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No Need for Princess –

At the edge of the solar system a lone ship sailed through the star filled sea. It is organic textures and design matched that of a piece of driftwood found on a sandy beach. No sign of life could be seen as the great traveler silently made its way to some unknown destination. Then with some unseen signal the systems inside the massive vessel slowly began to come to life. Terminals throughout it switched on, the blinking monitors relaying information once again. At the core of the ship an arboretum of trees lit up with a flashing array of white light.

Standing at the center of it all stood a great tree. Its gnarled roots and massive branches hinted at its old age. Flanking it on either side stood two wooden cylinders. With their peg feet and their singular circular eye, they would have been indistinguishable from one another were it not for the names painted on their sides. Azaka was written on one in blue. And the other, in red was Kamidaki. From their places, the two guardians maintained their vigil, watching over the future of the house of Jurai.

Azaka's solemn voice spoke out. "All systems activated. Unlock the time freeze now."

"All systems synchronizing to standard time." Kamidaki seconded.

From the between the two guardians, appearing from the center of the main tree, a figure of a girl emerged. Dressed in flowing robes of white, the frost vapor from the cold sleep coursed around her. There was a blue pallor to her flesh, which quickly faded as color returned to her cheeks and warmth once again touched her body. As she opened her eyes the first thing that Ayeka, first princess of Jurai, saw was a blue green sphere floating in the lonely coldness of space.

"What planet is this?" she asked.

"Colonized planet number 0315, princess," Azaka stated.

"Earth." Kamidaki elaborated.

"Then this is where my brother Yosho is," Ayeka said. She looked upon the planet with hopeful eyes.

Kamidaki dutifully replied. "No what we detected from this planet is... Ryoko."

"Not that woman! What does this mean?" Ayeka demanded.

"We have yet to detect Yosho's ship but he was in pursuit of Ryoko," Azaka explained.

"I see… That woman and Ryo-Ohki must be caught and tried formally by our planet Jurai," the princess said firmly

Kamidaki interrupted. "Princess Ayeka, unfortunately all of Ryoko's crimes will be canceled by the statute of limitations at galaxy standard time 00432 or in five seconds." A vid-screen appeared in front of them counting down from five seconds.

"What?" Ayeka gasped in surprise and shock.

When the counter reached zero, Azake spoke up. "As of this moment the statute of limitations has taken affect and Royoko's galaxy wanted file has been destroyed."

Cold fury was slowly building within the princess. She flashed an angry glare at her two attendants. "Why is that? Answer me that! Why?" Their two eyes looked at her blankly. "That woman should be chased through out eternity. The only clue left to my brother is that woman. We must capture her at any cost!"

"But princess," the guardians spoke up.

"That is an order! We will think of a reason!"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good, now prepare for descent."

"Preparing ship for landing now," Azaka said.

"Anti-air guard storming level 4. Ship descent initiated," Kamidaki replied.

Ayeka looked on, her eyes gazing at the alien surface below. "Please be well my dearest Yosho..."


Back on the planet –

Naruto stood wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Lying there in his bed was the amber-eyed demon he had accidentally freed from her seven hundred year long sleep. He had hoped beyond hope that his encounter with her at school would be their last, but it was apparent that his wish was not to be.

"I don't believe it," Naruto said.

Ryoke stood up and walked toward him with a hungry look. "Now I want your balls."

"What my balls, no way!" Naruto backed away, his hands protectively covering his crotch.

Ryoko glared at him. "You numskull! I mean the three jewels on our sword, otherwise I can't control Ryo-Ohki!"

Naruto pulled out the wooden hilt from his pocket. "Ryo-Ohki?"

"Don't you don't know anything?" Ryoko huffed. "It's the other demon in your legend."

"So that means that if I give the jewels back to you the demon will come back to life?"

"Give them to me!" Ryoko said menacingly.

Naruto stood his ground. "No way! One demon on the loose is bad enough, you think I want to deal with another monster flying around? That's the last thing I want to see!" Naruto answered back with determination. His hand gripped the hilt tightly. 'Oh man, how do I turn this thing on?'

