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I have survived four, FOUR, HSC tests. Now, another two more to go before I can finally end it all!! Thank you gods!! Also, I apologise for the lack of updates but I was studying, kinda, for the HSC so I decided to do these interludes for you all both as a placating gift and to tease you all. Bwua hahahaha!

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"………" talking

'………' thoughts

"……." Parseltongue

/ ………/ Chinese

:……: Japanese

"Mental speech"

-Interlude: Future-

Haru sighed in content as he slowly drank his mixed tea, a special gift from Baron(1) after he had been able to get the directions to the Cat Kingdom from one of the few individuals that had been able to reach the kingdom itself though how she had was a rather amusing story.

And very ironic since she, Haru, had the same name as he did.

Haru then paused before looking up. He smiled when he saw the two people at the doorway to his shop.

"Welcome…Xemnas the Superior…Ansem the Seeker of Darkness."

-Interlude: Future-

Despite normally hating each other with as much intensity as two 'heartless' beings could, even Xemnas and Ansem the Seeker of Darkness couldn't help but agree with each other that this shop where incense was more abundant than air; animals, both predator and prey, walked amongst each other amiably without complaint; various humans had animalistic features; and supposedly mythical creatures and beings, such as the young elf child in front of them, as well as unheard of creatures lived and roamed; this was a bit much even for them.

And this was saying a lot since they were beings that walk the fine line between existence and non-existence already.

"I apologize. Can you please repeat that?" asked Xemnas with a tinge of incredulity.

"Ah…I must have worded that improperly. Let me rephrase that; your Somebodies have decided to give you the chance of having a true existence. The first to do this was your Somebody, Xemnas-san, Ansem-san," explained Haru as he led the duo through the corridor of doors. "He asked me to help you both gain your own existence after he remembered what had happened with the Door to Darkness. Of course, this wish of his had a rather heavy price and his existence was warranted as payment. Luckily, that was all he had to pay since the other Somebodies decided to follow Xehanort-kun's lead and the payment was shared. Though Xehanort-kun still paid a bit more than the others since he had two personas while the others had only one."

"……If that was the case then where are their Somebodies then? And how exactly do they have their own 'existence'?" asked Ansem after sharing a glance with Xemnas.

"Well," began Haru as he thought. "I believe most, if not all, of the former Nobodies have banded together and are now living quite comfortably back where you all came from with their powers intact. I think they are now a mercenary group though they might be waiting for you to come, Xemnas-san. And as for their existence, well, I just gave them their hearts. It's quite easy to give it to them since I've had quite a few years to find and collect them. Not to mention that they seemed to have wondered into my portion of the shop constantly."

"……And to think we could have just found the co-ordinates to this world to get our hearts instead of using the Keyblade bearer…" muttered Xemnas with a slight twitch of his eye.

Ansem snorted as Haru continued with his explanation.

"So now, Xehanort-kun and the other Somebodies have given up their existence as humans and are now Demonic and Angelic kits," said Haru calmly as they stopped in front of a pair of doors with three circles engraved onto it. The first circle had a pair of wings spread out in the centre; the third had a pair of black wings with sharp points that seemed to be a merge of bat wings and bird wings; while the middle circle had what looked like a hybrid between the two different wings with a jewel in the centre.

"You may see Xehanort-kun if you wish but I cannot guarantee that he'll remember either of you. Some of his memories as well as his human existence were taken to provide both of you your own separate existence," said Haru seriously as he looked at Xemnas and Ansem in the eye. "Thus, I ask that you respect Hisui's and Kokuyo's actions when they decide to intervene on the behalf of their kits. Understood?"

Both Xemnas and Ansem looked at each other before they nodded in agreement.

"Then you may go in."

-Interlude: Future-

Haru watched as Xemnas and Ansem left for their own world, complete with their own hearts before the black portal swallowed them. "Your wish is finally done, Xehanort-kun," said Haru as he petted the little Angelic in his lap. "Will you rest now that they are at peace?"

The Angelic only purred as he butted his head against Haru's hand before giving it a lick.


We finally met up again in the next life.

Thank you.

-Interlude: Future-

Well……I think that ending was alright………………wasn't it? A bit short as well but meh. It's just an interlude. Might do a bigger story for it later though if I feel like it.

(1) Baron- Baron Humbert von Gikkengi. Anyone who has seen Spirited Away should really have a look at a few other movies done by Ghlibi Studios. I swear, Baron is so goddamn cool. Handsome too for a anthropomorphic cat.