This Shortie is in response to Elysium's fic challenge. The parameters of the challenge were:

You take a quote from the show and person who accepts has 5 days to write a short fic on said quote. Maybe 100-250 words should be fine.

Member specific challenge: NO, anyone may try it,
Quote: Alan To Charlie "Charlie, that's how parents argue in front of their children; they disguise big things as little things"
Episode: Sacrifice S1
Characters: Must use Charlie and Alan at least
Canon: As close as you can be.

This is a little longer than the stated word count but that's just me. This ficlet will work as a companion piece to a fic that I plan on writing at some point in the future. The challenge seemed to work well enough with a portion of this little plot bunny I have had for a while. Please leave a message saying what you thought of this little diddy. It only took about three hours to write and it hasn't been beta'd so please forgive typos.