Before he could even react, Ryoko's arm reached out and grabbed him by his shirt. "You sure about that? The one approaching us right now is even worse."

'She's strong!' He vainly struggled against her grip. "W-What do you mean?"

"Just give me that sword!' Ryoko reached for the hilt in his hands. As her flesh touched the wood a blue light radiated from it. Sparks flew as she tried to grip the sword.

"Aaahhh!!!" Ryoko was forced to let go, pushed away from the sword. She and Naruto fell back together in an awkward heap with Ryoko landing on top of the startled boy.

"Damn it!" Ryoko said getting up and dusting herself off.

Naruto sat up examining the wood hilt. "So you can't touch this thing can you?" he said smugly.

Ryoko studied Naruto digesting his words. Realizing that he held all the cards, her attitude dramatically changed. "Please give them back," she said fawningly.

Naruto was taken aback with the girl's sudden adore. "Well I can't," he said scooting back from Ryoko.

"I'm begging you! Please!" Ryoko crawled toward him on her hands and knees. Her eyes glossed over as she pleaded like a lost kitten wanting a dish of cream.

Naruto's determination began to waver seeing the distressed expression on Ryoko's face. He just couldn't stand to see a girl hurt or crying. He scratched his head. 'I feel like I'm going to regret this but...' he took a breath. "All right, I'll help you, but only if you tell me what's approaching us."

Ryoko leaned in. "The devil..."

"I'm sure that this person can't be that bad," Naruto said rubbing his chin. "We could try to talk to her and try to settle matters peacefully."

Ryoko shook her head with a whimper.

He didn't know what to make it. A demon that could walk through walls and throw lightning was scared of someone else. "Is she really that bad?"

"Yes, listen to me. We need to wake up Ryo-Ohki now. Please Naruto..."

"Don't tell me we're going to fight," Naruto mumble as while he's skilled in fighting he doesn't know if he can beat someone who can scare someone like Ryoko.

"No, we'll run away. Just you and me together Naruto," Ryoko said latching on to him. Naruto tried backing away awkwardly his feet hit the edge of the bed. He fell backward pulling Ryoko down onto of him. "I didn't know you liked it rough Naruto," Ryoko said smiling on top of him. "Now gimme!"


Downstairs –

"Naruto? Anyone home?" Naruto called out as she entered the house. There was a troubled expression on her face. After Naruto told her what happen at the demon cave, she and her friends went to investigate. She found the gate barring the cave ripped completely off its hinges, which were attached to solid rock.

She wonders where the demon went after she had attack the school. 'If I were a seven hundred year old demon, where I go?' She shook her head in frustration.

"Naruto?" She looked around the empty living room. "That's odd, those two should be home by now." Hinata shrugged. "Better get dinner started before it gets any later." As she was heading off into the kitchen she heard a muffled noise from up stairs.

"Naruto?" With a curious expression Hinata climbed up and saw light coming from the crack in Naruto's door. She got closer and she heard the rustle of covers and shuffling sounds coming from within. From what she could tell there was some sort of struggle happening.

Hinata immediately went on guard. Edging up to the door carefully staying close to the shadows she readied herself for anything. She knew she wasn't as good as a fighter as the others are, but she's going to fight to help Naruto with whoever he's fighting. Hinata carefully looked into the room and blinked.

Inside she saw Naruto with someone else shifting energetically under the sheets. The someone else, from what she could make out from the jumbled pile, was definitely female, and the voice she heard only confirmed that fact. Her pale eyes widened. 'What the...'

"Naruto, give me your jewels. Don't make me have to beg again," the girl's voice said.

"I don't wann'a!" Naruto replied.

Hinata buried her head in her hands and blush a deep red as she couldn't believe Naruto has another girl in bed with him.


At the shine –

"Mr. Masaki how can you be so calm at a time like this?" Shino asked exasperated. After he and the others had gotten back from their encounter with Ryoko, Shino and Kiba had headed up to the shrine to see Naruto's grandfather. He shook his head as he watched the older man sitting at the table sipping a cup of tea. He calmly paged through the book he was reading.

