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I have been thinking about something that's been on my mind for awhile now. Those who read 'A Fistful Of Omake' by metroanime. Those who don't know it's a bunch of omake's about how different Ranma would be if he was raised by different people. So I have a challenge to all Naruto writers and readers. I call for the 'What if Naruto was raised by …?' challenge! Those who want to write just think of someone raising Naruto besides him being left alone all of his life and how it would change him from the Naruto we know to an all new one. Like what if Goku raise Naruto or if he was raise by the X-men. There are all kinds of stories that can be created so those who I have sparked an idea go and write it! Because mainly, I'm getting tried of some many Yaoi fics being posted. I mean some of them are good but there are too many with him getting together with Sasuke!

For those who didn't know I posted this in my other story 'The Mask that we must wear.' Since I seen no one taking up my challenge I had to do it myself. So here it is…

What If… Yosho Masaki had raised Naruto!


No Need for Demons –

A refreshing breeze flew through the window of the shrine office, causing a set of chimes to toll lightly in the late spring, morning air. The serene beauty of Jurai had never held Yosho's fascination like the Earth had.

He wasn't sure whether it was because of his heritage, or because of the rustic, romanticism that the planet held. His eyes roamed the small valley that his home rested in from the vantage of the shrine office's window. The maples were a lush green, and a tangy pine scent floated into him on another errant breeze.

Whichever the case might have been, he had long ago given up any desire to return to the planet of his birth. And he has family here his daughter's Achika child his grandson Naruto Masaki.

"It's been a long time since we sat down like this," Sarutobi the former 3rd Hokage said to his old friend.

"Good thing that you managed to get your student to take your place," Yosho said as he serves his friend some tea.

"After the Sand and Sound attack four years ago showed how much time has taken a toll on you," Yosho said. "Unlike me who had to save you from the cage your former student trapped you in. I always could take on any of you ninjas with my skills."

"Yes, yes everyone knows that you're the best swordsmen of all the countries as you never let any of us forget," Sarutobi said letting out a huff.

"As if none of you ninjas have an ego either," Yosho said.

"About your grandson," Sarutobi said getting to the point of this visit. "He would make a powerful ninja fo…"

Yosho raise his hand to stop his old friend from saying anything else, "No, the village doesn't expect him because of the demon sealed inside of him. They look at his father as their hero while look at his son as a demon. I want him to have no part in the village at all. Besides he has already exceeded the skill level of all the ninjas around his age and will give any of the older ones a hard time dealing with. Or do you want to repeat that fight you and I had when I took him from the village after both of his parents had died."

"No," Sarutobi said as Yosho had defeated him soundly when they fought to see who will keep Naruto either with the village or with his grandfather. There were attempts by some of the villagers to kill Naruto once he was outside of the village and in his grandfather's shrine but all of them were soundly defeated by Yosho who always made sure that the ninjas who tried would never be able to continue to work as a ninja after he crippled them for life. Not even his student has been able to undo what Yosho did to the would be attackers.

"Good," Yosho said drinking his tea. "You know what would happen if you tried don't you."

"But the does show great talent as his father did," Sarutobi said as he has seen the ninja skills Naruto had picked up from the friends of his grandfather from other villages who stop here to visit.

"Too bad that the village can't see him as his father's son," Yosho said. "It's their lost as me taking apart in the attack by lead by Orochimaru is the repaid dept that I owed you for keeping those elder members from killing Naruto after the attack. The next attack you'll be on your own as there's nothing that ties me or Naruto to the Leaf anymore. Since you made sure that none of the children knew who Naruto's parents were."

"I truly sorry for that my old friend," Sarutobi said as the only reason the Leaf was still standing was because of Yosho stepping in when he did. Everyone in the village knows that fact and that any future attacks like the last one they would be on their own as Yosho had stated that since none of them saw Naruto as their hero the 4th's son he will not help the village in any future attack no matter what. And with that information leaking out since Yosho had spread it around himself every Hidden Village now knows who Naruto's father is. But with his grandfather to protect him none of his father's old enemies wanted to anger him.


A boy ran through the woods.

He wore a pair of worn gray pants and the blue shirt. His blonde hair done up in a ponytail but spiky at the top was matted with sweat. He wiped his brow feeling a sting as perspiration touched his eyes.

The trees lining the way rushed by as his feet carried him down the dirt path. There was a look of fear on his face as he pushed himself to go faster. With a surge of adrenaline he picked up the pace constantly looking behind him to see if he was being followed. In once such instance he fell to the ground as his foot caught and exposed tree root. A small object fell out from within his shirt and skittered in front of him. It was an oddly shaped rod somewhat resembling a sword hilt.

