people angrily. He seemed to be ill-tempered, as he had quite a volatile expression on his face. Since he was physically superior to the man, he decided not to quip back and just sit down. The tall man stood up.

"You don't have to state the obvious. Now, what we need to do is find out exactly where we are," explained the angered man.

"But," started the silenced man, "that's what I was say--…" Before he could finish his statement, the angered man had already drawn a switch-blade from his front pocket and had positioned it right up against the other man's throat.

"Violence will get us nowhere!" said the ragged one. "Spare him. He saved your life out there." Grumbling, the tall one sat down, menacingly sharpening his blade. "I guess it's my turn to speak now." The ragged one said. "We must work as a team to survive on this place. Dividing and Conquering will suffer consequences. Now, how about we open the floor to each of you for suggestions." The rugged man pointed to the man to start. "Hi, my name is Mario. I already explained my idea, as it is to find out where on the map we are. Survival is necessary, of course. That's all, really. No point in searching this place. You, next to me, what do you say?"

The man that stood up also had ragged clothes, and wore a strange headband. "Hey, my name is Luigi. I say we explore the island. There may be people, radios, anything to get us home. A rescue plane might come, but we must find supplies! We have nothing!"

The violent person from before stood up, his eyes looking for another victim. "My name's Wario. We need to do what the "ass" said. Find out where we are. We'll know the closest place to go if we escape. Much better then that freak's idea of searching the island. We might even find anything! Thought of that?"

The fact that this man is wearing a fine suit caught the eyes of everyone ('cept Wario, he just wanted to punch him in the face). "I'm Quizmo. Chuck Quizmo. My idea is to just survive off of what's near us. I've done that several times in my life, and it's not hard, really. A rescue plane will come soon, and we'll all come out safe and sound!"

A punk looking man stood up, stereotypically tall and lanky. "I'm Waluigi !" I say we build a raft and just ditch this place We'll hit land eventually, and then we're home free! No waiting, no risk. Just nice soft sailing.

A semi-computer nerd was next, looking scared from sitting next to a punk rocker. "Hello. I'm Bill, the Toad, but everyone calls me "Toad" . Don't know why. Anyway, I go with surviving off of what we have. I calculated it to be the least risky of them all. Finding out where we are could discourage us, exploring the island could lead to death, and the raft thing is just plain stupid! Just go with surviving!"

Toad was so enthusiastic in talking that he forgot to sit down. A half hour passed before the next person talked. The guy obviously wasn't an intellectual. "I'm Niel, the Boo…. I wanna go on the raft. They will take us away. Rafts are fun, too!

The last person, and everyone was finally releaved to have finished. His defining mark seemed to be his pants. He wore a kilt pattern on it, and it felt like a combination of suede and polyester. If there was a fashion police, he'd get a death sentence. "Hello, I am Kooper, . I'm gonna go with exploring the island. For all we know, there could be banquets, boats, everything, and we are stuck here! What could go wrong?

After this thought, the ragged man was distraught. "An equal split. WHAT DID I SAY? We all have to agree! Geez! We'll do this again tomorrow!"

Mario was shocked by his outburst. He was relatively calm during their talk. "Wait," Mario said. "You never told us about you!" Thinking for a moment, the ragged man finally told everyone. "Just call me Kelvin. I want to get the hell of this place as fast as possible!"

And with that one comment, the discussion was ended. Until tomorrow, this group might not ever cooperate like Kelvin planned.

"Well," started Chuck, "I say that we all get some sleep." He expected a flurry of agreement such as "Yeah" and "Good Point!" but half of the people were already asleep!

Wario reached for his blade. "You…might want to sit down now," said Kelvin. With that, Chuck sat down, and went to rest, along with the rest of the people. And, with that, the first day had ended…