"I usually find that worrying is bad for the nerves Shino." he replied.

"There is a demon free running around and you're sitting here doing nothing!"

"Don't worry I'm sure that Ryoko will turn up eventually," he said as he flipped another page.

Kiba resisted the urge to grab the older man and start shaking him. His dog Akamaru is laying on a pillow taking a nap. Katsuhito not looking up from his book poured some more tea into his cup and slid it over to him. Giving up, Kiba sat down next to him. Taking up the glass he took a sip and felt the warmth of the liquid within him. It was a soothing affect on his frayed nerves. Shino soon joined him. Only the occasional flipping of pages was heard for a while as the older man and the two boys sat thinking their own thoughts.

"You two, tell me about her," the priest said finally breaking the silence.

"Ryoko?" Shino's brow knit in thought. "She's as powerful as the stories say she was. But in many ways I think she's just an ordinary girl. She acted like... I just don't know what to make of it. When she attacked us I couldn't feel any evil within it. It was almost as if she was just playing around with us."

Katsuhito nodded. "Imprisonment in a cave for seven-hundred years doesn't help with anyone's development."

"She's still dangerous though." Shino sighed. "We have to find her before anything else happens, if she had fol-." He was caught in mid sentence as a low rumbling sound was heard in the sky.

Katsuhito put his book down and looked up at the ceiling. The rafters were shaking as the wood creaked and the plaster cracked.

Kiba and Shino quickly got up and pulled the shade from the window. Looking up they saw a large ship that flies passing overhead. "Kami-sama..." Kiba stood there wide-eyed. "It's heading for the house... Hinata's in there!" Without wasting another moment both boys ran out the door.

"You two wait!" He couldn't catch them before they was making their way down the stone steps. The old priest looked to the floating vessel. Memories from a distant time came back to him. 'So she finally came...'


Back in the house –

Naruto struggled under the sheets trying to fight off Ryoko's advances. In the course of the conflict Naruto found himself on top of the pretty girl in a comprising position with his hand fondling something soft and round.

"Naruto..." Ryoko purred in pleasure.

'Oh boy...' Naruto's jaw dropped. He pulled his hand back as if it were on fire. "I-I didn't... I mean I wasn't trying to..."

"No need to be shy Naruto." Ryoko arched her back giving the dumbfounded boy a better view of her assets.

Naruto grabbed his face as he felt a nose bleed coming.

"Come here lover boy," Ryoko leered at him. Naruto sat frozen like a deer caught in headlights. He felt another blood vessel about to go.

"Here Naruto, use this." A hand with a tissue appeared in front of him.

He quickly grabbed it and stopped up his nose. He paused for a second trying to figure out where the helpful hand had come from. Noticing the surprised look on Ryoko's face, Naruto slowly turned his head to the side and saw a familiar dark haired girl with pale eyes holding a box of tissues next to him. "Hinata!?!"

"Naruto you and her?" Hinata said clearing her throat as her eyes shine with tears.

"Hello again," Ryoko said smiling with a wave. There was a twinkle in her eye as she stares at the younger girl.

"Naruto she tried to kill you… and know you and her… are…" Hianta mumbles as she couldn't believe what's happening in front of her. Ever since she's been going to the school here, she has gotten to know Naruto pretty well. And if she wasn't so shy she would have told him about her feelings to him.

"Hinata it's not what it looks like!" Naruto said trying to scramble up from the bed only to be held down as Ryoko caught him in a tight embrace.

"There's no need to hide it anymore Naruto. You can tell your father about us," she said dramatically snuggled contently on his chest.

"What are you talking about?!? It's not like that!!! Let go of me!!!" he sputtered, trying to peal her off.

The argument was interrupted when a low rumbling sound was heard from above.

"What's that?" Naruto looked up.

"Damn I knew it, she's her already." Ryoko cursed.

Hinata looked at her sharply. "Who's here?"

Her answer came in the form of a booming voice from out side. "Ryoko come out!" a serious voice demanded. The three in the room went to the window and looked out. Hinata's and Naruto's eyes widened, seeing the massive object hovering over the house.

