Characters: Dick (with allusions to Cassidy, Kendall, Logan, & Mac)
Spoilers: Through 2x22 Not Pictured

Losing Time

You don't remember the past two days.

It doesn't bother you though because that's been happening a lot lately. It started when they told you about him. You remember flashing lights and pitying looks, then you looked around a café a week later without knowing how you got there. Nobody mentions it. You're not sure if it's that nobody notices or if there's just no one left to care about you. You think it's a bit of both. So you lose hours, days, sometimes weeks. You don't mind though. It's your new normal.

Normal. The word makes you laugh. What the fuck is normal, anyway? Playing video games with your little brother while he plans on how best to kill a bus full of your classmates? Watching the FBI raid your house? Maybe normal is seeing your step-mom make out with your best friend.

You prefer not remembering, it's better this way.

The only time it bothered you was when you saw her. Her hair was blue again. You're not sure why it bothers you. You feel like you have a right to know when that happened. You asked her and she shrugged. You wonder if maybe she's losing time too.

You're walking down the street the next time you see her again. She smiles softly at you and blushes. You don't remember the last two days.

You kind of wish you did.