Her breathing is fast and harsh through her teeth.

The whimpers she valiantly tries to hold back escape, painfully high pitched, flecks of bloods flying from her mouth.

Her blind eyes are shut tightly in pain.

He looks toward her helplessly, eyes panicking.

"Hang on Toph," He tries to be strong, for both of them, though his voice cracks and his eyes prickle.

Her body is cold and clammy, sticky with blood, an arrow shaft lodged in her stomach.

Her face is dangerously pale, a thin sheen of sweat covering her, cheeks a burning red.

She lets out a loud wail ending in a painful grunt, her body shaking and convulsing, her lips and teeth are crimson.

"c-c-cowards…" She struggles, coughing and gurgling, "w-wh-who fights w-with a—" she winces and shakes, "-- a gi-giant balloon…"

She shutters, breathing shallow and difficult as Sokka runs.

...At her words…

Her frail body in his arms...

The guilt pours down.


Until he can't breathe

And all he wants to do is vomit.