Ryoko glared at the ship and growled.

From the view screen in her ship Ryu-oh, Ayeka focused on the red and white house sitting by the side of the lake. After centuries of wandering she had finally found some link to help her find her beloved brother. Capturing Ryoko would bring her one step closer to the reunion she had spent years dreaming of.

"Ryoko! I know your there, you must come out immediately," the princess commanded. No response came from the house. "Very well then, Azaka, Kamidaki, fire a warning shot."

"But princess you said-" the guardians responded only to be cut off with an angry stare from Ayeka. "Yes ma'am."

An energy cannon extend from the hull of the ship and a blue beam of light shot out hitting the water in the lake below. The blast lit up the evening sky and furious waves lapped up onto the shore.

In Naruto's room, everyone was knocked off their feet. The glass window shattered from the force. "Lookout!" Naruto yelled as he protectively covered both Ryoko and Hinata from the explosion. Taking the brunt of the force he staggered dazed to the floor.

Ryoko quickly got up and turned to Naruto and Hinata. "See, I was right about her wasn't I?"

He could only nod.

"You have to give me the jewels now Naruto. We have to get out of here before she destroys us."

He looked at the sword in his hands. "How can I give you the jewels? They're attached to the sword hilt."

"Just hold it out toward me and think about giving me the jewels."

Gritting his teeth, Naruto held the pommel of the sword toward her. In his mind he concentrated on giving the jewels to her.

"Naruto, what's going on?" Hinata said groggily getting up. She rubbed her head wincing.

Ryoko smiled feeling her abilities enhanced by the jewels. Then she realized that something was amiss. Looking at her wrists she saw only one jewel on her person. She looked at Naruto and growled. "Hey! What's the big idea? You only gave me back one jewel!"

"Yeah that's right," Naruto deadpanned. There was a satisfied look on his face.

"Oh... um... heh...heh..." Ryoko said abashed.

Hinata stepped forward with a serious expression. "What are you doing?" she demanded.

"Watch and find out," Ryoko said grinning. Clenching her fist the jewel on her wrist glowed to life. Ryoko laughed then raising her jeweled hand above herself she called out. "Ryo-ohki wake up!!!" The jewel glowed even brighter causing Hinata and Naruto to wince in its light.


Back Outside –

Shino and Kiba hurried down the path chasing after the ship in the sky. They could see its form hovering above the treetops. From what they could make of it, the ship stopped directly over where their home away from home would be. Wondering what was happening, they was blinded as a pulse of light shot out from the vessel. A crackling sound followed by an explosion rang out.

'First Ryoko escapes from the cave, now a giant ship starts flying over our home. What else could possibly happen!?!' Shino thought out in exasperation.

Moments later he and Kiba heard a rushing sound approaching. Instinctively they ducked down and held on to a tree trunk as the blast of wind swept through the area. Another object zoomed past them, its star shaped form grazing the treetops and in some cases plowing right through them. It to was headed toward their house just like the other ship. As it flew they could hear the ship. "Miya! Miya!"

Kiba face-faulted.


Back in the House –

"Come on Naruto! We're out of here!" Ryoko said grabbing the boy's shirt. Before either Hinata or Naruto could react, the space pirate/demon had teleported them both aboard her ship, now hovering over the house. From the relative safety of their home, Hinata and Naruto found themselves in the heart of Ryoko's vessel. Floating crystals and flashing view screens in the ship's interior cause the two to look on with open mouths.

As Ryoko moved toward the diamond like controls, the ship shuddered. On the main monitors which were actually the walls of vessel, she could see the Jurai ship unloading its beams into Ryo-ohki.

Ryoko cursed. "Ryo-ohki, let's go!" she commanded placing her hand on the crystals.

Ryo-ohki complied with a, "Miya!!!" shooting off into space closely perused by the Jurai ship. "Miya! Miya! Miya! Miya!!!"

"A cat!?!" Hinata ask wondering whatever this thing is talks like a cat.

One of the jewels flew up to her face and up popped the image of a feline like creature. With an energetic expression, Ryo-Ohki happily greeted the pale eye girl with a "Miya!"

