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"………" talking

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"……." Parseltongue


It was a cloudy day when Count D, or more correctly, the grandson of Count D walked back from the cake shop. With a box of strawberry chocolate mousse cakes in his arms D walked past a small alleyway when suddenly Q-chan ears twitched slightly.

"Kyuu?" said Q-chan curiously as he cocked his head to the side. The Valvertinger rabbit opened his bat-like wings and lifted himself up into the air. D looked up at Q-chan with a light frown of confusion. "What is it Q-chan?" asked D curiously. "Kyuu," replied Q-chan as he gave a slight shrug before flying down the alleyway with D following him curiously.

Going in deeper down the dark alleyway they soon heard the quiet sniffles of a crying child. Q-chan and D glanced at each other in worry. Who would abandon a child in an alleyway? They quietly came near to where the sounds were coming from and soon they both felt the strangest sense of calm despite the soft noises. Soon they came upon a small figure sitting in a foetal position with their back to the wall. D could not help but feel sad for this child. But he felt that the child was not human.

Harry's POV (or Unknown for now)

I cried quietly as I sat on the ground. I didn't know what made Uncle Vernon mad. But I thought that it might have been the reason that it was my fourth birthday today. Or maybe it was the fact that my ears went all pointy today? I sniff again as I rubbed my eyes. I soon felt eyes on me and I look up to see an amethyst eye and a golden eye.


D felt his eyes widen slightly when he saw the child's bright, emerald green eyes and the pointed tips of their ears. This child was definitely not human. But what made his heart bleed for the child was the utter fear on the child's face. He smiled softly at the child as Q-chan chattered quietly above.

"Hello there," said D softly to the child so the child wouldn't start. He really should find out the child's name, he couldn't keep calling it 'the child' all the time. "My name is D. What is yours little one?" asked D gently. The child sniffed again before looking at D again searchingly. There was a long pause with the silence being only broken by the beat of Q-chan's wings.

"I don't know, Aunt 'Tunia and Unccy Ver'n always call me Boy or Freak." said the child softly. D frowned. "Didn't your parents give you a name little one?" asked D as he hid his anger at the child's guardians. "My mummy an' daddy are up in heaven now," said the child again with his soft voice. "Aunt 'Tunia and Unccy Ver'n said they died in an acciden'."

Q-chan suddenly landed on D's shoulder chittering and pulling at D's ebony hair gently. D looked at Q-chan as the child stared at Q-chan with wide eyes. They both stared at each other as if they were talking telepathically before D nodded. Looking down again at the shocked boy he smiled gently. "Would you like to come home with me to my pet-shop?" asked D as he held onto the box with one hand and held out his other. The boy, if possible, looked even more shocked. "W-w-weally?" asked the boy cutely with a bright look of hope.

It made D want to fuss over the little boy and give his former guardians a slow and painful death. Hmm. Maybe one of the tigers would like to do that. Or maybe the hyenas? They haven't hunted in quite a while.

D smiled down at the child with his eyes closed. "Yes, really," replied D as the young child took his hand and shyly gave him a small hug around the knees. "Tank you." Said the child with a bright smile. "Hmm," murmured D as he looked down at the boy. "I shall call you Haru." The boy looked up at him in curiosity. "What does 'Haru' mean?" asked the newly named Haru. "It means 'spring' in Japanese Hiragana which seems to suit you since you remind me of a warm spring day," said D with a smile as Q-chan fluttered down to perch on Haru's shoulder. Haru himself had a rose red blush but smiled shyly and happily back at D, his new father. "Come now Haru," said D with his usual smile. "I do believe that we have tea and cakes calling us back home." 'Home,' thought Haru smiling widely. 'I have a home.'

To be continued……

Valvertinger- rabbit with horns, bat-like wings and a rat-like tail.

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