The boy quickly recovered from his fall, clawing his way up from the dirt and picking up the object. He was off again racing down the path. He gripped the stick so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.

Eventually the maze of branches and leaves parted. In the clearing the boy looked down toward his destination. A white house with a red tile roof sitting next to a lake. With a final surge of strength he sprinted to the door opening it and slammed it shut behind him. He finally relaxed leaning his back to the door.

"Naruto what's the matter?" his grandfather Yosho ask as he sat with the old Hokage of the Leaf Village a few miles away.

"Nothing?" Naruto said as he dashes into his room before the two old guys could ask him further.


The next day at the village nearest to the Shrine –

The school bell rang sounding the start of noon recess. As the students gathered together and chatted among themselves Naruto sat at his desk playing around with the sword hilt he had found during the summer break. There was a dubious look on his face as he studied the hilt. 'So this was supposed to be Yosho's sword huh? It doesn't look like much.'

"Hey Naruto what have you got there?" A boy asked walking up to him. He was a tall paunchy looking kid with a large nose and glasses on his face.

"Huh? Oh, hi Yuta. Nothing just a piece of junk," Naruto said as he placed the sword hilt back into his school bag.

Yuta pulled up a chair next to him. "So Naruto, how was your summer vacation?"

Naruto shrugged "Same as usual just me working all day long. It's supposed to be all part of training." He grimaced remembering the daily routine of waking up at the crack of dawn to practice with his grandfather. Sleeping in was considered a punishable offence consisting of a bucket filled with cold water.

"What a big drag, didn't you get to meet any girls," Yuta frowned.

"Ha, You think they'd come to a shabby shrine in the mountains?"

"Hell no."

"You can get to meet only old men and women up there." Naruto lamented. "Just once I wish some cute girls would go there."

"Pretty slim pickings huh? So I guess you dated mummies all of summer break?" Yuta slapped him on the back and laughed at his joke.

"Yeah dried up mummies... hahaha..." Naruto stopped laughing when he remembered what happened in the demon cave. The image of the dried up creature grabbing him and running its gnarled crooked fingers across his face caused him to shudder. Beads of sweat appeared on his brow.

Yuta noticed his friend's reaction. "Hey what's wrong Naruto?" He studied Naruto's pale face. "Don't tell me that you were so hard up that you slept with a mummy!" Yuta accused grabbing him by the collar.

Naruto snapped. "Baka! I didn't sleep with no mummy!" There was a large crash as Yuta collided with the lockers in the hall. Recovering, Naruto looked around the room and saw everyone staring at him. "Eh... s-sorry Yuta." He apologized profusely. Yuta accepted with a groan.

Naruto opted for a quick exit and walked out of the classroom. He clenched his fists to keep his hands from shivering. 'Get a grip now, no one knows what I did last week during summer break.' He used an arm to lean against the wall taking a couple of deep breaths to help calm himself. Just as he was settling down he was startled with a tap on his shoulder.

"Naruto?" A voice behind him spoke.

"Ack!" Jumped up and spun around quickly taking up a fighting stance with the sword hilt in hand. His hands were up front set to attack or defend. His body was balanced on the balls of his feet ready to react in a moments notice. As his mind caught up to his reflexes, Naruto recognized his would be assailant. "Hinata?"

Hinata looked at her fellow classmate with an embarrass expression on her face she tried hiding her face behind her notebook making her look cute. "Sorry for scaring you like that."

"Oh uh... it's okay Hinata."

"I… was… just… wondering… if… you… needed… my… help… with… your… studies… after… school?" Hinata ask knowing that Naruto grades aren't that great. Ever since she lost to her cousin Neji at the exams her father has taken her younger sister as the heir to the family. Hinata seeing that she didn't have what it takes to be a ninja went to the school here and work into becoming smarter. She was already in the head of her class in politics as being the head of a clan is more then just being the strongest. While her sister might be stronger then she is as a ninja she'll be better in running the clan with what she's learning in the school outside of the village. To insure that no one from other villages would try to kidnap Hinata during her schooling she was assigned to be guarded by her former teammates and be housed in the Masaki shrine as not even the Akatsuki or Orochimaru wanted to see how powerful Naruto's grandfather is once he cuts it lose.

"Sure I would love too," Naruto smiles as Hinata started blushing red.

"Really?" Hinata chocked.