Hinata took on a palled color and an uneasy look on her face. "A kitty?" The rest of the jewels in the ship started to congregate around her. As they came close, each one popped into the image of Ryo-ohki. Soon Hinata was surrounded by a pack of excitedly 'Miyaing' Ryo-ohkis. "Their so cute!" she said as she begins petting the cats things.

"What the heck is going on over there!" Ryoko said looking over from the controls which suddenly became nonfunctional. Naruto was edging away from the swarm of crystals and in the center she saw Hinata. Happily playing around with Ryo-Ohki.

"Eh?" Ryoko said weakly as her ship veered off course.


On the other ship –

"Princess, Ryo-Ohki is taking evasive maneuvers to avoid our weapons," Kamidaki said. On the view screen Ryo-Ohki was veering sharply back and forth. Its erratic flight seeming to make no sense at all.

"We are trying to compensate but their flight pattern is too complicated to analyze," Azaka replied.

"Keep firing! Use your best guess!" Ayeka commanded.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Damn she's good!" Ayeak said grinding her teeth in frustration.


Awhile later –

Naruto woke up. Blinking a few times his eyes gradually focused. From where he lay he found himself looking up at a very unfamiliar ceiling. Actually it was a canopy of green trees to be precise.

"What is this place? How did I get here?" He shook his head trying to get the fuzz out. "That's right I remember..." With Ryoko running around the ship trying to get her ship to stop playing around, no one could control the ship properly. Also it seemed that Ryo-ohki had found playing along with Hinata more amusing than avoiding energy blasts. They finally were brought to a halt with some kind of energy field. The last thing he remembered was Ryoko and he being pulled into these large wooden cylinders.

Looking around Naruto realized that he was surrounded on all sides by slim tree tendrils. The gaps between them seemed large enough for him to squeeze through. As he tried to push his way through, the wooden bars moved in tighter preventing him from escaping.

"Hey! What's going on here?" he exclaimed. The harder he pushed the stronger the resistance. "Stop it! I have nothing to do with Ryoko!" he yelled fighting against the tendrils of the cage. All his effort was turned against him as he was squeezed tighter by the bars.

"Ok this calls for some real action!" He said rolling up his sleeves. Backing up to the other side of the cage leaning back as far as he could against the flexible bars. Taking a deep breath he flew forward using the elastic bars as a slingshot. "Chokusetsu Shuuda Ryuusei Ky-Aku!!!" (Direct kick attack Meteor kick!!!) His foot connected with one

of the wooden bars. The cage stretched like a rubber band from force Naruto gathered. Then like a rubber band it snapped back propelling the young man back from where he came. "Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Naruto was sent flailing tumbling to the ground. He groaned coming to a stop on his stomach with a mouth full of dirt.

"What are you doing?" a little voice asked him.

"Well I'm trying to escape from here." Naruto answered without thinking. "Huh?" Looking up he saw a cute little girl on the outside looking in. She seemed to be around twelve years old. Dressed in pastel shaded of green and blue, her hair was done up in two pony tails reaching down her back and her eyes, tinted with a touch of pink, blinked curiously at him.

"Who are you?" He asked scrambling up from the ground.

"My name is Sasami," She answered cheerfully?

"Sasami? Have you been kidnapped too?"

The little girl laughed. "No silly this is our ship."

"Your ship? Then you're an alien from planet Sasami?"

"No I come from planet Jurai." She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Then what about those logs?" Naruto asked recalling the wooden cylinders that had captured him.

"They are guardians, our servants." The girl explained. Naruto nodded understanding. "What's your name?"

"My name is Naruto."

She looked at him as if trying to make a decision. Then after a moment of thought she pulled out something from her clothes and held it out to the cage. The object in her hand glowed a little then as if by magic the bars parted freeing Naruto. "Do you want to play a game with me?: Sasimi asked hopefully.

"Hmm... You look just like we do." Naruto observed coming up the little girl. He saw the device in her hand. The texture and color reminded him of the sword he had. "Hey that looks like mine." He patted himself down checking his pockets.