"Sure I see you after school!" Naruto shouted as he ran off leaving Hinata with a bright red face.


Naruto looked down over the school grounds from his perch on the roof. With no one around it was one of his favorite spots just to sit and think.

Naruto sat with his back against the wall and sighed. His thoughts taking him back the summer vacation last week. Ever since was he was little his grandfather had filled his head with storied about the shrine and its founding. A demon falling from the sky and warrior of light coming to defeat it and locking it away in the cave.

His friends around school and the town's people of the village was another source of information. From the first time he had stood at the mouth of the demon's cave Naruto had wanted to know from himself if there was something there.

For years Naruto had sought out to enter the darkness and learn the truth, but there was always one obstacle, his grandfather. He remembered the first time his grandfather had caught him trying to find the keys to the gate entrance.

Going into the demon cave had definitely been a mistake. "I should have listened to gramps." Naruto lamented. "But at least nothing happened."

"The stories were true..." His brows fretted in thought. "I can't believe that grandpa's said nothing about it. Oh well, just as long as I don't have to deal with it anymore."

Naruto yawned stretching his arms out. He felt himself drifting off tiredly. Before he fell asleep Naruto made a mental note to take his grandfather's advice more often.


Hinata waited at the front of the school. She wore a long dark skirt and a matching blouse. On her shoulder was her bag of books and papers of her homework. She looked up at the clock mounted on the front of the school building.

"Hm... it's almost five. Where is Naruto?" Hinata frowned as he was never this late.

There were only few students left coming out of the gates. Most of them had stayed for after school activities. Hinata recognized one large boy coming out of the main gate.


The boy looked up from the manga he was reading. "Huh? Oh! Hinata!" he said.

"Yuta have you seen Naruto? He's usually here by now so we can walk back to his home. Do you know if anything is holding him up?"

Yuta scratched his head. "Well, he wasn't at the science-fiction club meeting. In fact I don't remember seeing him at all since noon recess."

Hinata's frown increased. "Thank you Yuta. I'll see you in class tomorrow."

"See ya," The boy bowed and continued on his way home.

"Hinata isn't it time for us to get going before it gets dark?" Shino ask as he and Kiba walk up to her.

"Naruto isn't here yet," Hinata said.

"Just leave him," Kiba said.

"But his grandfather will be worried about him," Hinata responded.

"And you know that he is the strongest even the 3rd couldn't take him in a fight," Shino said remembering the story he heard about the big fight between Naruto's grandfather and the 3rd in whether or not he stayed in the Leaf or not.

"Find let's find him," Kiba said as they entered the school leaving Akamaru behind as there's a no dog rule at the school.


Up on the roof –

The tinkle of bells was heard. From his awkward sleeping position against the wall, Naruto woke up. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Where am I?" He looked around him. It was dark out and the school grounds were quiet.

Naruto groaned. "Oh great I fell asleep and missed all my classes this afternoon. Hinata isn't going to let this off easy when she finds out." As he got up he heard a noise.


He looked up a saw a small black kitten on the roof with him. "Kitty how did you get here?" He took a step toward it and before his eyes it vanished.

"What the..." His eyes widened.

The tinkle of bells was heard again. The chimes had an eerie ring to them. Naruto swallowed, and then slowly turned toward the direction of the sounds. His heart sipped a beat when he saw a girl sitting a top of the roof shed.

Her cyan colored hair was set in a spiky fashion and her topaz shaded eyes had a hungering look about them. There was something very cat like about her. In her hand were two bells tied together with a red ribbon. She twirled them around her finger and tossed them toward Naruto.

"Ryoko. That's my name," she said lazily. A slight smile appeared on her face and her eyes began to glow.

Naruto's jaw dropped. "Oh no, you can't be that freeze dried demon!"

"It was cold and dark in there. Seven hundred years have passes since I was trapped in that cave. You'll never know how much pain I've had to suffer." The coldness of her voice chilled Naruto to the bone.

'Oh boy...' he thought to himself.

"So you came back for revenge?" Naruto asked the floating girl.

"Right," she answers.

Naruto took a step back. "It's not my fault! It was my ancestor. Some guy named Yosho…"

"I don't care!" His explanation was cut off when a flash of light sprung out from Ryoko's hands. There was a soft hum as an energy sword appeared before the demon girl. "I just need to let out my anger now." With that Ryoko clenched her other hand into a fist and shot out a ball of energy.

"Why me? I told you it's not my fault!" Naruto screamed as he barely dodged the blast. There was a smoking crater where it hit.

Ryoko snickered and shot out more blasts. Naruto frantically dodged and ducked the deadly balls. He somersaulted in the air hoping to avoid most of the projectiles. The daily regiment of his grandfather's training was immensely helpful. Naruto twisted his body to avoid another shot. He could feel the heat that it radiated. He landed on the ground with a wary look as Ryoko eyed him mockingly.

"What's a matter? It's no fun just running away Naruto?" Ryoko jumped down from her perch.

An indignant expression came to Naruto's face. If there was one lesson that he had learned from his father, it was to never give up with out a fight. Steeling himself Naruto threw out his challenge. "As the heir to the Masaki sword style that not even the best ninjas of any Hidden Village can beat. I will defeat you Demon!" He swallowed. 'I hope...'

Ryoko tilted her head looking at him curiously. She nodded. "Come on then!"

Naruto brought his fists in front of him. "All right, here I come!" He ran forward throwing a punch. Ryoko stood her ground in the face of his attack. As he was about to connect Ryoko vanished before his eyes.

"Huh? She was just there..."

"Looking for me Naruto?" Ryoko said appearing behind him.

Naruto reacted instantly the moment he heard the voice. He tucked his body and tumbled forward avoiding the slice of the light sword. He rolled to a safe distance and got up. "H-how did you do that?"

Ryoko just laughed and then vanished again.

'Oh man I'm in trouble!' Naruto thought.

Naruto dodged another attack as Ryoko appeared and disappeared before his eyes. 'How the hell am I suppose to hit her if she can do that?' The air shimmered in front of him and again. His reflexes kicked in and he was able to roll to safety. Before he could counter, Ryoko was gone again.

'How can I hit something that I can't see? That's it! I got it now!' The light bulb went off in his head. 'Her chakra, if I can feel the moment her energy reappears I just might be able to get her.'

He focused his, mind relying on his training. Only people who spent years training could use or even feel chakra, the energy within all living things. Even now it was difficult for him, and he had been training constantly since he was eight under the eyes of his grandfather but he's still much better doing it then any kid around his age at the Leaf Village. His grandfather can sense anyone no matter what kind of jutsu they're using to hide and he's besides his late mother and father were the only ones he had train in learning it.

'Com'on where are you?' He stood with his arms crossed protecting his face. His eyes scanned the empty rooftop. Then suddenly he felt it, just a bare moment before the air began shimmering. "There!" As the girl solidified Naruto lashed out. "Hundred Hand Strikes!" In a blink of an eye he spun around, his fist nothing more than a blur as he threw a dozen punches in a span of a second something he picked up from Hinata.

A pause.

"Ah, Ouch!" Naruto clutched at his hand as he staggered back from the girl. 'It's like hitting a piece of iron...' He looked up and saw an amused expression on Ryoko's face.

"Try not to hurt yourself, Naruto. I'd like to do that for you." Her hand crackled as a massive ball of energy grew in her fist. "HA!"

Naruto did a backflip into the air avoiding Ryoko's fist as she slammed it into the roof. An explosion bigger than the others occurred blasting through the roof and down into the lower levels of the school.

"Kami-sama..." Naruto saw the destruction as the dust cleared.

Ryoko hovered over the crater she had created. "Well Naruto?"


In the school –

'Where is he?' A worried look was on Hinata's face as she and her two former teammates look through the school. She had gone to Naruto's homeroom and found his bag by his desk. Since his bag was still there she could only assume that Naruto was somewhere on campus also.

Hinata was becoming very concerned. It was unlike Naruto be this late in walking home with her. Dozens of dark scenarios began playing in her mind. She tried to reason with her herself before letting her imagination run rampant. She took a breath to calm herself down. It was then that a tremor shook through the building.

'What?' She ran out into the hallway looking for the cause of it. "Naruto? Naruto!" She called out. More tremors and small explosions occurred.

"Hinata we got to get out of here!" Kiba shouted running after her.

"The building can fall right on top of us," Shino shouted out following.

Hinata looked up. 'The roof! It's coming from the roof...' "Naruto!" She ran towards the stairs. As she ran, a massive explosion tore into the building knocking her off her feet. Looking up she saw the ceiling collapsing down on top of her. 'No...'


Elsewhere –

Naruto ducked into a room. He muffled his mouth with his hands to keep from making noise. There was a fearful look on his face as he looked out into the shadowy hallway. 'I'll just hide here while I figure out a plan. What can I do against something like that?''

His nose twitched as he caught the scent of something in the air. 'What is that smell? Fumes? Gas fumes! Ryoko must have broken one of the gas lines! I got to get out of here!'