"What's wrong?" Sasami asked seeing the distraught look on his face.

"I had a sword like that one. But it's gone!" His shoulders sagged realizing the loss of his family's artifact. His eyes widened as he realized that he was missing something else.

"Sasami-chan my friend was brought here by mistake like me. Please help me find her so we can both go home."

"Well...I'll do you a favor if you do me a favor," the little girl said mischievously.

"I guess..." Naruto was getting a bad feeling about this.


Elsewhere in the ship –

Alone in her room Ayeka, first princess of Jurai sat brushing her hair. A quiet sadness was in her eyes. 'So long... I've waited for so long and I still haven't found you yet my love...'

Ryoko had been captured as well as two natives from the backwater world her brother had come to centuries ago. Yet still she felt herself no closer to finding him. She tried questioning the space pirate, but the answers raised even more questions. 'That boy he had her brother's sword, why did he had it?'

She put her brush down on the dresser and touched a panel on the side. A small holo-image of a handsome young man appeared before her. Ayeka's eyes moistened at the portrait.

"When you came back I was to become your bride, Yosho..." Wiping her face she turned off the display and readied herself for bed.


Meanwhile –

From outside of the royal residence, Naruto and Sasami waited. Around them it was more like forest than anything else within the confines of the arboretum. Trees and tall grasses, even a small pond of clear water. Naruto found it hard to believe that he was on a starship in space.

"Hey Naruto the lights have gone out." Sasami pointed over to the cottage. "Look over there that's my sister's room she's asleep now. You know what to do?" She asked him excitedly.

"I think so. I have to get her head ornament," Naruto said scratching his head.

"That's right."

"But why? It belongs to her doesn't it?" He still had some reservations about the whole thing.

"Just get it," she said impatiently.

"All right. I'll get it just remember your promise," he said finally giving into the little girl's demand. With that he set off keeping low hiding in the tall grass.

Sasami giggled quietly watching him go.


Like a soft breeze Naruto entered the room. Staying to the shadows he moved up to the sleeping form of Ayeka. 'I have to get that head ornament,' then he saw her face. He blinked. 'She's cute,' he thought. 'What am I doing, got to keep focused!'

He crept up onto the bed leaning over her. Naruto froze as she turned onto her side. As he was praying for her not to wake up, he saw something held in her hand.

'Ah... the sword she's got it. Well first things first I guess...' Carefully he took a hold of the sword that Ayeka held and tried to pull it away from her. 'What the...' The grip she had was like a vice.

She rolled over again, this time pulling Naruto down with her. Their faces were inches apart. He felt her breath on her face. He could barley make out something she was saying in her sleep.


As he tried to pull himself from the girl he nudged her by accident causing he to roll over again. Off balance he fell on top of her, his face landing on her chest. Ayeka groggily woke up. She blinked in surprise seeing the stranger in her bed. "What?"

"It's not what you think," Naruto said frantically cupping her mouth to keep her from screaming out. "I-I just wanted to get your ornaments... I mean..."

Ayeka's eyes widened and with an inhuman effort she kicked him off her screaming. "Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!! Pervert!!!" Naruto tumbled back onto the floor in a tangled heap with the bed sheets. Looking up he realized that he had somehow managed to take the sword back.

"Azaka! Kamidake!" Ayeka called out and immediately the two guardians appeared at her sides. "Put that scoundrel to death!" She commanded.

Naruto like a dear caught in headlights stood there thinking of what to do. Taking the first thing that came to mind he used it. Grabbing on to the mattress sheets he drew it around him in a fluttering motion. "Umisen-Ken technique, Goshin Dai RySei FuBody!!!" (Body Defense Shooting Star Cloth)

"What!?!" Ayeka exclaimed as she found herself and the two guardians wrapped up in the bed covers. With an expulsion of energy she blasted the sheet away finding Naruto gone. "Where did he go!?! Find him immediately!!!"

"Yes ma'am!" The two guardians flew off in pursuit.


Elsewhere in the Ship –

Hinata sat cross-legged at the edge of her cage poking at the bars with an annoyed expression. Each time her finger came close to it a blue spark zapped her.

She sucked her finger with an impatient look on her face. "I hope Naruto is having a better time of getting out of here then I am."


Back to Naruto –

An energy blast flew from Azaka's eye barely missing the fleeing boy. Naruto spared little time to look at the crater that formed to his side and concentrated on running faster.

"Can you stop those logs?" He panted, asking the small girl in his arms.

"No they're my sister's! There's nothing I can do," Sasami explained.

"Oh man, how am I-" then he got an idea. He made hand signs and shouted out. "Shadow jutsu!"

And to the two floating log suddenly dozens of Naruto's holding Sasami began running off down the many hallways. The two logs spilt up and went after the closest pair not knowing which ones are the real ones.

In one of the hallways Naruto set Sasami down to catch his breath. "Wow that was so cool," she chirped excitedly jumping up and down.

"Can you show me where Hinata is and how to get out of here?" Naruto ask her.

"Sure!" She smiled. "This has been the most fun I've had in a long time! Hurry it's this way," she said running off pulling Naruto along with her.

Naruto shook his head as he was pulled along. "I've got two crazy girls after me and she's having fun. Why me?" he said chasing off after them.


Awhile later –

"The way out is this way," Sasami said leading the group. She had lead Naruto to where Hinata was being kept and freed her and now they were running down the hallways.

"We should hurry before your sister sends anything else after us," Naruto said nervously looking behind him.

"I just want to get back on solid ground," Hinata said not like thinking how high they were up in the air.

"Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!" a voice called out as they were walking. Turning, the group saw Ryoko happily waving at them. She was stuck in the same cages that Naruto and Hinata were placed in.

"Ryoko," Naruto said seeing the demon.

"You showed up just in time, Naruto," Ryoko said to the boy coming up to her.

"You got us into this mess. You're going to get us out and take us home." Naruto said seriously. He'd had his fill of excitement for the day.

"I'd love to help but I just can't without the other two gems," Ryoko pouted showing her bare wrists where the jewels should have been.

"I really don't think that'd be a good idea, Naruto," Hinata said not liking what had happen earlier with her forcing herself on Naruto.

"Humph! Hey old man if you hadn't been playing around with Ryo-Ohki, we would never have gotten caught," Ryoko said mockingly.

Sasami walked up getting a closer look at the space pirate. "Hey Naruto who is this old lady? Is she a friend of yours?"

Ryoko's eyes twitched angrily. "…old... lady?"

"This is Ryoko," Hinata said squatting down next to Sasami. "Would you believe that she's more than seven hundred years old?" Hinata said grinning at the older woman. (1)

"Why you!"

"Wow, that's really old! Nice to meet you I am Sasami," the little girl said oblivious to the arms trying to pull her through the bars.

"Let me out of here!!!" Ryoko growled.

Naruto stepped in trying to salvage the situation. "Ryoko, listen to me, first of all I can't open this thing. You know that," he said walking up to her. As he did so the sword he tucked between his belt glowed.

"Naruto! Get back from there!" Hinata said sharply feeling the power from the artifact.

"Huh? Woah!" Naruto's eyes widened as the bars to the cage opened up setting cyan hired girl free.

Sasami noticed the sword glowing beside Naruto. "Hey that sword belongs to Yosho," the little girl said pointing.

'Yosho?' Hinata thought as that's the name of the hero in the story of the demon.

"But why were you able to use it?" Sasami wondered aloud.

"Who cares, I just want to get out of here!" Ryoko stated. Pushing her way past everyone she began to walk off.

"Stop!" a new voice commanded. Everyone looked and saw Ayeka standing there flanked by her two guardians.

"Humph! Here comes the princess," Ryoko muttered.

Eyeing the group, Ayeka caught a glimpse of a green ponytail hiding behind the girl with the pale eyes. "Sasami it was you who released them. I can't believe this." Ayeka shook her head.

"I'm sorry," the little girl said peaking out from behind Hinata. "I was just bored."

"That's no excuse!"

Sasami bowed her head apologetically.