As he began to get up he heard a voice calling out his name. Naruto froze swallowing nervously. From the wall facing him, a figure began to fade in. The cyan haired demon passed through the solid wall as if it were air.

Ryoko looked at him. "I really like you. You've got great energy, Naruto." She stepped toward him and began to form another energy blast in her fist.

Naruto's eyes widened to saucers as he saw the glowing hand. "No! Stop there's gas!" He yelled out.

A confused expression appeared on Ryoko's face. "Gas? What's gas?"

Naruto buried his face in his hands. 'I can see the headlines, brilliant student blown to bits. If I had known I was going to die today, I wouldn't have done all that homework over vacation! How am I going to get out of this? Wait, I think I might just have an idea.'

"Hey what's that out the window!" He yelled pointing outside.

Ryoko turned and looked. "Oh? What is it? I want to see. Where tell me where it is," she said tilting her head around looking out the window. "No... I don't see anything," she said turning toward Naruto. The only problem was that he wasn't there anymore. "Huh?" A sweat drop appeared on her head again.

"I'll get him!" She roared, realizing she had been duped again. She clenched her fist forming the energy sphere. The sparks she created were more than enough to ignite the gas and a 'BOOM' echoed throughout the building.

From another room, Naruto peeked out into the hallway when the blast ended. "Well there she goes. She was kind of cute," he said regretfully. He clapped his hands together, as was the habit in the shrine honoring the dead.

A laugh rang out.

Naruto's jaw dropped. Through one of the windows he saw Ryoko cackling madly admits the flaming rubble. "She's alive again! I got to get out of here!"


Hinata looked up. 'The roof! It's coming from the roof...' "Naruto!" She ran towards the stairs. As she ran, a massive explosion into the building knocking her off her feet. Looking up she saw the ceiling collapsing on top of her. 'No!'

She threw her hand up in the air. As the rock descended Kiba and Shino jump at her pulling her to safety.

"Good thing we're with you," Shino said.

'That was too close. Hinata sighed. She got up dusting flecks of debris from her. She took a few minutes to compose herself. "What is happening here?"

"Looks like we're under attack," Kiba said.

No sooner than she started to get moving again, a figure cam from around the corner and ran into her. The two tumbled to the ground with an "Umph!"

"Naruto!" Hinata latched onto her son frantically checking to see that he wasn't hurt. "Naruto are you all right?"

Shaking his head, Naruto looked on a familiar faces. "Hinata, Shino, Kiba!"

"Naruto, what's going on here?" Shino ask.

"Who's attacking us?" Kiba ask as it could be a village trying to kidnap Hinata.

"I don't have time to explain right now guys. We just have to get out of here before she finds us." He said as he started to pull them toward the exit of the school.

"Before who finds us?" they all ask.

Naruto hesitated for a second. "Um... Ryoko."

"What!" the three Leaf ninjas shouted as they heard about the tale of the demon around his families shrine.

"NARUTO!" Ryoko's screamed was heard behind him.

The Leaf ninja's eyes widened. "How..." Hinata ask.

"No time!" Naruto said grabbing onto Hinata's arm and pulled her along as the other two followed.


"I-I think we lost her." Naruto panted as he and his friends made it to the outer field of the school campus.

Hinata sank down to the ground. "That's... good... huff... huff... Let me catch my breath... for a moment... huff..."

"Hinata are you ok?" Naruto asked moving beside her.

Hinata nodded, her breathing gradually returning to normal. "I'm just not as in good a shape since I stop being a ninja."

"Here let me carry that for you." Kiba said as he took Hinata's school bag from her and giving Naruto his back to him

"Thank you Kiba."

"We better get moving again guys. There's no telling where Ryoko will show up next," Naruto looked around them nervously.

"Naruto," Shino spoke up. "Do you know how Ryoko escaped from the shrine?"

"Well... ya see... I sort'a let her out by accident..."

"H-How!" Shino exclaimed.


Shino paused for a moment. "Again Naruto, but this time slower please."

"I stole grandfather's…"

His explanation was interrupted by another voice. "Oh, Naruto." Ryoko shimmered out in front of the four. Her feline like eyes looking intently at them.

The Leaf ninjas blinked checking their eyes. As a children they had know of the story of the demon imprisoned in the Masaki shrine. And now a young cyan haired girl stood before her as the demon they had learned about growing up. "Ryoko?"

Ryoko tilted her head looking at the three ninjas. "Who are these guys Naruto?"

Naruto moved in front of his friends. "These are my friends you monster!" he said angrily.

"Monster? How dare you! Why do you call me a monster!" Ryoko shouted back thumping her chest.

"You walk through fire! You walk through walls! You rip holes through the roof and you can even fly!" Naruto yelled back.

"Very good reason's but not good enough!" Ryoko charged forward, her energy sword blazing in her hand.

Naruto stood his ground. 'I can't let her hurt them.'

"Naruto!" Hinata screamed out as she saw Ryoko bring her sword down on her friend. Naruto could only defend himself by holding his school bag in front of the attack. Shino and Kiba jump in front of her protecting her.

When the light cleared Naruto stood there with his own blade of blue energy. "Naruto..." Hinata said seeing the energy flowing around him.

"What the... Huh?" Naruto had little time to ponder the blade as Ryoko was barreling toward him. He reacted automatically blocking the strike.

Ryoko grinned at him. "Don't be so scared sweetie pie. I won't hurt you too much."

"I'm ready for you!" And the fight was on.

The two battled head to head. Ryoko relying on her energy attacks and ability to fade out as her main weapons. Naruto did his best to keep up with her. A unique mixture of Masaki swordplay and ninjutsu were the only things keeping him alive.

From the sidelines Hinata watched in distress as Shino and Kiba protected her. Wishing that she could intervene but knowing that just charging in could do more harm than good. Ryoko's ability to disappear at will and Naruto's fighting style of misdirection made things difficult if not impossible for her to follow. She had stop Kiba from charging in when she heard him telling Shino to say while he help Naruto out, as he would do more harm then good.

Ryoko shifted back after a close strike from Naruto. "I'm impressed Naruto. But you're still not going to beat me."

'She's right,' Naruto felt exhaustion creeping over him. 'I can't keep this up forever, and she doesn't even look tired. How am I going to stop her? Wait a minute, those jewels on her wrist, that's got to be the source of her power. The legend says so. Three gems for power, with out her power, that demon is just another girl.' He eyed the gem on Ryoko's wrist. 'But how am I going to…'

Ryoko threw another ball of energy at him but this time the ball split in two in the air. "Ack!" Naruto was caught off guard. He managed to avoid the two blasts but he landed to the ground off balance. Seeing her chance Ryoko moved in.

"Gotcha!" Ryoko swung.

"W-Woah!" Naruto flailed around in his effort to get back onto his feet as well as to avoid the girl. As yellow glow of Ryoko's blade approached him, Naruto felt the tug of the sword in his hand. Whether it was some unseen force guiding him or just dumb luck, he managed to avoid the deadly strike and at the same time cut off Ryoko's hand.

The Cyan haired girl fell back clutching at her stump. Her hand now on the ground burned away and the jewel that was on her wrist shimmered as it returned to the hilt of Naruto's sword.

"Oh well another battle lost. My miserable lot." Ryoko sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"Huh?" Naruto now realized the missing hand. "I-I... The sword did it , I didn't mean to cut off your hand! I'm sorry," he said bowing profusely. (1)

Ryoko laughed seeing his distress. Taking her remaining hand she covered her stump with it and slowly pulled it back. When she was through, a new hand was there. "See."

Ryoko smiled and took a bow. "Farewell," she said as she faded again, sinking into the ground.

"Naruto!" Hinata ran over beside her friend. "What just happened?"

"I think I won, I guess," he said, unsure of what to make of the entire incident.

"Naruto?" Shino ask.

"Yeah?" he answers.

"Just exactly how are we going to explain all this?" Shino asked pointing behind him.

Naruto turned to see the smoking charred rubble that was once his highschool. He grew a sweat drop.


Later at his home –

Nartuo staggered up to his room. He, Hinata, Kiba and Shino had prudently decided to head home before people with questions arrived at the school. He made it home just in time to see the coverage about the fire on TV. The explosions were blamed on a gas leak and the damage would shut the school down for months.

Closing the door behind him, he pulled up his bag and took out the sword hilt. "That sword was really powerful. I wonder what happened to that demon girl. Was that really the end of her?"

He groaned lying down on his bed. Not even workouts with his grandfather made him feel this bad. "I'm so tired. Huh?" He felt something under the sheets.

He pulled the covers away dreading what was under there. A pair of amber eyes looked back at him.

Ryoko smiled. "Welcome home Naruto."


Should I continue this or what?

Author's Notes

1 –.Naruto is more like Tenchi with a bit of his other self mixed in other then his hyper active self.