The princess then turned her attention to the boy holding her bother's sword. "Naruto. I believe your name is Naruto. I have a question I'd like to ask you," Ayeka said slowly measuring her words.

"Sure what is it?" he said looking up.

"Where is the owner of that sword you hold?"

"Well he died a long, long time ago."

"You're lying." The princess said using every bit of her will to keep from trembling.

"I'm not lying. That's what it says in the ancient legend."

"What was his name?"

"Well I guess his name was Yosho."


From the sidelines Ryoko was leaning up against Hinata who doesn't like how close she was to her, cleaning her fingernails with a bored look. "He died didn't he, that's just too bad." Hinata frowned not like but use like this and took a quick step forward, causing Ryoko to fall to the ground with a thud.

"You're only trying to trick me!" Ayeka said growing desperate.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what else to tell you..." Naruto said helplessly looking at the distraught girl.


Naruto's heart went out to the distraught princess. As much as he tried, he couldn't find the words to comfort her.

"He can't be dead, he can't be..." Ayeka said. Her lips were trembling.

"Yeah, yeah what ever." Ryoko picked herself off the ground. "I'm just bored to tears. In any case I'm out of here."

"No Ryoko. You not leaving until I get all the answers out of you. Azaka! Kamidaki!"

"Fat chance! We're leaving Naruto." She grabbed on to the startled boy and yelled out, "You might want to get out of the way princess. Ryo-Ohki!!!" Everything shuddered and the sound of tearing metal and cracking wood was heard as Ryo-Ohki crashed into the Juraian ship.

Instinctively Hinata pulled Ayeka and Sasami out of harms way as the structure collapsed all around them. She could do little as she saw Naruto be dragged in Ryoko's ship.

"Are you all right?" Hinata asked the two girls.

Sasami nodded.

"I'll never forgive that woman!" Ayeka swore.

"I'll take that as a yes," Hinata said. It was then that the ship tilted and the three were thrown back from the change of momentum. Alarms started ringing throughout the ship.

"Now what?" Hinata muttered.

"Princess, Ryoko's ship is still attached to ours," Azaka stated.

"Ryoko is using Ryo-Ohki to push us toward the Earth's surface," Kamidaki elaborated.

"She's what!?!?!!?!?" the three responded.


Back on the ground –

Kiba and Shino stood outside the house looking anxiously up at the sky. Katsuhito was next to them accompanying their on her vigil.

"I'm worried about them," Kiba said not wanting to think about what Hinata's father is going to do once he finds out about this.

"Flying ships that can go into space, we're way over our heads here," Shino said.

"Things will work out, you'll see. Have faith in Naruto and Hinata. Look a good omen. It's a shooting star," he pointed out.

"T-That's not a shooting star!" Shino exclaimed. He looked in horror as the two ships came flaming out of the sky.

"Hm... looks like they're going to hit the lake," he observed calmly. Kiba and Shino just gawked at him with an open mouth.

The impact was awesome. Heat from the two craft turned the water to steam when it first touched the placid body. The explosion that came after let out enormous amounts of light and heat.

"Brace yourselves," Katsuhito said sharply. The old man stood between the two boys as a blue sphere enveloped them. As the blast passed through, the two young ninjas saw the grass around them become singed from the heat. Both of them heard how powerful Naruto's grandfather is but still seeing something like this made them realize how powerful he was.

As the blast cleared, the steam condensed into rain drenching the three with a heavy down pour. From what the two Leaf ninjas could make of it bits and pieces of the two ships suck out of the water. Standing up on one of the jagged protrusions they could see a figure waving at them.

"Hinata!" both of them called out.

She waved back. On her shoulders was a little girl doing the same. Naruto was there also with a tired smile saying that he was fine. In the warmed waters of the lake, Ayeka and Ryoko were sputtering at one another, clinging onto the floating guardians like life rafts.

"Looks like we have some guests, kids," Katsuhito said making the two Leaf ninjas sweatdrop.


Author's Notes

1 – Hinata isn't as timid as she is before. Training with Katsuhito has made her self-reliant.